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"Turkmenistan World Trade Organization Knowledge Training Course" successfully opened

Release time: June 12, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

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School News Network News (Supply of the International Development and Cooperation College)morning June 3, 2024,sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China,The opening ceremony of the "Turkmenistan World Trade Organization Knowledge Institute of Trade Organization" hosted by the University of International Development and Cooperation of Foreign Economics and Trade University "。President Zhao Zhongxiu of Foreign Economic and Trade attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech。25 officials from Turkmenistan's economic and trade field and all faculty members of the International Development and Cooperation College attended。The meeting was Zhang Jingwai, deputy dean of the School of International Development and Cooperation、Associate Professor Yin Shaowei, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages。

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President Zhao Zhongxiu expressed warm welcome and sincere greetings for the officials who participated in the training class。He said in his speech,China after joining the World Trade Organization (WTO),The pace of economic growth continues to accelerate,Economic and trade exchanges between many countries are becoming more frequent,The level of trade facilitation and the continuous improvement of the business environment,Our development experience has important reference meaning for Turkmenistan。I hope that this training can build a platform for the exchange and cooperation of China -Turkey Economic and Trade,Share China's development experience、Development Plan、Development w88 live casinowisdom,Discussion of China -Turkey cooperation and development issues,Promoting bilateral trade and economic cooperation,Help global trade development and win -win cooperation。

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Dean Wang Bo introduced the 14 -day training course arrangement and practical inspection plan。He proposed,The content of the course in this seminar is professional and rich,The college will arrange students to go to Yinchuan for three -day practice inspection,Focus on the development of the local “Belt and Road” construction and characteristics of characteristic industries。Looking forward to students through this study in depth to understand China's experience and foreign trade policy of joining the World Trade Organization,Deepen Zhongtu Friendship,Promote the exchange and cooperation between China and Turkey in the field of trade and investment,Working together to create a community of human destiny。

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Annaev Akmammet、MEREDOV Shamyrat and Mr. Annayarov Chopanata as representatives to speak in order。They expressed thank you very much for the Ministry of Commerce、The enthusiasm and careful arrangement of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade,I am looking forward to w88 live casinobeing able to pass through this seminar,In -depth study of the successful experience of China joined the World Trade Organization,Lay a solid foundation for Turkmenistan to join the World Trade Organization,Provide powerful support。

This issue of "Turkmenistan World Trade Organization Knowledge Training Course" has attracted the Ministry of Finance and Economic from Turkmenistan、Central Bank、Energy Department、Ministry of Environmental Protection、Ministry of Foreign Affairs、Ministry of Justice、Ministry of Agriculture、Ministry of Construction and Building、Officials from the Economic and Trade and related fields of the General Administration of Customs participated。The seminar invited a number of experts focusing on research trade、Scholar,Through course lecture、Special discussion、Visit and inspect various forms,Provide students with a comprehensive learning experience,The project aims to strengthen cooperation and exchange between China and Turkmenistan's economic and trade fields.,Contribute wisdom and strength to promote the joining Turkmenistan to join the World Trade Organization。

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