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Beautiful Campus I build a big student to build a "micro garden" for Huiyuan

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w88 casino games loginSpring Blossom,Cao Changying Fei,Beautiful Campus Construction was at the time。To further strengthen labor education,Promoting the construction of a counselor studio,The Student Work Department of the Party Committee "Chuangmei Education" counselor studio joint logistics and infrastructure departments organized the "Beautiful Campus I Construction" Campus Labor Practice Series Activity,The event has received enthusiastic attention from students,After a month of location selection、Design and construction,Three phases of nearly 110 students from the active participation and hard work,School Hongyuan Square Zhongshui Station outside Zhongshui Station,The classmates created themselves as a clear level、Micro -garden landscape with rich vegetation,During the "immersive" gardening process,Students have learned the knowledge of Chinese gardening traditional culture and tree flowers and plants,Improving the feelings of Ai school Rong School。

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The open space before the renovation

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Micro -garden after reconstruction

Zhou Bo, deputy director of the Logistics and Infrastructure Department、"Chuangmei Yule" counselor studio host Ye Xiaozhou、Studio teacher Zhang Renjiao、Logistics and Infrastructure Gardening Artist Shi Naijia、Campus Management Center Sun Jifei and Sun Haiqing participated in the event,The importance of "I build a beautiful campus" in the event,Encourage students to actively participate in the actions of building a beautiful campus。Then everyone put on gloves、Pick up the iron,Flying in the dust,The students realize the boring and hard work of labor,Seriously and carefully,Although the sun is hot,But the enthusiasm of the students is not diminished,They use actual actions to interpret the theme of w88 online casino"Beautiful w88 live casinoCampus I Construction"。Everyone united and collaborates,Dig pits、Earth cultivation、Watering,Methodist in a process in an orderly manner。A small saplings and vegetation stand on the land of the campus under the careful care of the students。These new planted small saplings and vegetation not only add a touch of green to the campus,I also pinned the infinite longing for the students for a better future。

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The face of participating students is filled with joy and pride,It seems to be proud of being able to contribute to the beautiful campus,Through everyone's efforts,Our campus will become more beautiful、Harmony、Ecological,Become a green campus full of vitality and vitality。In practice, students feel and learn positive values、Virtual Outlook and Life Outlook,Enhance students' environmental awareness、Social Responsibility、Collective honor and cohesion、A sense of identity and belonging,These are an indispensable and important literacy in future career development,Through this activity, it also improves the effectiveness of the ideological and political education of college students,Effect the effect of enhancing the ideological and political education of college students,jointly promoting the w88 casino gamescomprehensive w88 casino gamesdevelopment and growth of college students。

"Chuangmei Yule" counselor studio aims to explore the role of labor education in the ideological and political education of college students,Provide vivid for the ideological and political education of college students、Actual case,Enhance the attractiveness and effectiveness of ideological and political education in actual labor education,Explore the innovative mode of our school labor and education,Labor labor,I know also,Lao Shide、To increase wisdom、With a strong body,Lay a solid foundation for the w88 casino gamescomprehensive development of school students。

Design Effect Chart

May Day Labor Day is coming,The students practiced "the most glorious labor" with practical actions,contributed youthful wisdom and youth for the construction of the beautiful campus。At present, the theme of the Student Work Department of the Party Committee and Logistics and Infrastructure has been designed for a series of themes、Course labor education activities,Including hand -painted landscape walls、Gang Kitchen and other rich curriculum activities,I hope to guide students to form participation in labor、The atmosphere of love for labor,Create students to participate in campus construction、The "two -way going" creative w88 casino gamesw88 live casinolabor platform left by the campus left with youth memories,Create everyone love school、Campus culture of Renren and American School。

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