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[Character Specialist] Abu: Trade "Flying Man"!

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Abu: Trade University "Flying Man"

Reporter: Wang Ruixue Wang Shenjie Yimeng Photography: Dai Lanxin poster design: Zhu Kefan

【Character Business Card】Abdulla Abu Du Hotman,Male,Uyghur people,Reserve party members of the Communist Party of China,Grade 2021 (formerly 2019) Insurance University of Insurance at the University of Foreign Economics and Trade University。Abu students have always practiced the great ideal of rewarding the motherland with the spirit of self -improvement,Realize its own value in the struggle。In March 2021, he actively responded to the national call,I entered the army to become a glorious college student soldier。During service period,He participated in military competitions and major exercise tasks many times,Rong stand out for a third -class merit,Glory to the Communist Party of China,Retired study and continuing to continue studying。Abu continues to fight for self -improvement after re -school,Courage to compete first,He has won the first scholarship of Rongguang,2022 "Chinese University Student Self -Star" scholarship,National Inspirational Scholarship,At the same time, serving as the captain of the Chi Rong Squadron of the w88 casinoSchool of Armed Forces。

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Running without stopping lightning name

October 28, 2023,University of Foreign Economics and Trade at the Autumn 2023 Freshman Games held in the stadium grandly。The senior sisters of the school track and field team made a special trip with the freshmen joint formation,Help this autumn game。Grade 2021 undergraduate students from the Insurance CollegeAbdulla • Abu Du Hotman,"With the longest name,Use the shortest time ",Run for 11 seconds of results,Breaking the men's 100 -meter record of men's 100 -meter record (from May 11, 1980)。

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Abu Break the Men's 100 -meter Record

About breaking the record,Abu shared his feelings。For 43 years,The players of the track and field team want to break this 100 -meter record,But no one can do it。When Abu enters the track and field team,It will also break the record as your own wish,Today's wish to reach,This is a great encouragement for him and the team members,And he was also titled "Trade Big Flying"。As the holder of the new record,Abu has higher expectations and requirements for yourself,He will train well according to the plan in the next time,On behalf of the school and the track and field team of the Capital College Student Track and Field Team next year,Essence for the school。

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One minute on the stage,Ten Years of Gong。It is not easy to be a "flying man",Especially in the bottleneck of training,Even though Abu go through hundreds of battles,Numerous awards,It is also unavoidable。Even if you train for more than 20 days a month,Even training every day for a week,It is also possible that there are some retreat in the team test。For this question,Abu also gives your own response method。He thinks,Need to take a correct look at the bottleneck period of poor status,Influencing factors in various aspects of competitive sports,Can't be frightened because of a little bit of retreat,Lost confidence。Instead, you should adjust your mentality and face it positively,"Don't be arrogant or discouraged,w88 online casinoFang is the best policy "。

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Abu won the third place of the men's group B men's relay 4x100 meters in the 61st student track and field sports meeting of the capital college

Boxing Boxing National Children's Young Army Travel

March 2021,Abu actively responds to the national call,I entered the army to become a glorious college student soldier。During service period,He participated in military competitions and major exercise tasks many times,Rong stand out for a third -class merit,Also glorious to join the Communist Party of China。"Being a soldier is a dream since childhood,Supported by party and national policies,I got a lot of opportunities for subsequent development ","I want to return to the country with actual actions,So I firmly chose to join the army "。Two years in the army,Abu not only enhances physical fitness,More is to gain a spiritual level of growth,"I really realized‘ not afraid of suffering、Military will not to be tired ',No matter how difficult it is,All must be up to the difficulties、Fighting forward "。

Abu participate in training during the service period of the army

"I regret two years when I am a soldier,Unlimited soldiers regret all my life,"Abu laughs,"To combine personal dreams and strong army dreams,This is also the sense of responsibility and the responsibility of the young people in the new era "。"Listen to the horn of the new journey number,The target call of the strong army is ahead ",Abu regards the barracks as another field for realizing youth newspapers,Encourage yourself to report to the country with boxing,In future work and study,It will also take hardship as a "one course" to practice。

Development seeks multiple aggressive conspiracy

From studying college students to the people of the people,Then return to the identity of college students from active soldiers,This identity conversion,Gives a life experience in different modes of Abu,Return to university from the army,Abu continues to improve self in many tracks of the University of Trade。


Abu training at the University of Trade University

For a young man in Kashgar, Xinjiang,Mandarin and English spoken language w88 casinois the big problem of Abu,But communicate with classmates and teachers through more,Constantly practice and improve,He has made considerable progress。On the day of Trade,Abu, out of the love of track and field movement, join the school track and field team,I also met many excellent classmates,He mentioned that the captain of the 18th -level track and field team with excellent quality and science is a very good typical example,It is also a role model he learns。"Exercise and learning are inseparable",He said,The energy of hard -working running should be used for learning,Dopamine secreted by exercise at the same time will also make yourself re -adjust the learning status。Abu also shared important methods to achieve "body wisdom and excellence"。"Mainly improve efficiency,Use learning time and spare time,Study well when you should learn,When it is time to relaxRest relaxation,physical and mental health is also a prerequisite for learning。"Abu said。

Abu learn and discuss with students

Abu gave three keywords: persist hard、Self -improvement and aggressiveness。He thinks,Self -strong means constant learning and growth,Need to continue hard work and tenacity perseverance,It also needs a positive attitude and an enterprising mentality。Take the initiative to pursue、Challenge and Breakthrough,Three missing one。In the past few years when I came to Trade,Abu got a lot of care and support。"Everyone cares about me,Whether it is in life or learning difficulties,The teacher will try my best to help me solve it。When you can't keep up with your homework,It will also communicate with teachers and classmates,Then study overtime in the library。"Abu said。From mediocre to extraordinary,Can't do without the teachers' careful teaching,He always remembers the good intentions of the teachers,Create a miracle in a game,Won many excellent titles in the troops and win personal three -class merit,Become a outstanding trade youth。

w88 casinoAbu spoke at the school's national defense education lecture and the establishment ceremony of Zhirong Ban

Shoulder the mission to build hometown

Speaking of future academic life and career plan,He is always grateful,Want to learn professional knowledge,Master more skills,After graduating, return to Xinjiang,Add bricks to the construction of my hometown。As a young man,This is also the mission he shoulder。"I'm not just a college student,Still a soldier,I will never forget this identity,The party and the country cultivated me,Even the light of the candle,I will always burn it at all times。"Abu said。

Abu participated in men's 100 -meter competition for men's track and field sports meeting

Outstanding senior as a junior,Abu also gave some suggestions and encouragement to the students and sisters。He said,Learning must have a relaxation,While doing a good job of learning,Also participate in sports expansion and social practice,and various activities on campus,To fully develop,Improve comprehensive quality。Find what I really want,While developing outward, you must also explore your inner appeal inward,There are targets,Power,Don't blindly roll,Enjoy life at the University of Trade。

Abu represents the school to participate in the capital college autumn student track and field sports meeting

Road when I come over,Bitteriosaison,Hi worries separated。When you look back,,Just feel Qianfan drove out,The light boat has passed through the Mountain。Trade Youth Abu,Self -improved,Will always shine on the stage of youth。



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