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【You Bi Style】 Zheng Jingfeng: Training in a place where no one is asked,Appears in the highly anticipated places

Release time: June 07, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

【Editor's Press】 Starting from September,June fruit,A group of outstanding graduates are about to embark on a new journey。During school, they used the courage to take the responsibility to achieve the youth self,Dedicated by hard work, I wrote the Congress of Trade University。To further play the role of the role model,Student funding management center of the Student Work Department of the Party Committee specially launched a series w88 casinow88 online casinoof "Youth example Graduation Album" series,Invite everyone to understand the growth story of the outstanding graduates,Appreciate their hard -to -end youthful style。May students use excellent graduates as examples,Efforts to grow into ideals、Dare to take responsibility、Can suffer、A new era of willing to struggle!

w88 live casinoZheng Jingfeng,Male,Preparatory party members,Grade 20 undergraduate students in the Financial Management of International Business School,During school, I got Beijing Sanhao Student、Comprehensive first -class scholarship、Daxin Scholarship、Huiyuan Beiqing Scholarship、Outstanding student at school -level、Outstanding school members at the school level。As Management 2006 Class Ceremony,and lead the class to get the school -level outstanding group branch and Beijing Pioneer Cup,As a member of the Huiyuan Beiqing Executive Committee、Participated in the work of the 100 -year -old Tiananmen Sub -work of the Party。Baoyan to the School of Economics of Peking University for tax specialty。

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Professional Learning: Diligence and Thinking of Good accumulation

The first semester of entering the university,Zheng Jingfeng does not have a good adaptation to the rhythm of college life,"No one cares、One w88 casino games loginw88 online casinoand a half hours a lesson is difficult to concentrate energy、Unfamiliar office software operation、We must take into account academic and student activities "。Average points in the first semester of 80、The ranking of the middle reaches of the grade seems to have been issued a negative opinion。

The second semester Zheng Jingfeng is with the teacher、In the communication of friends,Start changing your learning method,Multi -time full achievements、Keep in the first few grades。Talking about learning experience during the counterattack,He said,"Spending half an hour a day,Find a corner where there is no one in school,I will tell myself the content I learned today,This process can be retracted quickly、Consolidate the knowledge,At the beginning, I told myself、Later is to talk to friends who have difficulties in learning "。According to his memories,Sophomore last semester,Before the final exam, he told more than a dozen students、Macro、Finance、Company Finance, etc.,Zheng Jingfeng thinks,When you can understand others,You must have learned very solid,With this method, he basically achieves the first class in his professional class。

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Baoyan Road: Multi -line merged to overcome adversity

Because the first semester is dragged on the hind w88 casino games loginlegs,With the unpleasant w88 casino gamesranking、General experience,He became a member of the Baoji Army in the fifth semester。In this process,Zheng Jingfeng feels a lot。He recalled,"June,Most people have a good whereabouts,I have nothing,Also take care of internship、Scientific Research、A dozen credits of the final exam,September,Everyone is back to school,I have nothing,Become a fish with a countercurrent goes to Shenzhen to participate in pre -push -proof,​​The life of preparing for insurance is very monotonous "。He gets up at 6:30,At 8 o'clock to learn 12 o'clock,Learn to 6 o'clock in the afternoon to 2 o'clock,Learn 11 o'clock after exercise at night,Sleep at 11:30,Wake up at 6:30 the next day。Every day,See the list of entrances released by the Insurance Research Institution、Friends who see students who are admitted to students will feel anxiety,The pressure at that stage is great,But he still studies well in finance、Accounting、Tax、Law、Professional knowledge of five disciplines in the new spread,Tens of thousands of words of QUSTION list,Mock for interviews every day,Finally, in autumn, we will usher in the good news of successful Baoyan。Get Tsinghua Law w88 online casinoSchool、School of Economics, w88 live casinoPeking University、Three Insurance OFFER。

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Internship practice: actively explore in different fields

Zheng Jingfeng's active practice,Internship covering investment bank、PE、Wealth Management and other fields。His biggest internship experience is: Standing from a macro perspective to think,Work done、Where will the output flow、For the organization、What kind of help does the department have,Refusing blue -collar thinking,Summarize the harvest of the internship every day,It is conducive to your deep understanding of your industry。

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"Training in a place where no one is asked,Appears in the highly anticipated places "。This sentence has accompanied his university for four years,Discipline in the playground at 6:30、Preparation for interviews in the corridor of no one in the picture report、Self -summary in the corner of no one in Gao Yuanlou,Looking back for four years,It is also considered a complete end to college life。

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