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President Zhao Zhongxiu met with Jan Zahadill

Release time: June 13, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

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The first vice chairman Yang Zahadier

School News Network News (International Cooperation Exchange Office、Zhang Xiaoyu, a supplier of the School of International Economics and Trade)On the morning of June 5th,Member of the European Parliament、The first vice chairman of the European Parliament International Trade Commission, Yang · Zahadel, visited our school。President Zhao Zhongxiu met with guests in the VIP room of the administrative building。

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President Zhao Zhongxiu extended a warm welcome to Member of Yang Zahadel and his party,and accompanied by visiting the History Museum of the University of Foreign Economic and Trade and the Museum of Foreign Economic and Trade,w88 casino games login、"Reform and Opening and Opening Creation First -class"、"Scientific Development Crossing the Fei Fei" and other chapters,Introduction to the development process of the Trade University for more than 70 years。

President Zhao pointed out,Trade University is the first batch of national "double first -class" construction and the first batch of "211 project" construction college,Long -term dedicated to cultivating specialized talents in foreign trade,In trade、Economy、Finance、Accounting、The advantages of disciplines such as international law are obvious,Always adhere to high quality、Innovation type、Training features of international leaders,More than 2,200 students who come to China,From more than 160 countries and regions。Trade University graduates are solid due to professional knowledge and skills、Skilled foreign language、Active thinking、Strong practical ability and are generally welcomed by society。Trade Pay attention to internationalization of school running,Active communication between Chinese and foreign,Have good cooperation with many European countries,President Zhao also thanked MPs of Zhaghadel for their academic lectures,I believe this will help our teachers and students to expand international vision,Understand cutting -edge questions。

Dr. Zhagir thanks to w88 online casinoour school for his enthusiastic reception。He reviewed his own experience selected for the European Parliament,and the European Union and China Trade、Development and changes in the fields of investment,He believes that communication with the university is very important,It is a bridge and bond for communication between the country,The development of various joint scientific research projects will act on the development of global politics and economy,Promoting more cooperation。He expressed his hope through his speech,Let the teachers and students of the school be able to understand how the EU operates in depth,and what is the current economic and trade relationship between the European Union and China。He also hopes to explore China -Europe trade、Investment、Finance and other fields facing the opportunities and challenges in many fields。

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Subsequent,Dr. Zahhhir conducted an academic lecture entitled "European and Asian economic and trade relations and outlook" for the teachers and students of the whole school。He mentioned,EU witnessed the "Cross -Pacific Partnership Agreement" (CPTPP)、The emergence of new legal frameworks such as the "Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement" (RCEP),In economic and trade cooperation with Asian countries,China plays a key role,China is the largest trading partner of most Asian countries。Based on this w88 casino gamesbackground,He believes that the economic and trade relations between the EU and China will determine the future of the European Union and Asian regions。

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Dr. Zhaghagir emphasized,EU and China are the most important trading partners。For the EU's own development、The better development of the economic and trade relations of Asia and Europe and the establishment of better economic and trade relations in the European Union and the Asia -Pacific region,The EU should face up to the harm caused by the "de -risk" policy,It should be re -developed with good economic and trade relations with China,Jointly promote a comprehensive strategic partnership。

Dr. Zahdir also interacts with teachers and students at the scene,For the future development direction of China -Europe relations、China -EU relations, especially cooperation opportunities in emerging fields、EU exchanged and discussed the major policy challenges faced by the EU when strengthening the economic and trade relations with Asian countries,and take a group photo with the on -site teachers and students participating in the lecture。

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EU-Gailin, Secretary-General of the China Friendship Association,Wu Yuma, the Second Division of the Eurasian Work Department of the Chinese People's Association of Friendship with Foreign Friendship Association, and Sun Jiao, a second -level director, visit,Tang Yihong, Dean w88 casino games loginof the School of International Economics and Trade、Li Xiaomeng, Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Division、Yang Hangjun, deputy dean of the School of International Economics and Trade, participated in the meeting。

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