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Working agency of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the School

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The existing work institutions of the Propaganda Department w88 online casinoof the School Party Committee are as follows:


(1)w88 casino gamesDaily office affairs management of the Propaganda Department。Responsible for work notice、Contacts、Financial treatment、File receipt、Data delivery、Products Management、Conference arrangements and other daily work matters。


(2)Theoretical and Cultural Division.Theoretical research work for publicity and ideological work。Responsible for handling the specific affairs of the school party committee center group、School Party Construction and Ideological and Political Work Research Association Secretariat's Propaganda Group Specific Affairs,Edit "Learning and Thinking" magazine and other theoretical learning and educational materials。Responsible for organizing research work related to cultural construction。


(3)Rong Media Center.Daily management and daily management of the news network。Responsible for the information of the news network、Editor、Sales business and daily technical maintenance,Handling online publicity work -related affairs。Picking up the school newspaper "University of Foreign Economic and Trade"、Editor、print、hair and other jobs。Responsible for conducting foreign publicity activities。There is a student reporter group at Rong Media Center。


(4)Radio and TV Center.Carry out various business work and daily station management。Responsible for regularly broadcast broadcast programs,Video production of various major event tasks in the school、Conventional news program production、Operation of the new media platform、Video release。There is a student group for the Broadcasting and Television Center for the Broadcasting and Television Center。

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