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Falun Dafa Academy successfully held the "Rhode Scholarship" preaching meeting

Release time: June 07, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

w88 casinoOn the afternoon of May 30,The world -famous "The Rhodes Scholarship" enters Huiyuan for the first time,Promotion and propaganda for students from the University of Trade。The scholarship was founded in 1903,The oldest history is the longest、The most prestigious international scholarship project,Known as the "Nobel Prize of Undergraduate"。The Rhodes Scholarship selected more than 100 "Rhodesian scholars" from the world every year,Fully funded it to go to the University of Oxford University in the UK。

This Rhodes Scholarship Publicity was hosted by the Dafa Academy of Trade,The speaker is two excellent Chinese awards ("Rhodesian scholars") —— Peng Yali, assistant professor of the Law School of Renmin University of China and Zhao Jiaxin, a doctoral student at the School of Public Management of Tsinghua University。They come to the Jindu Simulation Court,Introduced the application process and selection standard of this top scholarship project to dozens of interested trade students,and share personal award experience and growth story。

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w88 casinoAt the beginning of the lecture,Dr. Zhao Jiaxin first introduced itself。As a Rhodesian scholar in 2019,He shared his journey to Oxford to study for a master's degree after graduating from Shanghai Jiaotong University for undergraduate,Emphasize the importance of the Rhodes scholarship to personal academic growth,and the positive impact of the community and values ​​behind the scholarship on self -development。

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Subsequent,Teacher Peng Yali also shared her own opinion。She mentioned,Rhode Scholarship not only provides the winners with valuable opportunities for further studies at Oxford University,More importantly, the diversified community resources and huge reputation it brought by it,It has an inestimable promotion effect on the professional development of the winners。

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In the question session,Two guests answered in detail everyone's questions,Communication and harmonious。w88 casino gamesTalk about how to apply,Both guests emphasize the importance of showing true self。​​Dr. Zhao suggested that you should take it seriously when preparing the materials but not too utilitarian,Because the award depends on the person's personality display、Concentration and love。​​Teacher Peng remind everyone to objectively evaluate where their long board is,so as to highlight the advantage in the application。

Last,The preaching will be successfully concluded in the warm applause of the audience。This event enhanced the understanding of the trade student of the trade with the international top award,inspired them to pursue excellence、Enthusiastic enthusiasm,More helpful to explore the way of serving society and self -improvement at a higher starting point and platform。

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