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"People's China": (Tu Xinquan) Sino -Japanese economist Tokyo Dialogue: Find a new chapter in cooperation,Geopolital Challenge is difficult to shake the foundation of economic and trade cooperation

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(Source: "People's China 2024-05-25)

May 24,The Institute of Japan Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences、The Sino -Japanese Economist Dialogue, co -sponsored by the Japan International Forum, was held in Tokyo, Japan,Experts and scholars of economic circles of the two countries conduct discussions and exchanges on the two themes of "how to view the world economy of the geopolitical era" and "how China and Japan deal with the economic and financial issues facing together",and reach many consensus。

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Dialogue scene

Yang Bojiang, Director of the Japan Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Chairman of the Japan International Forum, Watanabe Cocoon first delivered a speech on behalf of the organizer,Vice Chairman of the Boao Forum for Asia、Former President of the People's Bank of China Zhou Xiaochuan,Member of the Japanese House of Representatives、Former Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister、Former Deputy Financial Deputy Minister Suzuki Xinyou delivered a tone speech。

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Zhou Xiaochuan delivered a tone speech

Zhou Xiaochuan emphasized,w88 online casinoThe trade volume of China and Japan is huge,Active investment,Factors such as geopolitics and trade protectionism are difficult to shake the basis of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries。The two countries are turning in green,In particular, there is a large space for cooperation in the field of energy transformation,It can accelerate the development of non -chemical energy,Jointly develop a third -party market。

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Suzuki Xinyou delivered a tone speech

Suzuki Xinyou said,The moment when the geopolitical crisis intensifies,Japan and China to strengthen economic and trade cooperation is of great significance to the two countries,Promoting trade liberalization meets the fundamental interests of the two countries。Both parties can share experiences around the problem of aging population、Deepen cooperation、Seeking win -win。

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Yang Bojiang speech

Yang Bojiang said,The situation in the Asia -Pacific region is severe and complex,Sino -Japanese relations are not smooth sailing,But live in peace、Cooperation Win -win is always the common interests of China and Japan。Strong economic complementarity between China and Japan,Looking forward to the aging of the two countries around the population、Green Transformation、Asian regional cooperation and other issues, speak freely、Share wisdom,Find a new highlight for China -Japan cooperation。

Watanabe cocoon speech

Watanabe cocoon representation,The current world economy faces many uncertainty,As a responsible economic country,Japan -China cooperation between the peace of the international community and region、Stability and prosperity are important。Today's well -known economists in the two countries gathered together,Looking forward to in -depth discussions,Publish suggestions for the construction of Japanese -China relations and the future of the international community。

The theme of "How to Look at the World Economy w88 live casinoof the Geographical Political Age",Honorary professor at Qingying University、Director of the Institute of Asian Institute of Economic Research, Kimura Fucheng,Liu Qiao, Dean of the School of Management, Peking University, Tu Xinquan, Dean of China WTO Research Institute of Foreign Economic and Trade University,Professor Watanabe of the College of Study College discussed。

Kimura Fucheng, Liu Qiao, Tu Xinquan, Watanabe Trust

Kimura Fucheng Representation,Negative affected by the United States,Weaken of the World Trade Organization (WTO) function。The World Trade Organization is of great significance to maintaining the free trade system,Japan and China should work together,Actively promote the resumption of normal operation of the WTO dispute resolution mechanism。

Liu Qiao thinks,After the end of the high -speed growth stage,,It is difficult to maintain the growth rate of full factor in productivity,At present, the world is facing the challenge of insufficient growth rate。The growth of full factor productivity is closely related to investment rate,Countries need to strengthen cooperation,Increase investment intensity。

Tu Xinquan said,The new energy industry is very important for global green transformation,China's new energy industry has contributed to driving global economic growth,I look forward to more objective policies in China's new energy industry、Full understanding,Common New Energy "Cake"。

Watanabe Trust considers,The rights of various countries adopt corresponding industrial policies in accordance with their national conditions,But you need to discuss risks under a unified rule system,Calling for urging all parties to return to the framework of the World Trade Organization。

The theme of "How China and Japan Copy the Economic and Financial Issues Faced together",Professor Marukawa Kono at the University of Tokyo、Chen Weidong, Dean of the Bank of China w88 live casinoResearch Institute、Director of Canon Global Strategy Institute Okazaki Kosaki、Zhang Yulai, deputy dean of the Japanese Institute of Nankai University, shared it。

Marukawa Chiko, Chen Weidong, Okazaki Kosaka, Zhang Yulai

Marukawa Zhixiong said,In Japan, China is about to enter the "30 years of lost 30 years" in Japan,But from the industrial structure、From the perspective of urbanization level,China's economy still has conditions to maintain a long period of time,China urbanization development potential is still great。

Chen Weidong said,As a developed country,In response to the aging of the population、The experience accumulated in the real estate bubble and other aspects is worth learning in China,The two countries are pension、New Energy Vehicle、New Energy Development and Utilization, etc.,Visty cooperation space。

Okazaki Kosako said,Japan and China are important economies,Rich foreign exchange reserves,In the financial market、There have been a precedent for successful cooperation in the bond market,Looking forward to the formulation of the two countries in the rules、Improve the investment environment further together,Lead Asia Development。

Zhang Yulai thinks,The current globalization process encounters twists and turns,But regionalization has a trend of further enhancement。East Asia as a region with a strong economic vitality,More need to establish a regional organization,This is also a major direction of Japan -China cooperation。

After the discussion link,Former Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua、Honorary professor of the University of Tokyo, Kawa Zhenghong, made a summary speech。

Cheng Yonghua's concluding speech

Cheng Yonghua emphasized,After reform and opening up,Japan's assistance to China has improved China's productivity level to a certain extent,expanded the Chinese market,Japanese companies have also gained real interests from the development of China,Two domestic supply chains w88 online casinohave been deeply integrated,Uninterrupted。China ’s further expand opening policy measures frequently,The prospects of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries are still bright。

Hehezhenghong's concluding speech

Heta Heshenghong said,China New Energy Vehicle and Photovoltaic Products have good exports,shows the toughness of China's domestic economy and dependence on the export of China from various countries。China's economy faces some challenges,Looking forward to Japanese experience can provide reference for China。

Economic circles of the two countries、Academic circles、More than 50 media representatives participated in the dialogue。

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