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Russian Satellite News Agency: (Wang Zhimin) China and Türkiye deepen pragmatic cooperation,Strengthen political mutual trust

Release time: June 07, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

(Source: Russian Satellite News Agency 2024-06-05)

Tuesday,Chinese Vice President Han met with Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan in Beijing· Feidan,Practical cooperation is the theme of the meeting。This is the first visit to China after he took office in the Foreign Minister last June。

Philippine's first day of visit to China,Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、Secretary of the Central Political and Legal Committee Chen Wenqing discussed the coordination of the security field with the Foreign Minister of Turkey。He said,China is willing to be with earthwork,Jointly safeguard the security interests of the two countries,Constantly promoting cooperation in this field to a new level。

Han Zheng and Fidan confirmed that the two countries are interested in strategic coordination of development。Obviously,In the context of continuous expansion of opening to the outside world,Cooperation between w88 live casinothe two countries has become inevitable。w88 casino games login

He said:"It has always been built with the 'Belt and Road' with interconnection as the main line,Continuously deepen policy communication、Facilities Unicom、Freshly trade、Foundation Finance、People's hearts are connected (‘five pass')。In 2023, President Xi Jinping announced on the 3rd 'Belt and Road' International Cooperation Summit Forum,China supports high -quality co -construction of the eight actions of ‘Belt and Road’,Including promoting green development、Promoting scientific and technological innovation, etc.。The subsequent release of the "Unswervingly Promoting the Construction of the Belt and Road 'High -quality Deep Development Vision and Action -the Report on the Future Development of the Belt and Road Institute" also pointed out,‘Five Tong+New Area Cooperation’ is a key area for the next ten years of the “Belt and Road”。China and Turkey signed in 2015 that the docking ‘Belt and Road’ initiative is the same as the Turkish ‘middle corridor’Memorandum of understanding. From the perspective of policy communication,The important content of the cooperation of ‘Belt and Road’ is to relax the initiative with the economic development strategy of countries around the world。and the content of the Turkish 'Intermediate Corridor' Project is consistent with the eight actions of the ‘Belt and Road” proposed by China。Another,Compared with sea transport,Strengthening China's land -to -land transportation can not only greatly shorten the transportation time,It can also effectively avoid the maritime risk caused by geopolitical conflicts。Although the Houthi armed forces once claimed that they would w88 live casinonot attack Chinese ships,But the shipping crisis caused by geopolitical conflicts still exists。”

Wang Zhimin said,The Beijing meeting is not only conducive to promoting the development of China -Turkey relations,It will also help expand China's cooperation space in the Middle East。

He said:"China and Türkiye are both developed countries。President Xi Jinping once pointed out,The world today is in a big change in a hundred years,‘the rise of the rise of emerging market countries and developing countries is unprecedented,The metabolism and fierce competition brought about by the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes are unprecedented,Uncomfortable with changes in the global governance system and the international situation、Asymmetric never before '。From this perspective,The future cooperation space of Zhongtu can be said to be very broad,Including green energy、Technology Cooperation and other emerging high -tech fields。Another,Türkiye Cross Asian and Europe,Geographical location and geopolitical strategic significance is extremely important。and the core area of ​​the 'Belt and Road' is exactly Eurasia。Coupled with Türkiye, it is the big Middle East,Also Islamic Power,It has a huge influence in the Islamic world and the Middle East。If China -Turkey cooperation is progressing well,It can also play a demonstration role in the region,The overflowing effect of driving economic cooperation。”

Monday, Turkish Foreign Minister is at Global Think Tank (CCG) Beijing headquarters should pay attention to the importance of cooperation with China development to the interests of Turkey。He specifically pointed out the contribution made by China to drive world economic growth,w88 online casinoEmphasizing China's important role in protecting the global supply chain and the solid foundation of Turkey's cooperation with China。

It is estimated, Haakan· Philida will go to Urumqi and Kashgar during the visit。This is fromSenior Turkish officials have visited the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region for the first time since 2012。Previous,At that time, Rejue Erdogan, who was the Prime Minister of Turkish Prime Minister, visited Xinjiang。

Phofidan's trip is under the context of the United States and the European Union because of suspected to force Uyghur labor in Xinjiang to set up trade barriers。Director of the European and International Comprehensive Research Center of Russia Higher Economics University· Kashen pointed out in an interview with the satellite news agency,Turkey ’s problem is based on their own interests to implement independent policies。

He said:"What is important to China is,Turkish senior delegation will visit Xinjiang,To strengthen the relationship with China,Add political mutual trust。After this trip,Türkiye will no longer talk to China on the issue of Xinjiang。trip to Xinjiang,It is an important strong step for Turkish diplomacy。The relationship between rapid development with China is in line with the national interests of Türkiye,Türkiye is also defending these interests。How to consider Americans and Europeans,Turkey is not so worried。For it,Balance of interest and cost,Make him re -evaluate your attitude towards this problem,to further accelerate the development of Chinese partnership。”

Expert Vasili· Kashen emphasized,Türkiye's actual interests of foreign policy,It is re -evaluating the status of Chinese Uighurs。

He said:"This problem is gradually becoming the past,Because Türkiye w88 casinoregards China as an important partner in a new environment。Overall,Türkiye has begun to pursue the same policy of most Muslim countries on the Xinjiang issue。When this problem appears,Most countries always tend to stand with Beijing,But Türkiye is criticizing China。Now,Earthfield has adopted a constructive position for China。”

China and Turkey Foreign Minister also discussed the coordination of foreign policies during the meeting。Wang Yi specifically pointed out,To oppose all forms of hegemonism and power politics,Promote global governance to fair level。China also calls on strengthening coordination on the Palestinian issue,Accelerate the fair and long -lasting solution of the Palestinian problem。

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