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President Zhao Zhongxiu led a group to visit Australia

Release time: May 28, 2024 Edit: Yu Qing

w88 casino gamesMay 19th to 22nd, 2024,President Zhao Zhongxiu led the delegation to visit Australia,I visited the University of Melbourne、University of Victoria、Canberra University、Australian National University,Construction of Joint Research Center、Cooperation scientific research、Students' visit、Inter -school joint training and other cooperation matters conducted in -depth discussions,Reached a number of cooperation intentions,Signed the relevant agreement,​​Get rich results。

May 20,President Zhao Zhongxiu led the delegation to visit the University of Melbourne,Michael Wesley, Vice President of Melbourne University and leaders of related colleges、Scholar representatives warmly received the delegation。The construction of the two universities in the w88 casino gamestwo universities,Discussion and exchange。Director of the International Division Li Xiaomeng and Mark Wang, director of the Contemporary China Research Center of the University of Melbourne, signed a cooperation agreement,Leaders and representatives of the two parties witnessed the signing of the contract。Agreement between the two parties,Future Relying on the Joint Research Center Platform,Actively promote teachers、Students' visit,Promote the in -depth exchanges between the two parties,All -round and high -level cooperation leading innovation leaders。President Zhao Zhongxiu said,The University of Foreign Economic and Trade is on the road of "double first -class".,I am very willing to strengthen innovative leadership and cooperation with world -class universities including the University of Melbourne。Vice President of Michael Wesley said,Joint Research Center This platform,It is important for the cooperation between the University of Melbourne and Chinese universities,The University of Melbourne will strengthen investment and overall planning,Build this center with the University of Trade,Explore innovation mode,Establish a long -term brand。

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May 21,President Zhao Zhongxiu led the delegation to visit the University of Victoria。Vice President of Victoria University Andy Hill and Policy Research Center、Relevant representatives from the International Department attended the talks and signing ceremony。The two parties first have been in the past five years,The fruitful results achieved by the establishment of the economic w88 online casinoand trade and policy research centers and the important influence in the industry have been reviewed and summarized,and imagine the future work、The work plan was discussed。President Zhao Zhongxiu said,Victoria University and Trade University began joint research in 2017,Give full play to their respective advantages,A strong co -joint joint,Facing the next five years,Especially the major development and change of current digital technology,Center must adapt to the situation,Strengthen cooperation,Strive to maintain a leading position in the industry。Andy Hill Vice President also fully affirmed the cooperation results of both parties,also said that Trade is an important partner of Victoria University,Very willing to increase investment in the future,Give full play to their respective advantages,Strengthen the comprehensive and high -level substantial cooperation between the two parties。Subsequent,The two parties renewed the agreement of co -construction of economic, trade and policy research centers。

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On the same day,President Zhao Zhongxiu led the delegation to the delegation to the Confucius Institute of Confucius Institute at the University of Victoria at our university,Listening to the work report of COLIN Clark at the Foreign Dean of the Confucius Institute of Victoria University,and teacher with Confucius Institute、Volunteer representative conducted a discussion。President Zhao Zhongxiu has adverse effects such as the Confucius Institute of the University of Trade w88 casino gamesand the University of Trade University,Persist in development,Service community,The achievements of actively carrying out international Chinese education and cultural exchanges have given full affirmation,In -depth exchanges with the Confucius Management Team on the next step。

May 22,President Zhao Zhongxiu led the delegation to visit the University of Canberra。Janine Deakin、Vice President Chris Gartner and the School of Public Policy、relevant leaders of the International Department and other departments、Teachers attend the discussion。Both parties may cooperate with scientific research、Students' visit、Inter -school Joint Training Project and other contents conducted in -depth exchanges,and reached multiple cooperation intentions。The two parties agreed to sign a cooperation agreement in the near future,Especially in talent training、Teachers and employee training and other aspects,Strengthen and promote a comprehensive and high -level cooperation between the two parties。

On the same day,President Zhao Zhongxiu led the delegation to visit the National University of Australia。Jonathan Dampney, Minister of International Australia and the Minister of International Affairs of Australia and the International Affairs Team and discuss with the delegation。The two sides are jointly trained for doctoral students,Graduate exchange projects and other talent training reached cooperation intentions。

President Zhao Zhongxiu During the visit to Australia,I also visited our school's alumni representative in Australia。President Zhao Zhongxiu encouraged all alumni to strengthen w88 casinothe industry、Interactive communication between alumni in various regions,Actively give full play to the advantages of trade resources,Further strengthen the centripetal force and cohesion of alumni in Australia。

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