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[You Bi Style] Liang Tian: Lift the tip of the toes, follow the light

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【Editor's Press】 Starting from September,June fruit,A group of outstanding graduates are about to embark on a new journey。During school, they used the courage to take the responsibility to achieve the youth self,Dedicated with hard work, I wrote the Trade University Chapters。To further play the role of the role model,Student funding management center of the Student Work Department of the Party Committee specially launched a series of "Youth example Graduation Album" series,Invite everyone to understand the growth story of the outstanding graduates,Appreciate their hard -to -end youthful style。May students use w88 casino games loginexcellent w88 casinograduates as examples,Efforts to grow into ideals、Dare to take responsibility、Can suffer hard、A new era of willing to struggle!

w88 casino games login"There is light in the eyes,There is a landscape in my heart "。She pursues excellence,The first major for two consecutive years in a row;,From the Youth League Branch to the Party Branch,From the class to the college; she dares to try、Born in Seeking,Various stages of the campus ...

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Liang Tian,Female,Member of the Communist Party of China,The School of Information Science and Big Data Technology。Relica class leader、Deputy Secretary of the Student Party Branch、His person in charge of recitation host group、Class Teacher Assistant。I have received Beijing Sanhao Student、National Scholarship、Comprehensive first -class scholarship、Xiaomi Scholarship、School -level outstanding student cadres、Outstanding Student、Outstanding League members, etc.; I have participated in the Centennial Tiananmen Square of the Party;、Beijing University Student Art Festival Gold Award、First -prize of school -level volunteer groups; internship at CITIC Group、CITIC Construction Investment、Apple, etc.,After graduation, go to the University of Hong Kong to study for a master's degree in business analysis。

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Light followed by Pentagon

If you use a color to depict w88 casino games loginw88 casino games loginLiang Tian’s university life,That's red。From the beginning of college,She submitted an application for joining the party。July 1, 2021,Liang Tian as one of the young representatives,Captive resignation at Tiananmen Square。After 3 months of training,When she shouted at Tiananmen, "Please rest assured、Powerful State I "slogan,She feels the prosperity and strength of the motherland,At the same time, it also gained precious friendship with students。

In the work of the branch,Except organizing party day activities、Symposium outside,She also participated in the planning Double Hundred Action Plan,Bring big data medical treatment into the community;,Created "Education in the History of the Party of Lexing -Red Ship Voyage" project,I won the leader of the Beijing CPPCC、High praise from the Education Guidance Group of the Municipal Party Committee,Exhibition 2023 China International Service Trade Fair。

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Try to see more landscape

After studying and working,Liang Tian is active in various activities,She will not give up the opportunity to try and challenge because of temporary busy education,As long as you go up,She will go all out。She firmly believes that "a lot of gains often come from inadvertent insertion willow,The width and insights of life often come from 'useless' "。

She has conducted w88 casino gamesw88 casinothree support teaching,Also served to return to school to preach、Professional introduction micro -class、Summer Admissions and other college entrance examination enrollment work; she has presided over national innovation and entrepreneurial projects,in Sanchuang Sai、Internet+and other major competitions have won national or provincial or ministerial awards; she loves speeches and hosters,As a recitation program, the 70th anniversary of the school celebration is involved in the school; she also participated in the drama festival、One Two Nine、School Games and other activities ... Add three departmental organizations at the same time,Liang Tian perceive,Is a truly rich university life。In the volunteer of helping children with visually impaired children,She met a family in Meizhou,Multiple exchanges also conducted after the voluntary ending。They send special products,Achieve a friendship that spans the north and south,She feels that she can do something that she can make meaning,Life will be warmer。

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experiences are all their own, and all the roads do not go for nothing

78 points from a freshman from freshman,To the first major for two consecutive years、The Gate of the Three Gate is full,Winning National Scholarship、Beijing Sanhao Student,Get the Re -Insubuctive Insurance Research Offer,w88 casino games loginShe w88 casino gamesis not a "counterattack",Instead, it is clear that the best way to solve mistakes is to stop loss、Learn。"Sai Weng lost horse,Small setbacks can accumulate the courage to stand up and then stand up,Powerful inner heart "。After experiencing the research season,She resolutely abandon Baoyan、Choose Study Abroad,"Go and see if you can't think of it,Growing faster in unknown and challenges "。She values ​​the process more than the result、Pay more attention to the inner growth,To "know what you want,What do you love ",She believes that excellent is never defined,The biggest success is to be calm and free to face when facing your own heart。

Recalling the Volunteer of the College Entrance Examination Four years ago,She and Trade University are actually unexpected encounters。Ask her current experience,She said, "If you choose again,I still choose to choose trade、Select the School of Information,Righteousness。”

Everyone's head has their own stars,I can’t see it but it is just blocked by Wuyun,and we can't forget to grow high because of this small black cloud、Forgot to reach out,"More hard,The more lucky ",Your star may be more dazzling than others。

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