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w88 live casinoJune 24-28,Annual Conference of the World Trade Organization Teachers Conference and the Ninth Trade Aid Global Review Conference held at the WTO Headquarters in Geneva。The host of our school's WTO teaching seat project, Professor Tu Xinquan, Dean of China WTO Research Institute、Professor Ji Wenhua, a joint host Law School、Teacher Gao Jian, a liaison person, led 5 Sino -foreign graduate offline conferences in the China World Trade Organization Research Institute,and restart the "WTO elite talent training plan"。

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This meeting meeting discusses the importance of trade in the role of trade and the importance of international cooperation in academic institutions,At the same time, the reform of the dispute solution mechanism、The World Trade Organization Report and other special w88 casinodiscussion meetings。The Director -General of the World Trade Organization Ivera and Deputy Director Zhang Xiangchen attended the meeting and delivered a speech,Indicates that the World Trade Organization Teachers Project played a key role in technical assistance,The significant overflowing effect produced at the same time has also promoted trade and development。

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The host of our school's teaching seat project, Tu Xinquan, as the reporter of the Asian Teacher's Regional Seminar,Reporting the discussion results of the Asian teaching seat to the conference,Emphasizing the research of teaching seat cooperation in the region and between regions、The importance of the publication and cooperation meetings,To share innovative views to solve problems encountered in trade。Professor Ji Wenhua, co -host, was invited to comment as a commentator in the special seminar on the reform of the WTO dispute resolution mechanism,Teacher Gao Jian also pointed out in the course development discussion session that this year is the first time that our school will send outstanding Chinese and foreign students to participate in the annual meeting of the teaching seat,This innovation measure w88 casino games loginis an extension of the trade course lecture,Students can feel the importance of the multilateral trading system more intuitive。WTO Teachers Concubine Project Donated National Austrian Representatives also expressed full affirmation of this move for our school at the closing ceremony。

Participate in the annual meeting,Teachers and students of our school are affected by Zhang Xiangchen, Vice Director of WTO, and the cordial reception of the Chinese ambassador to the WTO in my country,Dean Tu Xinquan also visited the doctoral student Wang Yu, the doctoral student of our internship of our college at the Department of Economic and Statistics of the WTO Economic Research and Statistics Department.。

As an important content of "WTO Elite Talent Training Plan",The teachers and students of our school also visited the International Trade Center,ITC),Exchanged and discussed ITC's role in helping developing countries obtain trade access,Make students more deeply understand the important role played in the process of trade in the process of creating a better life for people around the world。other,The students also participated in the three -day 2024 w88 casinoNinth "Trade Aid" Global Review Conference。The theme of this year's conference is "Let Trade Be the mainstream",Involved in more than 60 academic seminars,Students are interested in research fields,Participated in disability and trade、Women in trade、related meetings in the fields of artificial intelligence and trade development and research。

After the meeting,Dean Tu Xinquan and Teacher Gao Jian also went to the European University College, Florence, Italy to discuss the two universities for further cooperation and visit the student Cui Nanchen, a student jointly trained in our school for PhD。Professor Russell Cooper、Federica Falchetti and Marina Vlachodimitripoulou at the School of Multinational Governance Officer Federica Falchetti participated,Communicate with students、Visiting scholars and joint research related matters exchanged opinions with our school representatives。