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People's Daily Online-Education Channel: The University of Foreign Economic and Trade establishes the Institute of Important Education Center of the World

Release time: June 12, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

(Source: People's Daily-Education Channel 2024-06-07)

A few days ago,The unveiling ceremony of the first World Important Education Center Construction Academic Forum and the "World Important Education Center Research Institute" unveiling ceremony was held at the school。

w88 casinoShow in your speech,A new round of scientific and technological changes in the world、Industrial changes and educational changes are reconstructing global innovation landscapes and reshaping the global education governance structure,As soon as possible, it makes my country a world important education center with strong influence with unprecedented historical conditions and good foundations。He introduced,Trade University's "outer" character color protruding,The open world economy is the "double first -class" construction discipline group,There is an English Academy and a 12 -language foreign language college,There is a regional State State Research Institute、Education and Opening Economic Research Center and other national research institutions of various physical research institutions。Establishment of the World Important Education Center Research Institute of the University of Economics and Trade,It is to give full play to the advantages of the University of Trade,From the perspective of world education view,Focus on major issues of the construction of important education centers in the world,Organization forces in -depth research,Better to serve the national development strategy and open the overall situation to the outside world,Accelerate the construction of world -class universities with distinctive characteristics。

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Figure Figures

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences、President of the Chinese Academy of Degree and Graduate Education Yang Wei pointed out,Becoming the World Education Center needs to have the characteristics of "with the best students in the world", "teachers who can cultivate first -class universities", "new schools that can breed academic circles", "forming new university education concepts" and other characteristics。Shi Zhongying, Dean of the Institute of Education of Tsinghua University, said,The World Important Education Center is a discourse paradigm with Chinese characteristics,Different from the edge theory of Western Education Center in the past,The world's important education center built in China is diversified、Interactive、Can fully reflect the basic laws of education reform and development。

Zhou Haitao, Dean of the Institute of Higher Education of Beijing Normal w88 live casinoUniversity, w88 casino gamesproposed,To train the research team of the World Important Education Center,Do a good job of talent introduction,Give full play to multi -party collaborative advantages。Deputy Secretary -General of the Chinese Education Society Gao Shuguo believes,Building an important education center in the world,The research theory and research method of multi -disciplinary research at the theoretical level,To strengthen institutional construction at the practical level,Give play to the system leading role,Reshapeing system competitive advantage,Do a good basic guarantee。

On the forum,Zhao Zhongxiu, President of Foreign Economic and Trade UniversityIssuing a letter of employment for the expert committee of the Institute of Research。He said,Looking forward to working hard through mutual cooperation,Jointly promote the construction of important education centers with strong influence。

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