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Education New Observation: Xiong、Liu Lin: "Artificial Intelligence+Action" is an opportunity for education and innovation

Release time: June 08, 2024 Edit: 淏 轩

(Source: "New Education Observation" Qino No. 2024-06-06)

Today is General Secretary Xi Jinping on May 29, 2023 at the fifth collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on May 29, 2023, when the fifth collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the fifth collective study of accelerating the construction of an important speech in the construction of an important country。The important speech by General Secretary Xi Jinping,Explained the significance of building a strong country to build an educational country,Indicates the direction of the construction of the construction of the education of education。During the two sessions of 2024,General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when participating in the delegation's activities,Facing a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change,We must seize opportunities,Increase innovation。This year's "Government Work Report" revolves around "Deepening Big Data、Artificial Intelligence and other R & D and Application "for deployment,and write "vigorously carry out‘ artificial intelligence+action ’” for the first time。Under the background of building an educational power,How to vigorously carry out "artificial intelligence+action",It has become a hot topic for educating people。

Artificial intelligence is the golden key,Not only affects future education,It also affects the future of education。As the Minister of Education Huai Jinpeng pointed out,To seize the opportunity better、Copy challenges,It is necessary to actively embrace the change of technology and industry,Actively embrace the smart era。This requires us to apply artificial intelligence to the entire process of education and teaching and management、Full of the whole link,w88 casinoFully study w88 live casinoits effectiveness、Adaptability,Let the younger generations actively learn,Make teachers more creative teaching。

Artificial intelligence, especially the high -speed development of generated artificial intelligence,Economic Development、Scientific and technological progress、Educational innovation has great empowerment and promotion effect。Artificial intelligence is the engine of new productive productivity for economic development,It is a new research paradigm for scientific and technological progress,It is a new powerful starting point for education innovation。

Actively embrace artificial intelligence、Responsible for the national "artificial intelligence+action" is the key opportunity for educational innovation,Promote the high -quality development of education through education innovation,It is an important path for building a strong education country。In the torrent of "Artificial Intelligence+Action",We want to create a new paradigm for the construction of a strong education country,Show Chinese characteristics and Chinese power,Leading the innovative development of future future education。

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Three levels of artificial intelligence empowering education innovation

responding to "Artificial Intelligence+Action",Focus on educational innovation and high -quality development,can be expanded from the following three levels: from intelligence to governance、From intelligence to quality、From intelligence to order.

From intelligence to governance.General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when chairing the 25th meeting of the Central Committee of Comprehensive Deepening the Reform Commission,To fully implement the strategy of network power,Digital technology is widely used in government management services,Promote the government digital、Intelligent operation,Provides a strong support for the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities。Education management and decision -making departments at all levels have planning in the education innovation process of "artificial intelligence+action"、Guidance、The core role promoted。Use artificial intelligence,Let education better serve the development needs of the country; use artificial intelligence,Let education better serve the people's sense of gain and happiness; use artificial intelligence,Let education fairness and better educate the gap。The National Smart Education Public Service Platform launched by the Ministry of Education provides high -quality educational resources,allow students in the central and western regions to enjoy the same educational service。Local education governance departments w88 online casinow88 casinoat all levels in this round of "artificial intelligence+action" process,In policy guarantee、Resource supply、Organization coordination information technology、Digital Education、Artificial Intelligence、The field of education and innovation continues to tilt,Promoting the formation of a new situation for artificial intelligence empowering education governance。

From intelligence to quality.Minister Huai Jinpeng emphasized when talking about the high -quality development of education: "You must hold the" bull nose "that leads the development of scientific and technological innovation。"For example,The whole process of empowering education and teaching with artificial intelligence,Artificial intelligence can make up for the shortcomings in the teaching process in time,Timely iterative optimization,Provide students with higher learning efficiency and greater happiness,Bring a better teaching experience to the teacher。Education with artificial intelligence empowering high -quality development,Platform that can provide students with autonomous learning、Scenes of authentic learning and atmosphere of team learning,can better stimulate students' curiosity、Curolar and Exploring Spirit,It is also conducive to improving the adaptability of the next generation、Significant and creative。

