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Huiyuan characters

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w88 live casinoThe graduation season is near,Another batch of excellent trade students are about to bid farewell to Huiyuan,Going to your own poems and distance。For four years,They use "Xingyuan,Practice of Du Ying "struggle to bred dreams,Efforts to compose the value of life、Painting the youth movement of the happy answer sheet。In order to give full play to outstanding graduates to pursue excellence、Demonstration of role models,Now specially launched a series of "Excellent Graduate" series,May students learn from the story of excellent graduates to draw valuable experiences,firm ideals,Deep farming,Advance Model、Learning model、Fight as a model,Contribute youth for the new era。

School News Network News (Reporter Gao Rui, a reporter from the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee)Giant Ran,Reserve party member of the Communist Party of China。Master's degree graduated from China University of Foreign Economic and Trade China China Institute of Finance。Excellent grades during graduate study,Comprehensive ranking professional second,National Scholarship,Graduate first -class academic scholarship; actively participating in competitions for extra -curricular,Won the third prize of China's "Internet+" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition、"Challenge Cup" National College Student Academic Science and Technology Works Competition Main Competition First Prize; Participate in the National Natural Science Foundation of China,Write a proposal to write the "Suggestions on Financial Stability (Draft)" with the mentor。Giant RanActive progress of thought,Selection of the eighth graduate young Marxist training class in the school,Careful and responsible for students' work,asFinancial Professional China Institute of FinanceSpecial Division 6 class leader、League branch,Actively serve the various activities of the school college。After graduation, I plan to join the State Foreign Exchange Administration Central Foreign Exchange Business Center。

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"Life is like a brigade, I am also a pedestrian",Juran said,This sentence is the guidance of her learning career,It is the motto on the road of her life。It reminds itself,On the journey of life,No matter what difficulties encounter,Maintain a positive and optimistic mentality,Go forward,Constantly pursue a higher realm and a wider sky。

In learning,Giant High w88 casino games loginSelf -discipline,Not only does it complete various professional courses,During this period, I wrote a proposal on the "Suggestions on the Financial Stability Law (Draft)" with my instructor,She said that this experience not only makes her ability to solve the problem significantly,More the solid foundation for her future growth and development,Makes her more confident and calm when facing complex problems。Jiantan specifically mentioned the experience of the editorial department of the Academic Institute of Financial Ark as the Student Union of the School of Finance。As a member,She often participates in the organizational internal academic seminar,She thinks,This not only explores hot topics of finance to set up a platform,Can deepen everyone's understanding of financial knowledge。She also benefits a lot in the organization,These experiences accompanied her through her study career at the University of Trade,Become her solid backing。

While studying at the same time,Giant Ran also does not forget to be down -to -earth,Det practice。For internship,She frankly,Internship is a necessary step to improve the view of professional fields。Internship is a supplement to basic knowledge,Let the theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom,Can make people better understand a industry。"Improve learning efficiency,The Way of Mastering Time w88 live casinoManagement "is a balanced learning、Cheats of the competition and social practice。Because of this,She can be eased between the three,constantly achieved new achievements and breakthroughs。

2022,Giant Ran through registration,Become a glorious Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Volunteers。"To contribute a little in a very grand event" is her original intention,It's her belief。Despite the difficulties,But she thinks,This is worth doing、It should be done and meaningful。In this process,She deeply appreciated the responsibility and mission as a volunteer,She said that she will always maintain her original intention and love for volunteer services,Continue to practice the spirit of volunteer with your own actions,Make more contributions to society。

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Looking back at the bits and pieces of myself in Huiyuan,She has thousands of words and wants to give it to schoolmates and sisters。Her speech,The time of the university is worth remembering and cherishing,At the same time,You should also exercise your own life skills and professional hard power,Better to lay the foundation for future internships or even enter the workplace。At the end of the interview,The students who are still in the trade of the University of China- "May you be exploring the road you learned in your professional,Can find the frequency of resonance with the w88 casinoworld,It can also be climbed in each step,Full of joy and movement。May your Huiyuan Journey,Because I keep looking at、Try more、Thinking more and wonderful,It is also full of warmth and light because of appreciation and cherishing the scenery and partners.。”