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"Sound Trade Big,Intelligent Painting Future "-The 4th" Huisheng Cup "Mandarin Recitation Competition is successfully held

Release time: May 27, 2024 Edit: Yu Qing

w88 live casinoMay 12, 2024 18:00,sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the University of Economic and Trade、Co -organized by the Chinese University of Languages ​​and Literature at the University of Foreign Economics and Trade、"Sound Trade hosted by the Radio and Television Center of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade,Intelligent Painting Future "-The 4th" Huisheng Cup "Mandarin Recitation Contest Final Evening Party is successfully held in the seeking lecture hall。Fierce competition after the preliminary round,Six players from offline tracks and 6 teams on the online track stand out,Successful promotion final,Together with a audiovisual feast。

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Beijing Mandarin Tester、Teacher Zhu Haitang, Language Test Test Sub -Center of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade,Teacher Zhao Jing, a lecturer of the General Department of Chinese Language and Literature, attended the competition as a guest judge; Duan Mingyuan, member of the 40th Presidium of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade University、Member of the 41st Presidium w88 casino gamesChen Yidan、w88 online casinoRadio and Television Center 2018 Chinese Broadcasting Department member Wang Qinglan、and members of the Broadcasting Station of Communication University of China attended the final scene。

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This final is divided into two online and offline tracks,Samples to 6 teams and 6 players。Players of the online track for on -site broadcast,Decisive the "winning prize"。The players of the offline track have decided to win after two rounds of matches at the party。The first round,Each player recite the self -selected charts in the order of "innovation"; the second round of competition is the impromptu recitation link,Players decide to recite the article based on the on -site drawing topics,Reading improvisation。Final,Comprehensive two -wheeled score and online voting score determined one first prize、Two second prizes、Three prizes of three prizes。

18 points,Start on time of the evening,UIBE Folk Orchestra Establishment "Dunhuang New Language" is the final hot field。Happy and excited when music is sometimes cheerful,Sometimes it turns sad,Sometimes vivid and lively,A sense of rhythm,Make people think of "Ancient Road Station"、The prosperous scene of "Dunhuang's prosperous age"。

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The start of the first round,Six offline track players appear in turn。A vibrant shouts on the stage,An exciting recitation,Accompanied by a long and long music,Highlighting the fresh theme of "Innovation is the first driving force" in this competition。"Use the new era、New Youth's new sound writing is more creative、More international、New Trade with a larger pattern ","Voice of Chuanghui Garden,Rong World Leaping Strong Voice "is thrown sound,No. 1 Player School of International Relations School 2023 undergraduate Wang Zhiyuan enthusiastically w88 online casinodescribed w88 casinosharing,Analysis of the outstanding contribution of trade in the field of innovation。"As long as we uphold the power of innovation,As long as we adhere to the development of new productive forces,We will definitely attract the hope of ushered in the spring seedlings to break the soil ","The Voice of Youth,The power of the country,Creating Painting Future "is full of affection,No. 2 Player College of Foreign Languages ​​2023 Graduate Xu Shuang used the voice of Qing Yue and listened,Singing the source of youth and innovation is long。"Our liberal arts innovation,Also with scientific and technological innovation,Together with the head、Common force,Play the steps for the progress of human civilization ","Liberal Arts Innovation,Never Talking on Paper "is vivid and fulfilling,No. 3 Player College 2023 Graduate Xu Jindong with a frustrated tone,Explain the mutual promotion of innovation and professionalism。"The world is new and the moon is different,The forward development of a large stride meteor,It is the feeling of countless youths ","The Way of Innovation,Only insisting "is gentle and gentle,No. 4 Player Chinese Academy of Chinese Academy 2022 undergraduates Zhou Mo with a gentle and powerful language,Draw the temperature of the interwoven of text and innovation。"The road is long and far away,I will ask for up and down ","Seeking new and acting,Vientiane adds new "" Vibrant,No. 5 Player International Business School 2022 undergraduate Li Yang's voice is kind and gentle,Compass the innovation and literature and art。"Cultural endless,Innovation more than,A group of youths due to innovation and extraordinary,A city is new because of innovation,A country is legendary due to innovation w88 online casino","The w88 live casinoFreshman of Chang'an" is prosperous,6 Player International Business School 2021 undergraduate He Zixin uses clear magnetic sound,Destination of Chang'an and Innovation's indizative fate。The atmosphere of the final scene is warm,The lecture of the player has won the audience's enthusiastic applause and cheers。

After the recitation of each player,Guest judges are on Putonghua level、Program content、Live effect and other aspects made professional reviews for players' performance。Mr. Zhu Haitang fully affirmed Wang Zhiyuan's content selection and stage performance,The stable typhoon of Xu Shuang and Xu Jindong gave high evaluation and professional suggestions。Teacher Zhao Jing proposed Zhou Mo's stage effect and language features highly praise,Special attention to Li Yang's smart body language and novel and funny speech style,Also fully affirm the maturity of He Zixin's performance control and sound control。

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After the first round of the game,,Flying Flower Order on the spot、Awards with awards、Multiple fun Q & A games such as challenges around password,Both have received positive response from the audience。

Start in the second round of the game,Players recite the corresponding proposition poems according to the results of the on -site lottery,Six players recite Su Shi's "Red Cliff Fu"、Lin Juemin’s "Book with Wife"、Wang Guozhen "I Like Starting"、Cao Zhi's "Luo Shen Fu"、Ou Zhen's "China in Autumn" and Haizi's "Taking Dreams as Horse",Poetry accompanies beautiful music,Release a different kind of glory in the improvisation interpretation of the player。Teacher Zhu Haitang and Teacher Zhao Jing highly praise the performance of the second round of the players。Popular judges Duan Mingyuan commented: "In the final analysis, it is a performance,w88 online casinoThe core w88 online casinoand most important purpose is to infect people,You do it at this point very well。”

After the second round of the game is successful,On -site audience is conducting online voting,I appreciated the wonderful collection of online track works。

At the end of the evening,Teacher Zhu Haitang、Duan Mingyuan's senior is offline track one、2、Third Prize winner,Online track winners award awards。

Guests and public judges、On -site staff、On -site audience took a group photo on the stage,The contest is successfully concluded in the applause and cheers。

   Attachment: The winning list of the contest

Online Circuit Award List: Outstanding Award: Mei Yuyang Team

offline track award list: first prize: He Zixin

Second prize: Wang Zhiyuan Li Yang

Third Prize: Xu Shuang Zhou Mo Xu Jindong

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