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w88 online casinoIn -depth publicity and explanation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's construction of the party、The important idea of ​​the party's self -revolution, especially the important exposition on comprehensively strengthening the party's discipline construction and the spirit of party discipline and education,The Marxist Academy launched the "Integrity Running Heart, Minding Hearts", integrity culture and party disciplinary education series micro -class exhibition。

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This series of micro -classes passed the perspective of teachers of ideological and political lessons,Focus on the "Key Point" of party discipline learning and education,The "benchmark line" of the rules and regulations,Holy Planting Clean Culture "Influential Noodles",3548_3571,Promoting the majority of teachers and students will internalize the party's discipline into a conscious action of standing in a stable political position,Internalize the party's discipline into the value pursuit of the value of firm political ideals,Internalizing the party's discipline into a behavioral habit of active healthy life。

w88 live casinoThe second lecture was lectured by Mr. Zhao Cui Li,The theme is "The Revelation of the Construction of the Culture of the Government of the Ancient" Government "。

Links attached to the micro -class: https: //mkszyxy.uibe.edu.cn/xyxw/56b5b35a8c0941d3ad21F0127074c.htm