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Drinking water Siyuan to the future- "Baoqi Alumni Scholarship" for a successful ceremony was successfully held

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w88 online casinoMay 31,The "Baoqi Alumni Scholarship" for the "Baoqi Alumni Scholarship" hosted by the School of Government Management is held at 702。Liu Jie, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Government Management、Liang Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Information、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the International Business School Xie Jing、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Government Management Hong Jiemin、Fund sponsor Yu Baoqi and the donor representative、Alumni mentor representatives attended this meeting。The meeting was chaired by Mr. Wang Bei, an associate professor at the School of Government Management。

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(Photo of the teachers and students of the conference)

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(Speaking of the representative of the alumni mentor Ye Mai)

At the beginning of the meeting,Alumni mentor representative Ye Mai adds a speech。She introduced the core concept of the "Drinking Water Source" project,Advocate the spirit of gratitude and feedback。The establishment of "Baoqi Alumni Fund" not only carries the deep care between the master students of trade,Even through the mentor's meticulous support and help,Constantly inherit the spirit of trade,Expressing the mutual companionship of teachers and students、The profound connotation of common growth。

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(Each group conducts a knot defense)

Subsequent,Ten project teams conduct a joint defense in turn,Introduction to the project、Reporting display and display of results display and existence。After review by the judges,All groups all vote through all votes to pass the term defense。Report display not only shows the in -depth research and serious w88 online casinoexploration of the major projects of the trade students,It also shows the spiritual style of teamwork and innovation。

(Judges Comment)

After the defense is over,Associate Professor Wang Wenjie of the w88 online casinoSchool of Government Management、Alumni donor Yang Ning as a judge representative,Review the defense team。Teacher Wang Wenjie affirmed the students' correct work attitude and positive enthusiasm for work,Praise everyone's positive investment and unremitting efforts in the project practice。Teacher Yang Ning said,Exercise through this practical project,The students have gained a certain amount of growth and transformation,Solve the problem、Team collaboration and innovative thinking ability have improved,These valuable experiences will also have an important impact on the future learning and career development of students。

(Award -winning teacher and students)

Next,The guests were present for the excellent instructor、Excellent winning team award awards。

(Speaking of Secretary Liu Jie)

Last,Liu Jie, Secretary of the Party Committee of the w88 online casinoSchool of Government Management, summarizes speech。She first gives the enterprise project party who supports school talent training for a long time、All teachers of the alumni and Baogi Alumni Foundation expressed w88 casinotheir heartfelt thanks。At the same time,Secretary Liu mentioned the progress and growth of members of each project team in the project,Affirmation and praise for their efforts and achievements。Secretary Liu Jie emphasized,The college will use this innovative mode of integration of production and education,Make an educational chain、Talent Chain、Effective exploration of the technology chain and industrial chain。Continue to stand in comprehensively improving the quality of self -cultivation of talents、Focus on the height of innovative innovative talents,Do a good job of full chain design,Promote the whole process training,Provide full factor configuration,At the same time, combined with national strategic needs、Innovation of industry enterprises,Active docking communication,Work hands with alumni companies,Help students enhance scientific research in practice、The ability to serve society,Contribute more youthful power to comprehensively build a socialist modern country! at last,Secretary Liu sincerely invited the alumni to be born in the 73rd anniversary of the school,It is also the time of the 50th anniversary of the School of Government w88 online casinoManagement,Gathering Huiyuan,Together of the friendship,Together in the future。

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