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"Bright Daily": (Huang Baoyin) deeply grasp the strategic requirements of building an important education center in the world

Release time: May 28, 2024 Edit: Yu Lu

(Source: "Guangming Daily 2024-05-28)

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May 29, 2023,General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when presiding over the fifth collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee,Accelerate the construction of a strong country for education,Provide strong support for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。General Secretary proposed "To improve the strategy of education to open to the outside world,Coordinating the two big articles: "Introduction 'and" Go Global ",Effectively use world -class educational resources and innovative elements,Make my country an important education center with strong influence "。Education has always been a key factor in the rise of a strong country,The world's strong country is none of the educational power,It is also an important education center in the world。Under the background of the world's 100 years of change,Establishing a world important education center with a strong influence is an important starting point for building a socialist education power with Chinese characteristics,It is an important thrust for building a socialist modern power,It is an important path to realize Chinese -style modernization。

1. Chinese -style modernization provides unprecedented opportunities

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,Comprehensively promote the construction of a strong country with Chinese -style modernization、National Revival Great Valley,is the central task of the party and the country in the new era and the new journey,is the largest political in the new era。my country has built the world's largest education system,Education modernization development overall level entering the world's middle and upper countries,It has a good foundation and favorable conditions for becoming an important education center in the world。We need to speed w88 casinoup becoming an important education w88 casino gamescenter in the world as the starting point,Responsibility to accelerate the modernization of education、Provide a strategic mission to comprehensively promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,It is necessary to promote the construction of important education centers and high levels of the world.,Make full use of the scale and quality advantages of my country's education development to build regional education open highlands,Provide human capital and cultural soft power support for open world economic construction。

Construction of Education Powerful Power、Science and technology power、Talent power has internal consistency and support,It is necessary to organically combine the three、One in -one coordinated advancement,Form the multiplication effect of promoting w88 live casinohigh -quality development。Looking back on the previous scientific and technological revolution experienced in the development of human society,Treating a series of industrial changes,Promoting the rise and fall of great powers、World Economic Center transfer and international competition pattern adjustment。Education reform and talent flow is an important starting point for achieving the focus of the scientific and technological revolution in the transfer between the great powers,We want to further strengthen scientific education、Engineering education,Strengthen the self -cultivation of innovative talents,To solve the support of talent support for solving my country's key core technology,At the same time, we must give full play to the incubation of important education centers in the world、Drive、Radiation,Gathering and effective use of world -class educational resources and innovative elements,Cultivation of good humanistic literacy and scientific literacy、Solid discipline and professional foundation、Vigorous international vision、Strong innovative practical ability and strong social responsibility。

2、The urgent requirements put forward by the construction of socialist education in Chinese characteristics

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the National Education Conference,We must "continuously enable education with the development requirements of the party and the country's cause、Following the expectation with the people、Matching with our country's comprehensive national strength and international status "。Development of Education of One Country,It is an important way to improve national strength and status,It also shows the national strength and influence of a country。In the process of unprecedented approaching the center w88 casino gamesof the w88 casino games loginworld stage,The development of Chinese education is in the best time of the best history,We have to take the initiative to actively layout、Powerful response to the change bureau、Strive to open up a new game,Continue to improve the quality of various types of education at all levels,Expand the right to speak and influence of Chinese education in regions and global scope。

Speed ​​up to become an important education center with a strong influence,Must focus on the strategic goal of the construction of socialist education for Chinese characteristics、Fundamental issues of education of newcomers in the era of the rejuvenation of the national rejuvenation,Fundamental guarantee for adhering to the party's comprehensive leadership of education,With Lideshu as the fundamental task,Think of the party to educate people、For the fundamental goal of national education,Take the great rejuvenation of serving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,Education concept、System、System、Content、Method、Governance modernization into the basic path,Leading Chinese -style modernization as the core function with support,Education that the people are satisfied with。

3. Continuously expand high -level education to open to the public

Education opening to the outside world is the distinctive characteristics and important driving force of education modernization,From a historical point of view,Formation of the World Important Education Center、Development and its evolution are all driven by openness,With its unique laws and characteristics。The World Important Education Center in China is formed by the past world education centers、The general law of development,More Chinese characteristics in the new era。The construction of important education centers in the world must adhere to and continuously expand education to the outside world,Coordinated two large articles "introduction" and "going global",Effectively use world -class educational resources and innovative elements,Actively participate in global education governance,Vigorously promote the construction of the "Study Abroad China" brand。We must pay attention to and strengthen the diversified value and contribution of education development、Diversified evaluation indicators in cross -border and cross -cultural context、Basic experience in modernization of Chinese -style education and key issues such as the theory of the development theory of the World Education Center,Tell the story of Chinese education development、Communication Chinese education development experience。

Accelerate the construction of important education centers in the world,Is building a community of human destiny、The key to developing the common value of all mankind。The w88 casino games loginconcept w88 casino gamesof the community of human destiny community advocates a harmonious world view,Seek open innovation、tolerance and reciprocal development prospects,Promotion and difference、Civilized communication that is both closed and stored。Under this concept,Make my country an important education center with strong influence,It is necessary to fully pay attention to the role of education on people's progress and development,Beyond Western Center Theory、Respect cultural diversity,Beyond scientificism、Respect humanism,Beyond zero sum game、Respect harmony symbiosis。Building an important education center in the world,Relying on China to look at the global process,In this process, it can effectively give play to the advantages of Chinese education and economic and social development in many aspects,Actively contribute to the global Chinese education wisdom and Chinese education solution,Further optimize the allocation of educational resources,benefit world education and the people of the world。This is the practice of the concept of the community of human destiny,It is also a beneficial exploration of further enrichment and extending its theoretical connotation。

4. Universities must play a leading role in construction

In the process of accelerating the construction of an important education center of the world,Universities should play a banner role,Be a good vanguard。

Looking at France、Germany、UK、Several world education centers such as the United States,Without exceptions, they have developed and open higher education systems,Representative high -level universities in various countries,It is the most significant status in its world education center、The most concentrated and vivid manifestations。Current,The international construction of higher education in my country has achieved some achievements,The ability of colleges and universities to participate in global education governance has steadily improved,International influence continues to expand,But building an important education center in the world is a greater historical mission and more difficult times than education,Need to continue reform and innovation in higher education。

Universities should strengthen their mission,Ability to improve docking and serve the major national strategy,Cultivation of talents、Scientific research、Social Service、Cultural inheritance innovation and international exchanges and cooperation functions are active with major national reforms,Docking with the development of higher education with other levels of education w88 live casinoat all levels,Realize its own w88 live casinohigh -quality development in the process of supporting the high -quality development of the country。Universities should continue to improve open governance capabilities,Accelerate the construction of high levels、rule of law、Internationalization of modern university governance system,Improve the academic governance system with the academic committee as the core,Promoting science and reasonable、Specifications order、Multi -category、Construction of the evaluation system for development orientation。Universities should give full play to the role of bridgeheads that are open to the public,Focus on major issues of world education and global development,Actively contribute Chinese wisdom,Put forward a Chinese education solution,Continuously improving the international influence and competitiveness of Chinese education,Improve the right to speak in the development of world education。

(Author: Huang Baoyin Qin Guanying,Secretary of the Party Committee of the University of Foreign Economic and Trade、Special researcher at Xi Jinping in Beijing in the new era of Chinese characteristics; deputy researcher at the new era of socialist ideology of Chinese characteristics in Beijing)

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