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UIBE Victoria University Business Confucius Institute successfully held the 23rd "Chinese Bridge" World University Student Chinese Competition in Melbourne Preliminaries

Release time: May 29, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

w88 live casino(International Chinese Education (Business) Practice and Research Base Supply)May 18, 2024, The 23rd "Chinese Bridge" World University Student Chinese Competition Melbourne Preliminaries will end in the University of Victoria。This competition is hosted by the Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne,Australian university Chinese Teacher Society、Host of the Confucius Institute of Victoria University。

Mr. Xinwen, Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne、President of Victoria Professor Profe Adam Shoemaker、Professor Zhao Zhongxiu, the principal of our school through a video speech,Putting high expectations for players。Ms. Liu Dongyuan, deputy consul of the Consulate General of the Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne、Education Counselor Ms. Ding Li attended the event,Mr. Mr Monty Singh, Minister of International Affairs of the University of Victoria, gave a welcome speech,On behalf of the university and the Confucian Academy, welcome all guests、Judge、Teachers and audiences gathered the University w88 casino games loginof Victoria University,Witness the wonderful performance of the players。

This competition attracted from Dicken University、Royal Melbourne University of Technology、Lezhuobo University、University of Melbourne、Monash University、13 players from the University of Victoria signed up for the competition。More than a hundred audiences watch the game on the spot。At the same time,The competition also via WeChat video number、Facebook two channels for live broadcast,Attract nearly 1,200 Chinese Australian audiences to watch online,And praised more than 44,000 times。

Fang Xinwen, Consul General in Melbourne in Melbourne, said in his speech,Dear players have knocked on the door of the 5,000 -year -old civilization of China through the language of Chinese。Consul General of the House mentioned,Seeing that I have studied English at the University of Foreign Languages ​​30 years ago from the players,Everyone is the same passers -by of language learning,It is recommended that players practice more while learning Chinese,Cooked can make coincidence。At the same time,Family Consul of the House to the University of Victoria、University of Foreign Economics and Trade、The judges and the competition organizing committee have long expressed sincere thanks for their care and support for the "Chinese Bridge" competition。

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Consul General Fang Xinwen delivered a speech

President of Victoria University Professor Adam Shaw Meike said in his speech: "Foreign language learning is very important for promoting international exchanges。In the world,China is a long time、Emphasized countries with rich history。For Australia,China is our biggest trading partner,It is the main source of international students and tourists。 Australia lives more than one million Chinese,The contribution of the Chinese can be traced back to the gold rush era in Australia,even earlier。"at the same w88 casino games logintime,Professor Xiao Meike affirmed the competition of young people actively participating in cultural exchanges and dissemination,I wish the contestants a good results。

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Professor Adam Shaw Meike, President of Victoria University of Victoria

Professor Zhao Zhongxiu of our school spoke through a video,Quoting the classics such as "Brothers in the Four Seas" in "The Analects" to tell the concept of "the world" in Chinese culture.。President Zhao pointed out,The "Chinese Bridge" competition has been held for the first time in 2002,It has become a great event for Chinese lovers all over the world,It is students from all countries to learn Chinese、Understanding China's important platform,A bridge that communicates the soul in the middle of the youth of China and the world in China,I hope that young friends in Chinese will open the door to explore China and Chinese civilization through the "golden key" of Chinese,Further understand where Chinese language and culture are extensive。

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UIBE President, Professor Zhao Zhongxiu, speech

Mr. Mr Monty Singh, Minister of International Affairs of Victoria University at the scene,On behalf of the school, use Chinese to the guests in Chinese、Players、Judge、Counseling teacher、The audience expresses warm welcome,Thank you for the "Chinese Bridge" competition for the Australian young generation to set up a bridge for China Australia。

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Mr. Monte Singh Speech

Associate Professor Zhou Shaoming, Chairman of the Chinese Teacher Society of Australia University、Teacher Xu Jixing, President of the Chinese Teacher Association of Victoria, etc.。

Associate Professor Zhou Shaoming, the chairman of the jury introduced the scoring rules

Professor Profling Clark, Dean of the Confucius Courtyard on behalf of the Confucius Institute,To you guests again、Players、Judge、Counseling teacher、On -site and online audiences, welcome,and announce the start of the game。

Professor Colin Clark, Dean of Kongyuan, announced the start of the competition

This competition is divided into two links: Chinese w88 casino gamesspeech and talent performance。Players give lectures with the theme of "a family in the world",Each player learns Chinese from respective、Different angles of Chinese culture talk about your understanding and perspective of the "family of the world",Share the wonderful Chinese learning experience with you。

Wonderful collection of contestants' speech link

Talent performance links are wonderful,Players pass Chinese songs、Chinese dance、Martial arts and other talents show their own Chinese level and understand the traditional Chinese culture。Gregor Burns of the University of Melbourne invited a number of audiences to come to power when performing magic,Fluent Chinese and on the stage、audience interaction in the stage,The entire applause of the audience。MINULI Matheen of Monash University pushed the scene to a climax again with a song "Qinghai -Tibet Plateau"。James Thalappillil of Zhuobo University sang the song "The Drop of Missing"。The remarkable or ordering is,All players are very invested in talent performances,and actively interact with the audience。The audience not only watched the wonderful competition,It seems to also participate in the player's performance。

Wonderful collection of talents performed by players

After fierce competition,Gregor Burns from the University of Melbourne picked crown,Minuli Matheen at Monash University and James Thalappillil of Lezhuo University won the second prize,Melissa Sanders at the University of Melbourne、Dan An Nguyen at Dan An Nguyen at the University of Monash at the University of Dolkel University won the third prize,Other players won the Excellent Award。Tracy Hong and Hailan Paulsen two teachers won the Excellent Instructor Award。


Excellent Correction Teacher Award (from left to right: Counselor Ding Li、Teacher Tracy Hong、Hailan Paulsen Teacher、Liu Dongyuan Vice Consul General)

Competition Awards link,Vice Consul General Liu w88 casino games loginDongyuan award awards to the players,I wish you all a higher level of Chinese level。This year is the sixth time of the Confucius Institute to host the "Chinese Bridge" World College Student Chinese Competition in Melbourne Preliminaries。The Confucius Institute will rely on Victoria University、Support and advantages of the two universities of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade,Continue to contribute to the local Chinese education,Add bricks to the cultural exchange of China and Australia。


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