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【Each of Youth】 Kuang Yuzhi: My wilderness, rich planting with root

Release time: May 16, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

w88 online casinoThe graduation season is near,Another batch of excellent trading students are about to bid farewell to Huiyuan,Going to your own poems and distance。For four years,They use "Xingyuan,Practice of Du Ying "struggle to bred dreams,Efforts to compose the value of life、The youth movement of drawing a happy answer sheet。In order to give full play to outstanding graduates to pursue excellence、Demonstration of role models,Special launch of the "Excellent Graduate" series of specials,May students learn from the story of excellent graduates to draw valuable experiences,Promoting Model,Deep farming,Promoting Model、Learning w88 casinomodel、Fight as a model,Contribute youth for the new era。

School News Network News (Translation of Zhang Translation of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee)Kuangyuzhi,Preparatory party member of the Communist Party of China,Graduate graduate graduated from the University of Law School of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade。He has participated in Chenguang Children's Center many times、Volunteer activities such as barrier -free movies,The volunteer time is more than 100 hours。I used to internship at the People's Court of Chaoyang District,A member of the Practice Department of the Graduate School of the Law School collects job search information。Graduation where the direction is selected for Guizhou Province。

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"Calm and Rough" isKuang Yuzhi summarizes his own personality,This personality is also in line with the major he chose。In many practical experiences in the student days,Kuang Yuzhi specifically mentioned the experience of being a member of the Practice Department of the Graduate School of the Law School -Participated in the Organization of the Simulation No Leadership Group。He said,It benefited a lot in the process of this event,It also has a profound impact on his future career direction。Kuang Yuzhi has a very rich internship experience,For internship,He said frankly,Internship is an effective means of "persecution" growing。"In internship,From student thinking to workplace thinking,Many ca n’t school w88 live casinofrom the classroom,Knowledge that has never been touched,In order to complete the task, you must work hard to do it。”Kuang Yuzhi said,In internship,On the one hand, pay attention to the nature of the internship position,For example, the work experience of the two jobs he internship and legal affairs is very different,As a student, you should try different types of internships,enrich your own experience; on the one hand, we must pay attention to the working atmosphere,A good working atmosphere will make people more motivated to complete the internship。

As a glorious preparatory party member,Kuang Yuzhi did not forget the glory and requirements that this identity brought to him。He bluntly,Joining the party not only means that it should be more energetic、More thought、More action,and it is also a constraint and supervision of self,For those who have made a small contribution to the cause of the country and the people,Joining the party is the Chengwu to get into the canal。Volunteer service can broaden the field of vision,Even in the ivory tower,You can also understand places where you can't get in touch,For example, participating in barrier -free movie volunteers,You can learn about the lives of disabled people; and volunteer activities for patients with cerebral palsy,You can learn about the situation of this group。With these opportunities, there are many, many people who need to get the help of young volunteers w88 casino gamesin the society,to stimulate your own sense of social responsibility and mission。

Midsummer,Blossom bloom,At the time of fruit maturity,Kuangyu Zhizhi became a selection of students in his hometown。Talk about the choice of graduation goal。He smiled and said,Joining the selection team is a "worth going,Should also go ",Selection students in various places require party members to identify、Student cadre experience, etc.,Explain that the requirements of selection from the central to the local area are not low,The talent selected by this standard is undoubtedly a one that can continue to go、The Shengli Army of Yong Climbing Peak。"Gouli country lives and death with,How about avoiding the blessing and blessing ",Kuangyu Zhi is extremely hoping to join in this career,Contributions to the power of meager。

At the same time,As a Guizhou native,Knowing the poverty and backward appearance of Guizhou,To improve this status quo,A perfect judicial environment is undoubtedly necessary,and political and legal talents are still lacking at the grassroots level,Kuang Yuzhi hopes to use his professional ability,Make some small contributions for the development of my hometown。He has also received a bank、Offer of state -owned enterprises,But under the weighing advantages and disadvantages,I still chose the way to choose a selection。He thinks,Selected students can w88 live casinoprovide valuable opportunities that can penetrate the grassroots,This is the other offer that can't give it。

For students and sisters who have not yet entered the society,Kuang Yuzhi also has thousands of words to say。The time of college is very valuable,To cherish this period,Show light。Fate of a person,Both consider personal struggle,Also consider the process of history。We are in a big change in a century -old change,May sometimes make a "wrong" choice for yourself。"But,In front of the tide of the times,Personal influence is limited,Even if there is something wrong,You should not be too harsh for yourself。"Kuang Yuzhi said at the end of the interview。

Looking back on the bits and pieces of myself in Huiyuan,Kuang Yuzhi Explanation,He hopes that he is like a big tree that deeply rooted in the land in the wilderness,His root system deep into the fertile soil of law,absorbing the nutrients of knowledge;,Show his love for the law and the pursuit of fairness。He is with a firm belief and solid knowledge,Standing up will not fall,No matter the wind and rain,,can grow tough,Provide people with shading,Contribute to the society。

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