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(Source: Russian Satellite News Agency 2024-05-23)

China will support Bangladesh's development textile industry,Plans to work in the class of eight export processing economic zones in the country (bangabandhu) set up non -woven fabrics and clothing auxiliary materials manufacturing plants。

Chinese companySanxin Accessories MFC BD LTD will invest 22.92 million US dollars in the project。Tuesday,The company signed a cooperation agreement with the Bangladesh State Export Processing Region Authority (BEPZA)。The Administration of Administration is the government agency directly supervised by the Prime Minister's Office。

China and Bangladesh are continuously negotiating Chinese to provide new loans,Total amount exceeds$ 36 billion,equivalent to $ 5 billion。According to the Bangladesh's "Prothom Alo" (Prothom Olo),China is interested in providing RMB loans。At the same time,Bangladesh is discussing new loan conditions,and the possibility of repaying the import business with RMB loans。China is currently the largest imported source of imported from Bangladesh,Therefore, the authorities regard China's new loan w88 online casinoas a chance to breathe,It is expected to play a key role in solving the problem of continuous reduction of foreign exchange reserves in Bangladesh。

China is the fourth largest source of foreign loans in Bangladesh,second only to Japan、World Bank and Asia Development Bank。Current,The loan obtained by Bangladesh from China accounts for the approximity of its annual loan amount10%。other,At least 1 billion US dollars per year in the past two years,Last year's loan amount was $ 1.12 billion。

Tasana· Shatumiyan In an interview with the Russian satellite news agency, he noticed that China is a geopolitical elements of the South Asian national loan。

She said:"The bigger may be,China will respond to Bangladesh's loan request。China is very important for China to strengthen cooperation in South Asia to support national development。China's policy in the region is quite positive,The demand for Chinese loans in the region is growing.,China is providing loans to countries in need,At the same time,Partnership can find the mutually beneficial conditions of the loan。”

According to Bangladesh media reports, Prime Minister Xie He· Harxina will visit China in July,Related to the loan or end it before it visits China。

In recent months,Support South Asian national budget、Financial cooperation between bilateral import and export trade transactions and investment projects has become China and Pakistan、Nepal、Maldives、One of the main issues of negotiations between leaders at all levels such as India and Sri Lanka。w88 online casino

He said:"Some developing w88 casinocountries tend to cooperate with China,In addition to because China has relatively sufficient funds,It is also related to the rich production capacity of China,Especially China's production capacity is moving towards high -end。China is a developing country,Experience and lessons summarized during the development process and the technical results obtained are also more suitable for the majority of developing countries。Whether it is manufacturing or new energy industry,China is at the forefront of the world。Actually loan assistance is not only providing capital support,It also includes cooperation content in many fields such as production capacity。Another important point is,cooperation between China and countries,Including foreign aid has always been based on mutual respect、On the basis of equality and mutual benefit,never attached any political conditions,Do not seek any political private interest,Do not interfere with other domestic politics,This is also with 'peace cooperation、Open tolerance、Mutual Learning and Mutual Learning、Mutual Win -Win -Winning "Silk Road spiritual phase fit,Everyone can benefit from cooperation。“

Expert Wang Zhimin pointed out that China cooperates with South Asian countries to be South-Net one of the direction of cooperation in the south.

He said:"As the largest developing country,China has always actively advocated and participated in South -South cooperation。China ’s diplomatic layout has always been,Poor ‘big w88 live casinocountry is the key,The surrounding is the first,Developing countries are the foundation,Multilateral is an important stage.,Promoting South -South Cooperation is also an important manifestation of China's diplomatic layout,China has obey for many years、Support and practice this important cooperation idea。In recent years, Western speculation in the West China 'debt trap theory',There is no doubt that it is wrong and ridiculous。On the one hand, in the proportion of debt in some developing countries,The proportion of loans from Western or pro -Western institutions is much higher than China,On the other hand, I interfere with other domestic affairs through loans、It is also Western countries that propose political conditions。“

According toThe Sun Online portal website quotes the report of the Minister of Economic Development of the Maldives.,Maldives is negotiating from China to the issue of the US dollar settlement from China。Maldives to Sri Lanka、Pakistan and Bangladesh,All undergo the problem of the US dollar shortage,It is expected that it is expected to settle the foreign exchange reserves with a local currency without using the US dollar to save $ 1.5 billion。Minister of Maldives emphasized,Has successfully held a meeting with the Ambassador of China and India,They support Maldives' suggestions,Use RMB and rupees to settle in import and export trade。

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