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New breakthrough! Foreign Language Academy National Social Science Fund Chinese Academic Foreign Translation Project is approved for 4 items

Release time: July 08, 2024 Edit: Liu Navy

w88 live casinoRecent,The National Philosophy and Social Science Work Office announced the list of project projects of the National Social Science Fund Chinese academic foreign translation project of 2023-2024。A total of 125 institutions in units where the host host is located,A total of 260 items of the country。The School of Foreign Languages ​​was successfully approved 4 items,Involved in German、Arabian、Italian Edition,The success rate of approval of the declaration is as high as 67%,Create the best results over the years。Since the establishment of this project,The college has been approved 10 items,It is the high -quality party building of the School of Foreign Languages ​​and leads the development of high -quality development,Deepen the powerful manifestation of organizational scientific research。

The approval list is as follows:

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The 20th report of the Party pointed out: "Refine the spiritual identification and cultural essence of Chinese civilization,Accelerate the construction of Chinese discourse and Chinese narrative system,Show credible、Cute、Respected Chinese Image "。In recent years,The School of Foreign Languages ​​insists on party building leaders,w88 casino gamesLeading teachers and students with Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thoughts with Chinese characteristics to create souls,Give full play to professional advantages,Based on professional features,Tell Chinese Stories,spread Chinese voice。Guide teachers actively serve national strategic needs,Facing the new situation of the National Social Science Fund project review,Seriously sort out the breakthrough point of the discipline,Vigorously carry out organizational scientific research,Build a cross -disciplinary platform,Deep cultivation Cultivation,Chinese academic foreign translation project promotion effect is significant。The School of Foreign Languages ​​will further give play to the characteristics of foreign language and literature discipline,Promote the cross -integration of disciplines,Powering point with the development of Chinese foreign translation projects,Vigorously improve scientific research innovation and social service capabilities,w88 live casinoAt the same time as improving the academic influence of our school,Contribution to promoting the exchange and mutual learning of Chinese and foreign civilizations。

The National Social Science Foundation Chinese Academic Explanation Project is mainly funded by Chinese academic standards、Reflection of the essence of Chinese culture、Academic boutiques reflecting the forefront of Chinese academic academic,Foreign language forms published in foreign authoritative publishing institutions and entered the mainstream distribution communication channels abroad,It aims to give play to the demonstration and guidance of the State Social Science Fund,Deepen Chinese and foreign academic exchanges and dialogues,Further expansion of Chinese academic international influence,Promoting Chinese and foreign civilization exchanges and mutual learning。

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