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"Beijing Daily"、China Daily Chinese website、"Beijing Youth Daily" and many other media: face plastic、prints、Becosting,Many non -heritage arts enter the campus

Release time: June 07, 2024 Edit: Wang Yan

(Source: "Beijing Daily" and other 2024-06-06)

The second Saturday of June each year,It is the annual cultural and natural heritage day。On the occasion of this non -mystery this day,In the afternoon of June 6,Zhang Zhongqiang's Rabbit、Liu Xiaodi's paper cutting、Zhang Kuo's wooden version of the New Year's painting、Gravine multiplication surface plastic、Yang Xin’s "Wang Zhi and Non -Heritage Story" and many other non -heritage inheritors,Gathering at the International College of International w88 casino games loginUniversity of Foreign Economics and Trade,Bring a unique practical course。

Anno -teenen -like student from Nepal, An Xuning, has always liked Chinese traditional culture,After a class, I will come with a few classmates。See the colorful cartoon image of the face -shaped booth,Several people feel very novel,Under the guidance of the teacher,They make it in person。After a while,A noodle person lying on a carrot on a little white rabbit is pinched。

"It's so fun!",An Yanning loves to put it down。Come to China for more than two years,This is the first time she experienced traditional non -heritage culture。Pinnades,Students follow the national non -heritage paper -cut project inheritor Liu Xiaodi cutting paper,Draw the Rabbit Grandpa。

The representative inheritor of the Beijing version of the New Year painting Zhang Kuang brought the Zhongkong New Year painting,"Among the many customs of the Dragon Boat Festival,One is the statue of the hanging bell。"Zhang Kuo said,While instructing students to personally print on the engraved wooden boards,A lifelike New Year's painting jumped on paper。

Representative inheritance of the national -level non -legacy king Zhizhi and bean curd skills,shows the technique of rubbing hair for everyone,This is China's unique bean curd technology。"The bean curly must be marinated w88 casinoafter rubbing the hair、Bottle、Soup,After more than 3 months of fermentation and maturity,Is a bottle of qualified milk。”

With the revival of traditional culture,More and more young people have loved the "China Festival"。"When the traditional Chinese festival comes,Non -heritage arts entered school,Students are listening、Experience、Feel the deep of traditional cultural heritage during the interactive process,You can also better understand the inheritance and ingenuity of non -heritage skills。"Geng Huifang, Secretary of the International College of International University of Economics and Trade。

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