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(Source: China Social Science Network 2024-06-04)

General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed to the majority of ideological and political teachers at the school's ideological and political theoretical teacher for symposium"Politics must be strong", "deep feelings", "new thinking", "wide vision", "self -discipline must be strict", "personality must be positive" six points requirements,Simplicity、Time Time、Gao Zhe Far -view,Comprehensively summarized the core literacy of teachers of ideological and political courses in the new era,Its basic content and spiritual essence,The consistent requirements of the Chinese Communist Party's consistent requirement of the literacy of ideological and political lessons in ideological and political lessons are both inherited and new because of the time,It is the new achievement of the theoretical innovation of the Chinese Communist Party teacher in the new era,To promote the construction of teachers in the new era of ideological and political courses,Enhanced the effectiveness of the ideological and political lessons in the new era provides a programmatic guidance。

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The correct ideal belief is the indication lamp of the Lideshu people,directly related to the fundamental goal of ideological and political lessons。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,"Our education is to serve the people、Services for socialism with Chinese characteristics、Services for reform and opening up and socialist modernization,The party and the people need to cultivate the socialist business builders and successors。"Teacher of the Politics and Political Courses" Both follow the teaching discipline,Also follow political discipline and political rules "。w88 casinoBased on this,Teachers of ideological and political courses should build the foundation of ideals and beliefs,Don’t forget the original intention of Lide Shuren,Keep in mind for the party's education、The mission of national education,Consciousness of the loyal faith and firm practitioner who consciously become the ideal of communism and the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Master the dominance of ideological and political teaching,Dare to face the problem,Armed the mind with Marxist forces,Strengthen the ideology of ideological and political lessons。

The comprehensive knowledge structure is "housekeeping skills"

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,"The teaching of ideological and political lessons involves Marxist philosophy、Political Economics、Scientific Socialism,Involved in the economy、Politics、Culture、Society、Ecological civilization and party building,Involved in reform and development and stability、Internal affairs Foreign Defense、Governing the Party and governing the army,Involved in the history of the party、National History、History of reform and opening up、History of Socialist Development,Involved in the history of the world、History of International Games,Involved in the world、National conditions、Party love、People's sentiment,, etc.。This special characteristics have high requirements for the comprehensive quality of teachers。"" w88 casinoBased on this,Teachers of ideological and political lessons must have strong professional knowledge,"Winning students with deep theoretical skills",At the same time, there must be a wide range of general knowledge,Better professional knowledge and wide general knowledge in the classroom to answer questions for students,Guide students to comprehensively master the basic theory of Marxism,Learn to use Marxist position views to analyze contemporary Chinese social problems。Especially in the information age,Teachers in ideological and political lessons must have strong knowledge and broad academic vision,Both "grant people with fish","Give people fishing",Let students deeply feel the personality charm and academic literacy of teachers of ideological and political teachers; w88 live casinoat the same time,Also in the complicated network information,Answer the students 'thoughts' confusion,"Neither closed conservative,Not admiring Yangmei ",Guide students to correctly understand the "Chinese -style modernization" development strategy,and firm "four self -confidence",Guide students to fully understand contemporary China and the outside world,Different from right and wrong in the comparison of China and the West、Perception truth。

  Noble moral feelings are the foundation of educating people

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,"Teacher is an engineer of human soul,Bringing the sacred mission。The preachers themselves must first Ming Tao、channel。Teachers in colleges and universities must adhere to educators to be educated first,Efforts to become the spreader of advanced ideology and culture、A firm supporter of the party ruling,The responsibility of better responsibility for students' healthy growth guiders and leaders。To strengthen the construction of teachers and morality,Persist in teaching and educating people unified,Persist in the unification of words and physical education,Persist in asking and paying attention to the unity of society,Adhere to the unified academic freedom and academic norms,Guide the majority of teachers to stand up with virtue、Ericssiology、Education with De Shi。"The so -called" pro -teacher believes ",The true feelings of the teacher are impressing students、Guide a good medicine for students,Only true feelings can reunite,Only empathy can we convince。Teachers of ideological and political courses must first be loyal to their own education,Perform your own education responsibility,I really love、Delivery; secondly, we must consciously be a faith and practitioner who consciously do good morals,Inherit the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation,Practice the core values ​​of socialism,Use actual actions and dedication to call for students; more "tireless people",Combined with new changes in new problems in the new era,Carefully talk about every teaching difficulty,Enhance the w88 casino gamestheoretical and persuasiveness of ideological and political lessons,Let students deeply feel the real power of Marxist theory,Let students really benefit in the teaching of ideological and political courses。

  Innovation consciousness isBasic requirements of the "Internet+" era

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,"Do a good job of ideological and political work in colleges and universities,Turn into trouble、Enter due to time、New。Follow the rules of ideological and political work,Follow the rules of teaching and educating people,Follow the rules of student growth,Constantly improve work ability and level。"" Enter due to time、New situation is the requirement for the ideological and political work of universities under the new situation。Basic theory of Marxism,Not a car closed in closed doors,Instead, we must closely contact the situation with the contemporary world development,Analysis and solving realistic problems in the development of contemporary Chinese society,Therefore, ideological and political lessons must be pioneered and innovated、Alone with the times,Teachers of ideological and political lessons should always talk about new new、Benefit。First of all, establish an innovative concept,Student's sense of gain as the starting point,Update the teaching environment, etc.。Followed by updating the teaching method。Thoughts and political courses should be based on the new situation and new features,Adhere to classroom teaching、Methods combined with online classroom and offline classroom,Most of the discussion、Enlightenment、Interactive teaching methods,Pay attention to theoretical contact actual situation,Facing the new difficult point in teaching and government teaching。Finally, to update the teaching carrier。The new era is informatization、Intelligent、Diversified era,The field of education has also entered the "Internet+" era,Teachers in Sicing and Political Courses Institute Society to use modern education technology is a necessary teaching quality。In the teaching of ideological and political courses,Make full use of modern education technology,Fully master teaching resources,w88 casinoExpand teaching space,Make the teaching content of not limited to school、textbooks and classrooms; break through a single content presentation form,Make the teaching content more colorful、Vivid image,Teaching content presentation is more graphic and textter、Honesty; Teachers and students are more convenient and convenient for teachers and students、Timely effective。

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