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Vice President Wang Qiang led the group to France、Tunisia and UAE universities and think tanks visit

Release time: May 30, 2024 Edit: Wang Yan

w88 casino gamesMay 15th to May 24th, 2024,Vice President Wang Qiang led the delegation to visit France、Three Kingdoms of Tunisia and the UAE,Visit a major in Paris, France、The School of Foreign Trade (ESCE)、China's Permanent Mission of Teaching and Art Organizations in the United Nations、Tunisiaga University、UAE University、The UAE think tank "Trend Research and Information Center",For Inter -School Joint Research Center、Student joint training、Think Tank Cooperation、Teachers' mutual visits and other cooperation matters for in -depth discussions,Reached a number of cooperation intentions,At the same time, the delegation also visited the Chinese alumni and students from the Chinese Embassy in Tunisia and the UAE。

May 15th to 18th,The delegation visited the Chinese Missionary Mission in the UNESCO、One University of Paris, France, and the School of Foreign Trade, Paris, France。

Vice President Wang Qiang led the delegation to visit the Chinese Essentials of the UNESCO,The representative of the envoy Yang Xinyu received a delegation。Representative Yang Xinyu introduced the current envoy work,Especially in the promotion of the "Three Global Initiatives" in full effort。Vice President Wang Qiang introduced the latest international exchange and cooperation development、Global governance talent training, etc.。Discussion on the two parties is conducting w88 casinojoint research、Training composite international organization talents and other aspects to carry out more cooperation,Strive to achieve more pragmatic results。

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A big big in Paris, France,Vice President C. Salinesi、Dean of the School of Management F.pratlong and others received the delegation。Vice President Wang Qiang introduced the history of the school、Disciplinary features、Talent training、Measures and achievements in the professional development of students,The two parties have reviewed the results of the cooperation between the two universities over the years,Discussion is promoting teacher scientific research cooperation,Establishing a Joint Research Center,Publicity to expand the possibility of learning and exchange opportunities in more students。Vice President Wang Qiang expressed his hope that the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France,Strengthen the cultivation of talents with Paris、Scientific research、Comprehensive cooperation in various fields such as cooperative school,Promote the friendship between China and France to a new level。After meeting,Vice President Wang Qiang, on behalf of our school and a major Salinesi Parisia, signed a school -level scientific research exchange cooperation agreement。

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At the School of Foreign Trade, Higher Foreign Trade, Paris, France,Principal Christophe Boisseau,Vice President Guillaume Ferrante and Vice President Wang Qiang and his party exchanged discussions。During the talks,The two parties fully affirmed the results of the two universities for many years。Vice President Wang Qiang said,The School of Foreign Trade, the Higher Foreign Trade of our school and Paris, France, is highly consistent in superior disciplines,I hope that the two parties will further cultivate、Student exchange exchange、Construction of the Confucius Institute continuously expands the field of cooperation,Rich cooperation form,Open a new chapter in cooperation between the two universities。

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Vice President Wang Qiang visited the alumni of Paris, France。Vice President Wang Qiang shared the recent development achievements w88 online casinoof his alma mater,He said that alumni is the valuable wealth and resources of the school,Overseas Alumni Association is one of the important carriers of school cooperation and exchanges in schools,I hope all alumni will strengthen contact with alumni from all over the country,Actively give full play to the advantages of trade resources,Promote a win -win situation between schools and alumni。

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May 19 to May 21,The delegation visited the Chinese Embassy in Tunisia、Gaotai University、The College of Higher Language of Ga Taiji University and the Confucius Institute of Ga Taiji University。

At the Chinese Embassy in Tunisia,Ambassador Wan Li received the delegation。Vice President Wang Qiang reported on cooperation with colleges and universities such as Tunisia Gaiti under the "20+20" plan of our school under the "20+20" plan.。Ambassador Wanli highly commented on our school's contribution in the cooperation between the two countries in China and Nutcho,I hope that the school will continue to expand education to the public,Promote the continuous deepening of humanistic cooperation between China Turkish Science and Technology Teachers,Continuously injecting new vitality for the traditional friendly cooperation of Zhongba。

At the School of Language of Grand University of Ga Taiji,Dean Houda Ben Hamadi and Vice President Wang Qiang and his party held a meeting,After the meeting, the two parties exchanged agreements,That is: University of Foreign Languages ​​and Tunisia at the University of Foreign Languages ​​and Tunisia University of Foreign Economics and Trade University 2024-2025 Academic Ning Project Memorandum。At the University of Gaotai,Principal Nadia Mzoughi AGUIR and others met with the delegation.,Vice President Wang Qiang and President Aguir signed the culture between the two schools after the meeting、Education and Scientific Cooperation Agreement。

In the two meetings held with Gaotai University,The two parties reviewed the previous school students in the two universities、Carry out scientific research cooperation、Common achievements in the fields of academic seminars,Common representation,The cooperation between the two universities in the "20+20" framework w88 casino games loginof the Chinese African university is a long -term mechanism,In the future, we will actively implement the results of this visit,Innovative cooperation mode,Expand the field of cooperation,A positive contribution to the development of the friendship between the friendship between China and Turkish, especially the exchanges and cooperation in the humanities field。

May 22 to 24,The delegation visited the UAE University in succession、The Chinese Embassy in the UAE and the UAE think tank "Trend Research and Information Center"。

At the UAE University,Professor Ahmed Ali Murad, vice president of the school,Professor Mohammed T. Madi, Dean of the Business School, met with the delegation。 Vice President Murad said that the UAE University is the first Arab Emirates,Also the most important comprehensive national university。The school is closely in touch with global partners,Provide a research solution for the challenges faced by the region or the world,Hope to carry out more academic exchanges and cooperation with our school on the research field that we care about。Vice President Wang Qiang introduced the subject characteristics and development positioning of our school,I hope that the two parties will rely on related discipline settings in the future,Efforts to promote the exchange of teachers and students、Exchange and cooperation in scientific research cooperation。

At the Chinese Embassy in China,Ambassador Zhang Yiming meets the delegation,The two parties participated in the international and regional issues that China -Arab relations and the common concern.,I agree that it is important,Based on the actual situation of the UAE and China -Arab relations,Continue to strengthen communication at all levels、Deepen pragmatic cooperation、Promoting communication and mutual learning,Help Education's internationalization of high -quality development。

At the UAE think tank "Trend Research and Information Center",President of the agency Mohamed Abdulla Al Ali,Chief International Affairs Officer AWADH MOHAMED albreiki and others met with the delegation。Strategic research on both sides、Talent training w88 casino games loginand education and training reached a consensus,I hope to play their respective advantages in the future,In -depth cooperation in multiple fields,Jointly explore the joint research projects and reports、Joint training and invitation to think tank experts to participate in the potential cooperation of the University of Trade。

This interview comprehensively consolidated and strengthened it with Europe、North Africa、Friendly relationship of important partners in the Middle East,Gathering consensus、Deepen friendship、Enhance mutual trust,Promoting the cooperation and exchanges between our school and the regional universities and think tanks。Vice Dean of the School of International Economics and Trade Lan Qing Xin、Vice Dean of the School of Foreign Languages ​​Huang Hui、Huo Yuan, deputy director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Division, accompanied the visit。

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