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The school organizes the first phase of the "Youth Leadership" group cadre reading class

Release time: May 28, 2024 Edit: Yu Qing

w88 casino games(Confer draft of the school Youth League Committee Photography Xiong Gayi Zhang YiTo fully implement the 20th spirit of the party,In -depth implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important thought on the work of youth,Study and propagate and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's May 4th Youth Festival to the vast number of youth in the country,Further strengthening the explanation of young people's ideological leadership and party innovation theory theoretical theory,Effectively improve the cadre of the group、The theoretical level and political literacy of the cadres of the group ourselves,Under the high attention and guidance of the party committee of the school,The school league committee is carried out"Youth Leading" group cadre reading class activities.

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On the afternoon of May 23,The first reading class revolves around "Xi Jinping and college students and friends(Volume 2)The first "Secretary Xi invites w88 casinous to discuss the meeting room of the county party committee"Expand,Divided into theoretical receipts、The original text learns、Exchange and mutual learning、Four links of reviewing learning。Zhang Xiaofeng, deputy secretary of the school party committee, attended the event and made a review,The cadres of the two levels of the school college、Representative of the Backbone of Student Group、Representative of Qingma Engineering Students、Representatives of the graduate support group participated together,Miao Dongqing, Secretary of the School Youth League Committee hosted the meeting。

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Associate Professor Yu Lingling of Marxist College"Show the quality of Chinese youth,Leading Report of the Song of the Revival of the National Revival。She proposed,Chinese youths in the new era must achieve scientific ideals and beliefs and solid unreasonable unity,Comprehensive professional knowledge literacy and outstanding innovation ability unified,Strong Chinese feelings and broad international vision unified。Youth is vigorous,It is the backbone of society,Should live up to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Yin Yin's expectation and deep entrustment,Contribute youth for your youth for the construction of China's modernization。

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Part -time deputy secretary of the school league committee、Mu Xiaozhi, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the Chinese Academy of Finance, conducts the original text.。He sorted out the logic of the first volume of "Xi Jinping and the Friends of the College Students",The content of the second volume is introduced as a whole。Cut in from the response from the respondent Zhai Yuhu,The scene of the discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping for w88 casinoeveryone,combined with yourself2023 The summer vacation leads students to Zhengding, Hebei Zhengding to carry out the practical activity of "Thousand Villages and Thousands of Enterprises and Qianhong".。

During the communication and mutual learning link,Representative of the Social Practice Group of Mengyin County, Shandong、Wang Mingnan, Representative of the Daliangshan Social Practice Group of Sichuan、Xinjiang Bole City Social Practice Group Representative Nafisha、Representative of the Graduate Branch Team Yin Ruoran、The backbone of the graduate group represents Gong Yueyue,Starting from reading,Share your social practice、Student work、Western support teaching、Academic scientific research and other valuable experiences。The article "Secretary Xi invites us to the county party committee meeting room for discussion",The students deeply felt the general secretary's attention and expectations for young talents,Further realize that there are many choices for the country to serve the country.,It can glow and heat at the grassroots level,Do a career。Everyone said,To further strengthen the ideals and beliefs,Clarify the direction of learning and work,Keep in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping's entrustment,Li Zhi Zha rooting grassroots、​​Create Gong Grassroots,In technology innovation、Village Revitalization、Green Development、Social Service、Wei Guo's border and other fields bravely served as vanguard and livelihood forces,Struggling to write as a youth chapter of Chinese -style modernization。

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Deputy Secretary Zhang Xiaofeng presented the students to the students "Xi Jinping and College Student Friends (Volume II)", "On the Wilderness"w88 online casino, and made some comment on the first reading class。Deputy Secretary Zhang Xiaofeng"Youth Leadership" group cadres' themes and ideas of reading class activity should be affirmed,Reading for teachers and students、Read a good book、Good reading for good reading。He pointed out,The newly published "Xi Jinping and College Student Friends (Volume 2)" is classic,There is a meaning of meaning,Reality close to college students' study, work and life,fully reflects the thoughts of General Secretary Xi Jinping's governing the country and the deep care of young students。He encourages students to read and study carefully,and really learn true faith。Deputy Secretary Zhang Xiaofeng put forward three hopes for the students: First, to read it carefully,Reading as a lifestyle、A spiritual pursuit。ReadingEnlightenment Thought Wisdom, set up lofty ideals, cultivate vast qi, further createThe campus cultural atmosphere of "Book Fragrant Trade"; the second is to strengthen practice,Books to read both words,Also read a book without words,Pay attention to social practice and front -line survey。In social practice,Further understanding the rich connotation of Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era; the third is to practice hard,Through learning the party's innovation theory,Further strengthen the ideal beliefs of the grassroots,Using actual actions for the high -quality development of the University of Foreign Economic and Trade,Make your youth contribution to comprehensively promoting Chinese -style modernization。

Under the high attention and guidance of the party committee of the school,"Youth Leadership" reading class will be based on the main responsibility of the Communist Youth w88 casino games loginLeague thought,Focusing on young students growing up in all directions,Create and outside school、Online and offline、Normal youth learning mode combined with learning and practice。Through a series of themes is clear、Complete content、Diverse reading activities,Fully stimulates the initiative and energy of the youth learning of the large trade group,Effectively improve the group cadre、Theoretical level and comprehensive quality、Theoretical level and comprehensive quality,Guide the youth to condense the heart、踔,Write a magnificent youth chapter in the historical process of comprehensively promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

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