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UIBE University of Libertz University Business Confucius College Hold a new book author meeting

Release time: May 22, 2024 Edit: Yu Qing

w88 casino games(International Chinese Education (Business) Practice and Research Base Supply)May 16, 2024,The new book "Bridging The Gap (An Intropouch to Intercultural Communication with China)" author Dr. Catherine Hua Xiang University of Business Confucius Institute invites,A meeting and exchange meeting at the Business School of Libez University。The event is sponsored by the University of Business Confucius Institute of Leeds University,More than 140 teachers and students on the spot and online participation。

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Pen Ink Full、The sound of the piano。Before the lecture starts,Kong Yuan carefully prepared a calligraphy experience and guzheng performance for the audience and guests,In a strong Chinese cultural atmosphere,Live at the scene,Author w88 online casinoof the new book、Performance guests、Connected communication between teachers and students of Kongyuan。

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Dr. Catherine HUA Xiang import from Chinese language and text,Introduce the Chinese thinking habits、Philosophy of Life,On the basis of this, the principles and skills of establishing effective communication with the Chinese people。Lecture last,Dr. Catherine Hua Xiang answered questions from the audience,Signed for readers on the spot。

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Dr. Catherine HUA Xiang,Well -known writers and app language scholars,Director of the Department of East Asia, London School of Political Economics、International Relations and Chinese Professional Project Supervisors,At the same time, serving as the President of the British Dean of the Business w88 live casinoConfucius Institute of London at the same time,The newly published this time as the first work of the "Navigating China" series of books,The book introduces the culture that affects the communication of Chinese people、Language and socio -economic factors,Based on practice,Answer how to overcome cross -cultural boundaries,Questions to communicate effective communication in interpersonal relationships and business environment。

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