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UIBE Athens Business Confucius Institute and Shanghai Writers Association jointly organized literary lectures

Release time: May 21, 2024 Edit: Yu Qing

w88 online casino(International Chinese Education (Business) Practice and Research Base Supply)May 11, 2024,Our school Athens Business Confucius Institute and Shanghai Writers Association jointly hosted a lecture on the theme "From Myth to Fantasy: Chinese Literature"。This event aims to promote cultural exchanges between Zhongxi,Exploring the rich imagination and far -reaching influence of Chinese literature。

Yan Hongwei, Chinese Dean of the Confucius Institute at Athens, and w88 casinoMa Wenyun, vice chairman and secretary general of the Shanghai Writers Association, delivered a speech。

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Four outstanding writers from the Shanghai Writers Association,Significant sharing on Chinese mythology and its evolution in literary creation。

The editor -in -chief of Shanghai Literature Magazine Ms. Cui Xin first shared the literary evolution of "White Snake Biography",From the earliest "Li Huang" to Feng Menglong's "White Niangzi Yong Town Leifeng Tower",Then to modern writer Li Bihua's "Green Snake" and Li Rui and his wife's "Earth",She showed how this classic legend crosses time and space,constantly being reinterpreted and innovated。

Ms. Ms. Sugan, a famous novelist, expressed the association of literature and time with poetic language,She mentioned the famous sentence of ancient Chinese poet Li Bai,and in -depth discussions about the sun in Chinese mythology、Description of the moon and stars,How these elements can be reflected and inherited in modern science fiction。

"Bud" Magazine Deputy President Lu Zheng takes "Journey to the West" as an example,Telling how this work draws inspiration from the real events of history,and re -interpreted in different forms in w88 casinodifferent times,thus becoming a treasure in the treasure house of Chinese literature。He also recommended Ma Boyong's "Taibai Venus is a bit annoying" and He Zai's "Biography of Goku",and 1986 version of "Journey to the West" TV series and movies "Journey to the West" and other works,Show the continuous influence of "Journey to the West" in contemporary culture。

Mr. Yang Binhua, Director of the Writing Research Office of the Shanghai Writers Association, focuses on the impact of Chinese myths on modern literature,He introduced in detail "Nuwa Make the Sky"、"Houyi Shooting Sun" and "Chang'e Running Moon" and other classic myths,How these stories have stimulated Lu Xun、Guo Moruo and other literary giants' creative inspiration,and their new life in contemporary literature。

In the communication link,Costa Vitos, a student from the Confucius Institute at Athens Business Confucius Institute, asked: "Why do Chinese literature and myths like to use the image of the dragon very much?"

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Director Yang Binhua replied: This question is very good,It involves the different understanding and symbolic significance of dragons in Chinese and Western cultures。First,Dragon described in Western stories is not the same animal。In Western Culture,w88 casino gamesDragon is usually depicted as an evil creature,They are greedy、Breaking,Often associated with the hero's confrontation story。and in China,The image of the dragon is more complicated and multi -faced。China's dragon can be good,It can also be fierce,But most of the time,They represent auspicious peace,is a symbol of wisdom and authority。At the same time,Chinese dragons are very common in myths and literary works,They are often given all kinds of magical abilities and important roles。Chinese writers also like to use the image of the dragon to enrich the storyline,convey specific cultural value and moral morals。Last,We are also proposed,In order to more accurately convey the unique cultural meaning of the Chinese dragon,It should not be simply translated as "Dragon",Instead, you should create a special vocabulary,For example, "Long",It refers to the dragon in Chinese culture。

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This lecture is not only a feast of literature,It is a cultural communication and collision,It not only allowed Greek friends to understand the charm of Chinese literature,It also built a bridge for the mutual understanding and respect of the two countries' cultures。

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