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Researcher Tan Ya, a researcher at the BRICS State Research Center, was invited to attend the 16th BRICS Academic Forum

Release time: June 05, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

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School News News5month22Day to24Day,Invitation of the Chinese Council of the Chinese Council of the BRICS Think Tank and the Invitation of the Expert Committee of the Russian BRICS National w88 casinoExpert,Researcher Tan Ya, a researcher at our school's Brick State Research Center, went to Moscow, Russia to attend the 16th BRICS Academic Conference。

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BRICS Academic Forum is an annual meeting held by the BRICS Think Tank Council at the expert level。Hosted by Russia this year,The theme of the forum is "BRICS: New Change on the Global Chess Bureau",About200Many BRICS experts and academic representatives attended。Secretary -General of the Council of the Council of the BRICS Think Tank Council、Jin Xin, director of the Research Office of the CPC Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, led a Chinese scholar delegation to participate。During the forum,Participants discussed the global governance、International Security and Stability、Trade and economic cooperation、Grain and Energy Security、Science and Education、High -tech and innovation、Investment、The way to cooperate in the field of financial w88 casino games loginsystems。The results of the academic forum of the BRICS will be sorted into suggestions,and convey to the leaders of the BRICS,for them to settle in10month22Day to24The No. 1 in Kazan in the day16Discussion in the meeting of the BRICS leaders.

Teacher Tan Ya attended as a speakerGuardian of International Trade: Make sure long -term growthDiscussion on this sub -forum。Teacher Tan Ya's speech is based on the current global trade trend,Including slowing growth、Promotion of fluctuations and outstanding heterogeneity,Focus on many challenges facing the BRICS and developing countries,and combined with the current digital economy technology progress, it puts forward related solutions。During the meeting at Russia,Teacher Tan Ya also conducted friendly exchanges with a number of foreign experts,CEO of the South African Humanities Science Research CommitteeSarah Mosoetsa, Observer Research Foundation Outstanding Researchernandan unikrishnan, Executive Director of Ethiopian Institute of Foreign AffairsJafar Bedru Geletu, Researcher at the Institute of Applied Economics, BrazilMarco AuréLio Alves de Mendonça,Joint Director of the Geography Research Group of the University of Manitoba, CanadaAlan Freemanetc.

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Our Vancouver Research Center of Our School invited to participate in the BRICS Academic Forum,It reflects the high recognition of the Central Ministry and overseas partners in the center of work。Always,BRICS State Research Center is committed to improving the level of research and think tank construction in the BRICS country,In promoting high -quality cooperation in the BRICS countries、Promote global South -South cooperation、Shape an important international influence in shaping the new order of global governance。

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