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The retirement work office w88 casinowent to the China International Pension Service Industry Expo to conduct a survey

Release time: May 27, 2024 Edit: Yu Qing

w88 online casino5month 21Day afternoon,The Tenth China International Pension Service Industry Expo held in the National Conference Center for research。This expo is sponsored by the China Social Welfare and Pension Service Association,It mainly focuses on the growing expectations of the elderly in the new era and the needs of new expectations and cultivating new formats of pension,From medical and nursing combined chain pension enterprises、Smart Pension Technology Service Provider、Subject aging transformation plan provider、Various types of elderly equipment w88 online casinomanufacturers、All kinds of pension service agencies、Some vocational and technical colleges、Legal service agencies and other 400The rest of the house from 10Government departments in many countries and regions、Social Organization、Participating in the brand institution。

Staff staff visits the exhibition areas carefully,Understand the new development of the elderly service model at this stage,Listening to wisdom pension、Introduction to the integrated plan for aging aging,Experience the use and efficacy of various types of elderly equipment and supplies,New changes and promotion brought about by information technology for the work of the aging,The harvest w88 casinois quite abundant。Future,The retirement office will continue to pay attention to the pension service industry,Continue to explore the combination of the latest new technology and business work of the latest silver -haired economy,further retirement。

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