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Our school successfully held the "Wang Zhihe" non -heritage campus activity

Release time: June 07, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

w88 casino games(Contribution of International College)On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of studying in China,Our school ushered in a unique non -heritage cultural feast on June 6,Many non -heritage inheritors gathered together,I have brought a close -range contact non -heritage for our school students to come to China、Understand non -heritage、Experience non -heritage event。

Beijing Cailang representative inheritor Zhang Zhongqiang、Beijing Traditional Painting Pigment Preparation Skills Fifth Generation Inheritor、Jingwei painter Yang Xin、Beijing Wooden Edition New Year Painting Representative Inheritor Zhang Kuo、Chinese first -class arts and crafts artist、Non -genetic inheritance grain multiplication and national non -legacy king Zhizhi Zhi Zhi Zhi Zhi Zhi Zhi Zhi Zhi Zhi and milk brewing techniques to bring a wonderful non -heritage lecture and practical experience for students,From Xinhua News Agency、China Daily and many other media reported this event。

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At the beginning of the event,Yang Xin brought a vivid non -organized lesson to the students。He takes Wang Zhihe milk as an example,Tell the long history of 355 years and the non -heritage story behind。Students can listen to it with interest,I have expressed their strong interest in non -heritage culture。Then,Students visited the non -heritage exhibition under the leadership of the non -hereditary inheritor。Dear inheritors have displayed w88 casino games logintheir representative works and skills,Including Rabbit Grandma、Paper -cut、Facial plastic、Wooden version of the New Year painting。Students stop to watch,Speaking from time to time。

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Learn non -heritage in groups,Students have the opportunity to experience various non -heritage skills。In the paper -cut area,Teacher Liu Xiaodi patiently instructed students to cut out exquisite window flowers;,Teacher Zhang Zhongqiang instructed the students to draw a lifelike image of the rabbit;,Gragon's craftsmanship surprised the students;,Teacher Zhang Kuo made students feel the charm of traditional printing。

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It is worth mentioning is,This non -mystery of this year happened to be reunited with the Dragon Boat Festival holiday。In order to allow students to experience traditional culture more deeply,This event is also specially set up with buns、Eating rice dumplings link。Filtering brewing technique inheritance teaches students on the spot to make milk cream,Students have tried it all by hand,Taste the unique rice taste。

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In an interview with Beijing TV Station,Secretary w88 casino games loginof the International College Geng Huifang said,"Non -heritage" skills Enter the school when the non -heritage day and the traditional Chinese festival are coming,Let foreign students listen to、Experience、In the process of interacting, feel the deep of traditional cultural heritage,Understand the folk customs of traditional Chinese festivals,Further expanded the popularity of non -heritage skills,It can also let more people understand the inheritance and ingenuity of non -heritage skills,Let more people know more about the knowledge of non -heritage skills、Feel the charm of non -heritage culture,Promoting the spread of excellent Chinese traditional culture in the world。

Traditional Cultural Experience Course is an important part of our school's national education in China,This activity not only allows students to contact and understand non -heritage culture in close distances,Feel the charm and importance of inheritance,More importantly, through Chinese and foreign exchanges and interaction,Further expansion of the popularity and influence of non -heritage skills,w88 casino gamesPromote the spread of excellent Chinese traditional culture in the world,Tell Chinese Stories。

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