From intelligence to order.Artificial intelligence integrates into education,There are opportunities and challenges。Establish and maintain digitalization、The good order of the intelligent education environment is a challenge that cannot be ignored。No matter the knowledge of artificial intelligence、Application of artificial intelligence,Wide application of artificial intelligence technology and the establishment of "artificial intelligence+education ecology",First of all, we must adhere to Lide Tree,Help students establish the correct worldview、Outlook for Life、Values; secondly, we must guide and cultivate students in digitalization、The essential character and key ability in the intelligent ecological environment。The younger generation must actively embrace artificial intelligence,Learn to grow together with artificial intelligence。Artificial intelligence is a weapon to promote fair education,Not a tool for expanding the gap between education conditions; artificial intelligence is a literacy evaluation、Refueling for process evaluation,Not a tool for brushing; artificial intelligence is to improve learning and gain sensation、Surgery of learning efficiency,Not a tool for speculation; artificial intelligence is a weapon for exploring innovation,Not excessive dependencies、lying tools; artificial intelligence is a weapon for teachers and students,Not a tool for conservative alone; artificial intelligence w88 casino games loginis a weapon for interdisciplinary w88 casino gameslearning,Not a tool for making cars behind closed doors。Schools and teachers are promoting artificial intelligence integration into the education ecology、Protect students' physical and mental health、Guide and responsible person who maintains the order of education。

Artificial Intelligence Education Innovation "Point、Line、Noodles、Sports "strategy

Education Digitalization Strategy and "Artificial Intelligence+Action" are opportunities for education innovation,But it is by no means an overnight,Need an educational worker、Practitioners and related institutions are down -to -earth,Innovation step by step、Practice、Promotion、iteration and optimization。

Education Management Department and Schools based on the frontier of the national strategy and international technology development,Analysis found that education governance around you、Digital transformation in teaching management,Start from point,Start from partial,Explore innovation,launched new applications; the application of multiple departments to learn from the cross to form a line; the application fusion between cross -domains is the application of the face,From the education management department to school、From teachers to students、From course to teaching evaluation,As a result, a new digital education new ecology。

Teachers start from their own teaching work,Preparation of lessons、Class、Evaluation、Teaching and research work,Start from one point,Digital and artificial intelligence achieves transformation,From a teaching activity to a series of teaching activities is from point to the line; from a discipline radiation to other disciplines is from line to face; all disciplines in a school realize digital transformation and artificial intelligence empowerment,It realized the overall transformation of teaching digitalization。This is a new digital education ecosystem of a school,It is a new ecology that teachers creative teaching and students' initiative,is a new level of high -quality development of education and teaching。

The process of students to improve their digital literacy and skills,Improve information awareness、Calculating thinking ability、Digital learning and innovation ability、The process of information social responsibility is long and continuous,also point、Line、Noodles、The development process of the body。Students under the guidance of teachers,In your own learning activities,From a learning task、Start of a learning activity point,Apply digital literacy and skills to a course、A disciplinary time,The internalization of digital w88 casino gamesliteracy w88 casino games loginand skills on online digital literacy and skills is formed;,reached a face; communication between students、The communication between students and teachers, as well as the digital literacy and skills that the students are integrated in school and social development are the process of comprehensive development。

Education Management Department、School、Teachers and students are a molecule in the education innovation system,Is an educational digital strategy、"Artificial Intelligence+Action" and the key elements of the construction of education strong country,Each department、Each teacher and students actively devote themselves to educational innovation from point to line to face,Digital education with Chinese characteristics、The overall construction of artificial intelligence empowerment new ecosystem refers to the next corner,The construction of Chinese education power is good and far away。

(Author Xiong Yan Department of Information and Trade University Dean of the School of Information and Trade,Liu Lin's Curriculum Teaching Material Research Institute Deputy Director of Data Resource Service Center,This article is authorized by the author)

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