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Media Trade (Feng Jieyun) Promoting the Western world to fully understand the historical status of the Chinese Anti -Japanese War

Release time: June 13, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

(Source: Channel 2024-05-27)

August 2022,The English translation of Professor Feng Jieye's team of Professor Feng Jieye of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade The Chinese translation. HS International LTD. official publishing。This translation is divided into upper and lower rolls,A total of 480,000 words。This translation project is supported by the National Social Science Fund Chinese academic foreign translation project。

The original book "The Historical status of the Chinese Anti -Japanese War in the World Anti -Fascist War" was by a historian、The team led by Professor Hu Dekun, the former president of the World War II History Society in China, is responsible for writing,It is the academic monograph that systematically studies the relationship between China and the world during the anti -fascist war。The original book was concentrated on the basis of the Jiu -volume "Research on China and the World Research during the Anti -Fascist War"。

People of insight at home and abroad emphasize that they must fully understand China's major contribution in World War II。Professor Hu Dekun, the original w88 online casinow88 casinoauthor, pointed out,After World War II, China became the main object of the West against the East Cold War,West deliberately ignored、dwarf、Defense China's role in the World Anti -Fascist War。The historical narrative of World War II always has one -sidedness,Failure to truthfully reflect China's contribution in World War II,This is extremely unfair。,The former director of the China Research Center of Oxford University Professor Lan Mitt in "China,The Forgotten Allied "wrote,China struggles in World War II,Not only for national dignity and survival,For the victory of all allies。It is during World War II,Eastern and Western sides fight against the darkest evil forces ever in history。Professor Mit also pointed out,Many Westerners include many Westerners who are familiar with the history of World War II,I know very little about the Chinese Anti -Japanese War。They often think,China is not an important participating country in World War II; the role played by China is minimal; the Chinese Anti -Japanese War is just a small event,No effect on the overall situation of the entire war。But in fact,China's contribution to World War II is extremely important,The Western World should learn more about this history。

The British translation team adheres to the purpose of showing the lofty historical status of the Chinese Anti -Japanese War in the West,Translate with a pragmatic attitude,Effectively convey the position of the original work。To improve the acceptance of Western readers' translation,The translation team fully considers the cultural background of Western readers during the translation、Differences between Chinese and English language conversion、History The characteristics of the historical theory。The original history of the original book is rich、Numerous quotes,Translation is extremely difficult。Translating the team's w88 casino games loginhard w88 casinowork,Check the citations and proper nouns in the book one by one,Ru people、Army name、Gecest name、Institutional name、Conference name、Treaty name, etc.,To restore the true appearance of history。Major events on the Anti -Japanese War in the translation book、Vocabulary of the Battle and Tactics,Translated team refer to the "Concise Reading Reading of the History of the Chinese War of Resistance Against Japan" published by the Central Compilation Bureau,Discuss the translations in different contexts,Finally determine the translation method of related vocabulary,To make the translation accurate and unified, there is no lack of flexibility。

What needs to be particularly emphasized is,Translated team named the British translation book "The Chinese War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression 1931-1945: A World History Perspective"。Compared to the original English translation "The Historic Position of China’ s Anti-Japanese Aggressive War in the World ’s Anti-Fascist War",The new English book title has greatly changed and adjusted in both aspects。

First,The title of the title of the book is added.,Highlight the important historical facts of China's "Fourteen Years of Anti -Japanese War"。The party and the state leader in commemorating the Chinese people's anti -Japanese war and the World Anti -Fascist War Victory's multiple conference speeches,The Anti -Japanese War after the September 18th Incident is the starting point of the Chinese Anti -Japanese War,Take the 14 -year Anti -Japanese War as a whole。"Fourteen Years Anti -Japanese War" puts China Anti -Japanese War on the background of the World Anti -Fascist War,Emphasizing an fact: China is the earliest start to start in the World Anti -Fascist War、Country with the longest duration。Long -term,Most Western scholars believe that the World Anti -Fascist w88 casino games loginWar w88 online casinostarted in September 1939 in Germany to invade Poland,And ignoring China has started long -term Anti -Japanese War and the World Anti -Fascist War since 1931。The title of the British Translation Book Highlights the time span of "14 years of the War of Resistance Against Japan",It is emphasized that China is the first country in the world to open up the World War II anti -fascist battlefield,It helps to correct the western world blur、Inaccurate understanding。

Second,The "China Anti -Japanese War" in the book name of the English translation is determined to be "The Chinese War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression"。This expression is based on the terms of terms determined by the Central Compilation Bureau,It aims to correct the vague cognition of the West of the Western Anti -Japanese War.。Western countries generally call the "Chinese Anti-Japanese War" "The Second Sino-Japanese War" (Second Sino-Japanese War)。This expression blurred the invaders of Japan、China is the basic historical facts of the justice side,Wiped out the justice of China's Anti -Japanese War and the huge sacrifice that the Chinese people paid in the Anti -Japanese War。What needs to be explained is,The Anti-Japanese War should not be literally translated as "The Anti-Japanese War" (meaning "" War against Japan "),This expression is ambiguous,It may allow Western readers to understand the Anti -Japanese War as a war against China against Japan,Activities of "resistance" instead of righteousness。"Resistance" clearly indicates the positive connotation of "resistance to aggression"。So,Translate "China Anti -Japanese War" into "The Chinese War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression",The emphasis on China's development is the battle of justice。This is not only the accurate problem of translation,It is a question of position and attitude。

A word to cover it,China should not be the forgotten anti -fascist allies。Publishing w88 online casinoof English w88 casinotranslations is committed to reducing the international community,Especially Western countries' one -sided cognition of China's Anti -Japanese War,Deepen its understanding of China's status and role in China's anti -Fasis war。Although history is long and long,But the contribution and merit must be in mind forever。Only correctly understand history,Cherish world peace,Create a beautiful future。

Author: Feng Jieyun (Professor of English School of English at the University of Foreign Economics and Trade、"Cross -cultural Research" doctoral supervisor、Director of the Institute of Business English)(Tang Jielin, a graduate student at the University of Economics and Trade University of Economics and Trade, also contributed to this article)

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