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China Business Network: (Dong Xiucheng) The core of building a new energy system is the new power system

Release time: May 27, 2024 Edit: Yu Qing

(Source: China Business Network 2024-05-23

New quality productivity not only contains strategic emerging industries、Future Industry,It also includes the transformation and improvement of traditional industries。

May 22,At the Seminar of the "Forging New Quality Product activation Energy Development and New Power" sponsored by the China Business News Agency,w88 online casinoSaid: "The core problem of new productive productivity is innovation,The core of innovation is science and technology。This concept is born under the background of the transformation and upgrading of my country's economic system,Among them, it contains the transformation of energy。”

Energy transformation requires new productive forces

This year's "Government Work Report" proposed,Vigorously promote the construction of the modern industrial system,Accelerate the development of new productive forces。New productive productivity is a breakthrough of technological revolution、Innovative configuration of production w88 casino gamesfactors、Contemporary advanced productive forces that have spawned in depth of industry。

inDong XiuchengIt seems,The concept of new quality productivity is based on the background of the transformation and upgrading of my country's economic system。"This contains the transformation of energy。To cope with climate change,China proposed the 'double carbon' goal。In this process,The energy field in the energy field is a large carbon emission household,Especially fossil energy,We must promote energy transformation。”Dong XiuchengSaid.

As the world's largest energy production and consumer country,my country's unique "Rich Coal、Poverty oil、Little Qi "resource endowment conditions determine the energy architecture of coal -dominated energy for a long time。And currently my country is promoting energy transformation,This is a process of evolution of "broken" and "standing"。

For this,Dong XiuchengSaid: "To achieve energy transformation,Must establish a new energy system,This is the basic logic。The core problem of building a new energy system is the new power system,If the new power system is not built,It can be said that our new energy system is a empty words。”

The energy and electricity industry is the pillar industry of my country's economy,Life pulse related to the development of the national economy。In the process of promoting my country's energy transformation,The proportion of renewable energy in the energy structure increases,Fossil energy proportion decreases。

"The focus of renewable energy is wind power and photovoltaic,If wind power and photovoltaic cannot develop stably,So the entire new energy system will collapse。”Dong XiuchengSay,The new power system is a comprehensive system,Compared with the traditional power system,It is in functional positioning、There are significant differences in the power supply structure。

Traditional power systems w88 live casinoare mainly fossil energy,If China is mainly coal,International is mainly natural gas,and coal and natural gas are fossil energy,Relatively stable。In addition,Different forms,The traditional power system is "source network lotus",The new power system is "Yuanwanghe Storage"。Schedule is also different,Originally "Yuanhe" one -way scheduling,Now is the diversified interaction of "Yuanwanghe Storage"。

inDong XiuchengIt seems,From the characteristics of wind power and photovoltaic,The new type of power system in the future must be centralized and distributed parallel,And is interconnected。He added: "The new power system uses wind power、Photovoltaic、Hydropower as the main body,Add nuclear power、Energy storage and flexible power supply。In this system,Energy storage maintains the entire power system to operate normally,The responsibility of the flexible power supply gives the coal and natural gas power generation。And all clean energy power generation is expected to exceed 90%。Where,Renewable energy mainly depends on wind power、Photovoltaic、Hydropower,This is the new type of power system in the future。Another,Organic interaction between the source of the source of the source network needs to be completed by intelligence,Then realize the integration of source network loads。Source Net Dutch integrated plus intelligence,It constitutes a new type of power system in the future。From the current structure,It is very difficult to achieve such a change。”

The carbon trading market still needs to be improved

In the process of promoting energy transformation and building a new energy system,The establishment of the carbon trading market has also attracted much attention。

April 24,Carbon prices hit a new high in history。Data of the Shanghai Environment w88 online casinoEnergy Exchange Display,The opening price of the national carbon market on the same day was 99.52 yuan/ton,The highest price is 101.51 yuan/ton,The minimum price is 98.67 yuan/ton,closing price is 100.59 yuan/ton。This is the first time that the carbon price has exceeded the 100 yuan mark since the establishment of the national carbon trading market,and carbon prices have increased by more than 100%compared to the beginning of establishment。

Current,The price discovery mechanism in the national carbon emission trading market has been initially formed。my country's carbon emissions are mainly concentrated in power generation、Iron and Steel、Building materials、Colored、Petrochemical and other key industries,accounting for about 70 % of the total carbon dioxide emissions in my country。"China Business Daily" reporter learned,Carbon prices are mainly determined by quota supply and demand structure and carbon market policy。Future,More transaction entities enter the national carbon market,will further enhance the activity of the national carbon market in the country。

Dong XiuchengThink,The carbon market actually takes carbon emissions to the market to trade,This is not an administrative indicator,This indicator must reach the industry and local governments,Because the company is scattered in various places,It is particularly important to improve the carbon market。Although the sound of perfecting the carbon market has continued for a long time,But still need to be improved。In addition,The national power market will also be further expanded。

Dong XiuchengSpecial pointed out,In the process of promoting the "dual carbon" goal, my country,One thing may be ignored,Is the carbon dual control,That is the total carbon emissions and carbon emissions strength,These two indicators are important basis for measuring the carbon emissions of the unit of GDP,It is a hard assessment standard。Before,During the dual control process,The central government puts this indicator into the provinces to execute,Perform an assessment。Dong Xiucheng said: "This effect is much better than the carbon market"。

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