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[Each Youth] Di Jiaqi: Luo Man, Stable

Release time: May 16, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

w88 live casinoThe graduation season is almost,Another batch of excellent trading students are about to bid farewell to Huiyuan,Going to your own poems and distance。For four years,They use "Xingyuan,Practice of Duke and Not Lare "Breeding Dreams,Efforts to compose the value of life、Youth Mounted on the Youth of Happiness Answers。In order to give full play to outstanding graduates to pursue excellence、Demonstration of role models,Special launch of the "Excellent Graduate" series of specials,May students learn from the stories of outstanding graduates to draw valuable experiences,Promoting w88 live casinoModel,Deep farming,Promoting Model、Learning model、Fight as a model,Contributing youth for the new era。

School News Network News (Fang Ziqi, a reporter from the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee)Di Jiaqi,Law (illegal science) major of law (illegal science) graduates at the University of Law of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade,Reserve party members of the Communist Party of China。During the school, I won the second -class scholarship from the University of Foreign Economic and Trade Master's Graduate Studies,I have been in an internship at Tianchi Juntai Law Firm, Beijing,Participate in the business environment、Affairs related issues of administrative procuratorials,Graduate where the whereabouts are selected for the directional selection of Yunnan Province。

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"The road is long and far away,I will seek up and down。"" Looking back on your learning journey,Di Jiaqi chose Qu Yuan's famous sentence to describe this emotional journey。Come on all the way,The hard work and experience of the effort and experience,Di Jiaqi feels deep in the heart。

The first photo of Di Jiaqi and Huiyuan,During the postgraduate preparation period。He found out and discovered,The professional strength of the Trade University is strong,Academic research has a long history、Senior teachers,And the geographical location w88 casino gamesof the University of Trade is superior,It is the best choice for future professional studies and career planning。Efforts,Di Jiaqi became a part of Huiyuan。Di Jiaqi's professional direction is the direction of the Master of Law (Illegal Studies) Foreign Lawyers,It is a student in the first foreign -related direction of our school。During studying,Di Jiaqi felt the rigorous study style and rich teaching resources of trade,Not only many foreign -related courses such as International Economic Law、International Public Law, etc.,The college also invited lawyers from the Red Circle Institute to come to share experiences,In addition, there are simulation courts、Foreign -related legal negotiations and other teaching activities。He thinks,Trade provided many internship opportunities for students,Can promote the combination of the knowledge and practice they learned。During the period of studying at the Trade University,Di Jiaqi bluntly accepted the guidance of many teachers,This major training mode and curriculum settings have made him gain a lot。

While cultivating studies,Di Jiaqi also takes into account the practice and application of knowledge。With the recommendation of the mentor and the excellent performance in the interview,Di Jiaqi won the opportunity to internship at the Tianshi Juntai Law in Beijing。w88 online casinoDuring the undergraduate period,Di Jiaqi also used to internship in Shaanxi。Di Jiaqi thinks,The biggest role of the internship is that it can allow us as a student to be separated from the protection of the ivory tower in school,Experience life of the workplace,Exercise mentality、Refining attitude,The ability to learn to live and handle tasks。In the process of continuously exploring the world outside the school,Students can consolidate knowledge through practice,Accumulate experience and experience。As a "Come",Di Jiaqi gave my suggestion on how to balance the time of studying and internship off -school internship: "I suggest that as a student or mainly academic,The experience of the internship is expensive in "fine" is not "more"。Graduate courses are relatively small,You can choose to study the second internship,Not delaying learning time。It is recommended that students and sisters during the undergraduate period to conduct internships in the summer vacation。”

After leaving Huiyuan,Di Jiaqi is about to start the next stage of life -as a directional selection, students to work in Yunnan Province。It is not easy to seize the precious opportunity,Di Jiaqi recalled a lot of time to prepare for testing and application,At the same time, go to various places to participate in interviews and written tests。He said frankly,w88 live casinoDuring that time, it was the time for opening questions and writing in the paper,Sometimes it is difficult to balance time,The heart will be more anxious。Fortunately,Finally Di Jiaqi as expected。Looking back on this experience,He is very grateful to the school for providing the opportunity to choose for selection。

As a model of employment as college,Di Jiaqi has also experienced the stage of anxiety and anxiety,But with his continuous persistence and effort,Getting staged results。For the current classmates, there are "anxiety of further studies"、"Employment anxiety" situation,Di Jiaqi has his own view。He believes that we will be more or less anxious in the current environment,Moderate anxiety is the motivation to promote us,But excessive anxiety is unnecessary,Because excessive anxiety will not help us solve the problem,Instead, it will affect the mentality。At the end of the interview,Di Jiaqi said: "Focus on the front of you,Hope to be down -to -earth,Reasonable arrangement time,Try more opportunities,I wish you all the time in the future,Enjoy a warm life。”

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