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[You Bi style] Li Xiao: Root down, grow up

Release time: June 11, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

[Editor's note] Starting from September,June fruit,A group of outstanding graduates are about to embark on a new journey。During school, they used courage to take the responsibility to achieve the youth self,Dedicated by hard work, I wrote the Trade University Chapters。To further play the role of the role model,Student funding management center of the Student Work Department of the Party Committee specially launched a series of "Youth example Graduation Album" series,Invite everyone to understand the growth story of the outstanding graduates,Appreciate their hard -to -end youthful style。May students use excellent graduates as w88 online casinoexamples,w88 casinoEfforts to grow into ideals、Dare to take responsibility、Can suffer hard、A new era of willing to struggle!

w88 casino games loginSeptember 2020,Li Xiao came to Trade as a foreign language category。Looking back at four years of undergraduate life,She talked about,"Thank you for trade,Let me see a larger world,Have more like -minded seniors、Experience that students move forward together,Have a wider view in the collision of thinking。While pursuing academic progress,constantly shaping itself,Efforts towards the goal "。

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Li Xiao,Female,Member of the Communist Party of China,Level 2020 English (Linguistics) Professional undergraduate students。The results of the undergraduate period and the overall ranking ranked first in the grade,won the national scholarship for two consecutive years、School -level outstanding student cadres、Outstanding students at school -level students。former member of the party branch of the college、Deputy Director of Volunteer Group、Class Teacher Assistant、Leader of League Branch and Academic Counseling,Auxiliary Teacher Assistant for Outstanding Class、Excellent Group Branch、Outstanding Lecturer and other titles。Now Insurance to Shanghai Jiaotong University。

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New bamboo shoots, root in winter snow

The Blossoms of the Green,Repeated practice to far。Four years w88 casino gamesof undergraduate,w88 online casinoLi Xiao always builds a knowledge system with the goal of "multi -dimensional exploration",Consolidating English knowledge、On the basis of strengthening language skills,Classic theory and methodology of deep diamond linguistics,Comprehensive performance point reaches 3.85/4.0。Except in class learning,She also actively promotes learning in various competitions,For example、Reading Contest,A total of national level、School level、More than ten items of honor of the academic discipline competition。Research on Linguistics,Li Xiao believes that only practice see the truth。During school,She participated in two National Social Science Fund scientific research topics,Carry out four professional related scientific research projects。All kinds of practice,Let her feel the charm of language more and more deeply。But compared to the short "full",These experiences bring her more thinking,This prompted her to read literature,Hall of Linguistics in Linguistics,Make many attempts in academic aspects。

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Rain bamboo, grow under the spring

Duties of Du Xing Fighting。During school,Li Xiao serves as a member of the Organization of the Party Branch of the Institute of English、Deputy head of the Volunteer Group of the Institute of English、Class Group Branch and Assistant to Class Teacher,All make w88 live casinosignificant w88 live casinowork results。As a member of the party branch of the college,She actively cooperates with the party building work in the branch,Take the lead in participating in the activities of party members to contact the dormitory and party history preaching,Assist the branch to go deep into the community、Enterprise,and pair with the grassroots party branch,Promote the co -construction of the red "1+1" branch of Beijing universities,Phone to play the role of students' backbone.As the deputy head of the volunteer group,Her hosted community English volunteer project,Responsible for providing long -term English teaching services for more than ten international communities in Beijing。As a group branch letter,Her work of completing the group as required,Outstanding group branch letter for three consecutive years,The branch of the branch has been rated for five -star branch for two consecutive years。As a 2021 class teacher assistant,She assists the class teacher for class construction,I have been evaluated for the excellent class teacher assistant for two consecutive years。Love to ignite the internal drive,Li Xiao is always active on the front line of student work,Stable and far in the thick accumulation。

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Bamboo, make a jade dried

Diligence,Casting Chinese soul; hard practice,Cultivate global vision。During the internship of the Foreign w88 casino games loginAffairs Office of the People's w88 casino games loginGovernment of Chaoyang District,She is responsible for the preparation of the "Chaoyang Foreigner Manual" and the work of promotion in the district,In -depth participation in Chaoyang District to open up foreigners to come to China to investigate、Chaoyang District Promoting the Functional Construction of International Exchange Center。To continuously optimize the foreign -related service environment、Tell Chinese stories,contributed a youth power。

New bamboo shoots、Rain Bamboo、Bamboo,Li Xiao's attitude of bamboo,Breaking the soil、Pulling festivals,growth in the direction of light,constantly pursue the meaning of existence。Looking back at the four years of the trade in the trade,Watch Clouds、Xiwanghong Ni,Late Night Light、A few plans,The old calendar has become yesterday。She talked about,"Thank you parents、School、Teacher、Classmates,Thank you everyone who gave me warmth along the way,Thank you every leader "。

Wind is good at sailing,Fun Tong Rouwa to the Future。On the way forward,There is Pingchuan and High Mountain,There is a slow current and there are dangerous beaches。Not arrogant in the way、Sticky adversity。May we become a better self in the best year。

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