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[You Bi style] Zhao Yuanzhuo: with the same dust as the light, thinking is popular

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[Editor's note] Starting from September,June fruit,A group of outstanding graduates are about to embark on a new journey。During school, they used courage to take the responsibility to achieve the youth self,Dedicated by hard work, I wrote the Trade University Chapters。To further play the role of the role model,Student funding management center of the Student Work w88 casino gamesDepartment of the Party Committee specially launched a series of "Youth example Graduation Album" series,Invite everyone to understand the growth story of the outstanding graduates,Appreciate their hard -to -end youthful style。May students use excellent graduates as examples,Efforts to grow w88 online casinointo w88 live casinoideals、Dare to take responsibility、Can suffer hard、A new era of willing to struggle!

w88 online casino"No doubt,Good things will always come。When it comes late,It is also a surprise。”

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Zhao Yuanzhuo,Female,Communist Youth League member,University of China University of Finance and Institute of Finance and Trade at the University of China 2020 Financial Technology Experimental Class,Professional ranking first。During the undergraduate period, I was obtained by the outstanding grassroots group cadres at the school level、Outstanding students at the hospital level、Excellent class cadres and other honorary titles。I have won many Hongru Scholarship、Comprehensive second -class scholarship、National College Student Mathematics Competition National Second Prize、National College Student Mathematics Modeling Competition Beijing First Prize Prize and Prize。During the school period, he served as a branch of the 2001 Class Class of the Chinese Academy of Finance,Now I have been undergoing research to HSBC Business School of Peking University。

Jade to become a device, deep water flow deep

With curiosity about finance、Interest of mathematics science,Four years ago,Zhao Yuanzhuo chose to enter the fintech experimental class,Looking forward to the mysterious collision of finance and technology。But,At the beginning of entering the ivory tower,The severe test in the face of professional basic programming courses,w88 casino games loginShe w88 casino games loginencountered the stormy waves in the ocean of knowledge。This period,Zhao Yuanzhuo deeply experienced the faults of the transformation from middle school to university learning model,Feeling unprecedented pressure。Since then,She gradually constructs her own knowledge system through active inquiries and hard work,and add network resources as a supplement to actively study。For her,This process is not only an increase in scores,It is also the in -depth excavation and ultimate display of autonomous learning ability,Let her also deeply understand: the essence of college education,​​It is to cultivate self -driving learning habits and ability to solve problems,This is an indispensable golden key to higher academic halls and future careers。It is this deep understanding of the importance of autonomous learning,Laureted a solid foundation for her future scientific research exploration and industry practice。

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Cuting the years, casting Dream Shaohua

After having a certain basic knowledge,Zhao Yuanzhuo began to try to participate in the subject competition。But this process is not smooth sailing。Sophomore last semester,She participated in the Mathematical Modeling Competition for the first time,Due to the complexity of the model and the incomplete knowledge system,Did not complete the game smoothly。One year later,Unfortunately, she will challenge this again。After one month of preparation and three w88 casinow88 casinodays of day and night fight,Finally achieved good results。Recalling this experience,The most impressed,It is not the moment you know the award,Instead, each adjustment parameter improving results in three days、Try again after every failure、Each refined assumption、Optimization algorithm,and the process of moving towards the truth step by step。"True to make the heart rich,Often is the landscape in the process of climbing the peak,instead of just standing on the top of the mountain。”

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In -school,She as a group branch letter,Completed several event planning,Also organized students to participate in the collective selection of excellent classes。Outside school,She applies what she has learned to practice,Once in Beijing Gong Hongyuan、Castrol Fund for internship。Mentioned this,She said,"Student work in the school helped me enhance my sense of responsibility and team consciousness,The internship outside the school made me understand the operating mode of the fund company,At the same time, I also heard different life stories in the communication with your predecessors,Seeing more possibilities in the future "。

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Voyage and sail, Zhuoli Huiyuan

In the process of continuous exploration,Zhao Yuanzhuo's idea of ​​gradually giving birth to insurance research。But,III school year,Under the requirements of high levels of foreign insurance research,She w88 casinohas produced w88 casino gameshuge psychological pressure。Fortunately in friends、Encouraged by the head of the teacher and family,She resolutely acts,A little bit get rid of the dilemma of "mental internal consumption"。With the gradual improvement of the resume、Continuous review of professional courses,She gradually enters the way to prepare for Baoyan。Although it was also in self -doubt because of the rejection of Dream School delivery,But it will quickly reorganize the fanfare to the next goal。"It is the sense of fullness and accomplishment of the current efforts,Diluted the anxiety about the unpredictable future; even if the original ideal goal is not achieved in the end,The results of these struggles will also make themselves have more choices "。

Looking back in the past,Full of starry; look forward to the future,Heart Better Light。On the future stage,Zhao Yuanzhuo will be more mature and firm,Continuous expansion in the breadth and depth of life。On this book in the world,She will continue to write freely to write down her youth answer。

The suffering of all experiences may become the foreshadowing of future surprises。Flowers Boom along the road,Our future path is also。Tao blocking and long,The line is coming to,OK without stopping,The future is available。

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