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Teachers and students of the Insurance College actively participate in the 2024 campus open day and enrollment publicity work

Release time: May 29, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

w88 casino games loginMay 26, 2024,The University of Foreign Economic and Trade held an annual campus open day event。Insurance College Organization teachers and students actively participate,Carry out enrollment consultation and insurance historical and cultural explanation activities in Ningyuan Tower and Xuexue Building,Help candidates and parents understand trade、Understanding the Institute、Understanding insurance history and culture。

Campus Open Tate,Secretary of the Party Committee of the Insurance College Gao Ling、Dean Xie Yuantao、Deputy Dean Sun Shouji、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Liu Ying,Teacher Xu Gaolin、Zheng Hao,Actuary Teacher Chen Yin、Yu Yan、Zhang Jiannan,Teacher Lu Huijuan in the Department of Social Security,Student representatives of various majors,​​Arrive at the college booth of Ningyuan Tower early for layout,Everyone wears a yard,Show the spiritual style of "Insurance Institute"。

Admissions Consultation Activities are officially,There is an endless stream of students and parents who come to consult。Stop watching in front of the w88 live casinow88 casino gamescollege exhibition board,Employment direction of various majors in the Insurance Academy、Course settings、Going for school、Insurance research rate and other issues have conducted detailed communication with the college teachers and students。Teachers and classmates combine their own teaching and study experience,A sincere answer to the questions from classmates and parents,Help everyone's professional settings for the Insurance Academy、The characteristics of talent training have a comprehensive understanding,Won the praise from students and parents。

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When the enrollment consultation in Ningyuan Tower is in full swing,Master of Insurance Master Teng Xihao Student Teng Xihao on the 5th floor of the Xuelou Building Insurance History and Corridor,To introduce the history and culture of the insurance industry for students and parents who come to visit,Display the development of the college from another perspective。

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w88 casinoBefore the booth of the w88 online casinocollege,Xie Yuantao, Dean of the Insurance College, accepted a live broadcast interview organized by the school,Audiences from the entire network introduced the talent training goals and mode of the Insurance Academy、The development of the excellent teachers and the graduates of the insurance college。

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The Insurance College of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade attaches great importance to talent training,In the construction of disciplines in recent years、The construction of the teacher team and the training of talents have achieved joy.。The college will further optimize the curriculum setting and talent training mode,allowing each student student to grow into an excellent talent who can build a strong financial country in the college。Welcome outstanding students from all over the country to apply for trade in trade、Application Insurance College。

Insurance is love, you are more exciting with you!

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