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Global Network "National Fengzheng" series of overseas live broadcast activities entered Trade University

Release time: May 24, 2024 Edit: Yu Qing

w88 casino gamesA few days ago,Global Network and his team entered the Trade University to shoot the "National Wind" series of overseas live broadcast activities。Director of Global Network Globalization Business Group Jia Yuexiao、Yan Wenjie、Global Network Globalization Business Group English host Jun Zhuo、Chinese Academy Counselor Guo Xueying、Zuo Shang and student representatives participate in live broadcast activities。

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The teacher of the Chinese Academy introduced the characteristics of trade with the Global Network shooting team and the development goals of the new period,Focus on the construction of the Chinese School of Language and Literature,Expressing expectations for future multi -position cooperation。

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Global Network anchor first came to our school library,In -depth exchanges with international students who are studying。Subsequent,The anchor came to the w88 casino gamesschool sports field and conducted a cordial interaction with international students athletes,Ask their exercise experience and feelings。A unique chorus pop -up activity is held on the lover's slope of the Lake Lake,International students from different countries gathered together,Pass friendship and harmony with singing,The anchor of Global Network also joined it,Singing with international students。This campus exchange activity not only narrows the distance between Chinese and foreign students,It also shows the positive and upward trade of trade、Vibrant spiritual style。

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This live broadcast has achieved good results,More people learned the style of our school's students and campus life through live broadcast,Comprehensively demonstrated the youthful style of the internationalization of the University of Trade w88 casino gamesUniversity and the youthful style of the majority of traders。Future,The Chinese Academy will give full play to the advantages of international communication and school geographical location,Provide more lively and interesting campus resources for Global Network,To high station、High -quality plan layout,New mode、New path promotes development,Write a new chapter of the construction of international communication capabilities。

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