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International Exchange

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w88 casino gamesIn order to consider the major initiative proposed by President Jinping at the first China Arab Summit,Under the guidance of the International Department of the Ministry of Education,China Higher Education Society and the Arab University Association to jointly build a "Sino -Ama University Alliance" exchange mechanism (hereinafter referred to as the exchange mechanism),Implementing the "China -Arab University 10+10 Cooperation Plan" 。

June 24, local time,In the cooperation plan, A -Leading University docking meeting is held in Amman, Jordan。Lead of universities as the field of "economic and trade investment" as the cooperation plan,Our school was invited to be led by the assistant Wang Qiang to attend the meeting,Speaking on behalf of our school at the conference。

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Wang Qiang introduced the school's school history w88 casino games loginand subject characteristics at the docking meeting,and the cooperation between national universities in recent years。Wang Qiang pointed out,The University of Foreign Economic and Trade Leads as the field of economic and trade investment,In the future, the disciplinary advantage in the field of economic and trade investment will be used,Leading colleges and related colleges and universities with Afang in talent training、Establishing closer cooperation relationships in academic research,Promote the win -win cooperation between China -Arab universities。

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The meeting released the "Everyone in the Road to Walk together:" China -National University Alliance "exchange mechanism" Sino -A -University University 10+10 Cooperation Program "leads the Declaration Declaration of Universities",It is agreed to build a communication platform together,Innovation mechanism for China -Arab universities; cooperation to cultivate high -end talents,Promoting the sharing of academic resources in China and Arabia; joint scientific research,Promoting the sharing of academic resources in China and Arabia; joint scientific research,Fully build a community of destiny in China。

w88 casino gamesAfter the meeting,Assistant President Wang Qiang and the field of economic and trade investment are led by the assistant principal of the participating representative of the University of Abu Dhabi University, the Assistant President Xie Lin Faruk, jointly expressed the willingness to cooperate with both parties,Exchange in economics、Industry and Commerce、Language and other disciplines cooperation intentions,and in -depth discussions on strengthening cooperation between colleges and universities in the field of China -Arab Economic and Trade Investment in the future。

During the meeting,The delegation of our school visited Jordan University of Science and Technology and Hussein University of Technology。Wang Qiang and the vice president of Jordan University of Science and Technology Mona Ahamad conducted in -depth exchanges,The two parties expressed their willingness to be in law、Language and other fields conduct exchanges and cooperation。

During the meeting,Assistant President Wang Qiang also visited our school's local alumni in Jordan。Wang Qiang introduced the recent development and achievements of his alma mater to the alumni,He said that alumni is the valuable wealth w88 casinoand resources of the school,Is a business card for school cooperation,I hope all alumni will enhance the contact between each other,Contributions to cooperation and exchanges between schools and Jordan and Arab countries。

The participation promoted the exchange of universities in all fields in our school and the "China -Arab University 10+10 Cooperation Plan",The foundation laid the foundation for strengthening the further cooperation of Afang's led universities and Jordan universities in the field of economic and trade investment。Director of the Department of Arabic Department of Foreign Languages ​​Zhao Xi、The head of the International Cooperation and Exchange Division Wu Dandan attended the meeting。