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"Global Times": (Zhao Hongyan) Promote the further model of international Chinese education

Release time: June 13, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

(Source: Global Times 2024-06-04)

May 30,China and the UAE signed a memorandum of understanding of Chinese education in cooperation。This is after the UAE incorporates Chinese into the national education system in 2019,Both parties further strengthen education cooperation、Another important measure of deepening the community of destiny in China。

International Chinese Education can be traced back to the Eastern European Exchange Student Chinese Chinese Language Specialty Class established by Tsinghua University in 1950。As of June 2023,About 180 countries around the world、More than 80,000 educational institutions offer Chinese courses,There are nearly 200 million people who learn and use Chinese non -speakers in the world。International Chinese Education is not only a teaching platform for overseas、Verse that enhances the quality of the country to the outside world,It is also a bridge for communication between different civilizations,It is of great significance to realize the global civilization initiative,Contributions to promoting the construction of a community of human destiny contributions。

International Chinese w88 casino games loginEducation deepen international education cooperation。Through this grabbing,Education exchanges and cooperation actively,Sharing Education Resources,Improve teaching quality,not only deepened the relationship between countries,It also provides help for local development。For example,Malawi in Africa,The University of Malawi wrote a textbook for Chinese and Qichwa,Hold a regular exchange forum,Gathering African scholars studying China; since 2019,The number of schools that have opened Chinese courses in the UAE have increased to 171,71,000 students learn Chinese,Covering different stages from kindergarten to university。Not only that,Relevant agencies also organize "Chinese + Vocational Education" globally,Such as "Luban Workshop", "China -Indonesian Vocational Education Industry and Education Alliance"。Now,14 Chinese workshops in 14 countries overseas,Provide "Chinese +" economic trade、Travel、Logistics and other occupational courses,Deepen the cooperation of international education,Help the local area formed a high -level labor resource reserve。

International Chinese Education promotes international humanities exchange。March 2023,Ministry of Education、The National Language Commission has issued the "Opinions on Further Strengthening the International Exchange and Cooperation of Language and File",Focus on optimizing the goal of optimizing the international exchanges and cooperation pattern of language and text,deployed to promote the international communication of China Excellent Language Culture、Participate in a number of work such as global language governance,Promote international humanities exchange with international cooperation with language。Related humanistic exchange activities are also in full swing around the world: May 2024,"Chinese w88 casino games loginBridge" World University Student Chinese Competition in Germany、Philippines and other countries ushered in the qualifiers,Participants are active,Thirty players from Chinese language undergraduate at the University of Tatana, Madagaska,,fluent Chinese、Sincere emotions do the keynote speech of "Michei in Ten Years",Expressing their beautiful longing for the future; the Philippine players also through Hanfu、Calligraphy、Music instruments and other forms,shows their deep understanding of Chinese and Chinese culture。Strengthen international cultural exchanges and cooperation,Is the path of building a way for different civilizations to meet each other、Correct roads that condense the cooperation and consensus of the international community。

International Chinese Education has enhanced the exchange between civilization。Civilization is colorful due to communication,Rich due to mutual learning。Looking at the long river of human history,Different civilizations are compatible and stored、Mutual Learning and Mutual Learning,It provides a strong motivation for the common development of the world。President Xi Jinping has emphasized in the represented by Saudi Chinese learners: "Learn each other's language,Know the other party’s historical culture,It will help promote the people of the two peoples to know each other,It will also contribute to the construction of a community of human destiny。"is spreading Chinese culture,International Chinese Education also provides a display platform for the cultures of various countries,This two -way cultural exchanges have shortened the distance between the people of all countries,Promoting the harmonious development of human civilization。For example,The number of Chinese is learning Russian for 120,000,Russia also has 113,000 people to learn Chinese。In 2023, w88 casino gamesthere are 59,000 students in Russia in Russia,Third place in Russian universities in Russian universities,Russian students in China 12,800 students,ranked first in the European State State。International Chinese Education is building a bridge of dialogue,Let the world understand China through this window,It also allows China to deepen the understanding of various civilizations,Exchange and mutual learning。

Digging the value of the era of history and culture of various countries,Promote the achievement of creative transformation and development in the process of modernization,It is an important direction emphasized by the global civilization initiative。For this,International Chinese Education is also actively adapting to new media、New Technology,Promoting the inheritance and innovation of civilization,Including Chinese cloud service teaching platform、"Network Chinese Classroom", "Chinese Smart Classroom", "International Chinese Day" related activities,All made a good response。Future,With the development of new productivity,International Chinese education under the "Artificial Intelligence+" action will be innovative for further models。If a deep learning system based on deep learning、AI accompaniment for assisted pronunciation and hearing、AI customized targeted cross -cultural communication strategy, etc.,On the basis of respecting the differences between different civilizations,Provide high -efficiency and personalized services to international Chinese learners,Bring a advanced experience,to better promote the popularization of international Chinese education globally,Realizing common deposit deposit and communication mutual learning。

(The author is a researcher at the National Institute of Open from Foreign Economic and Trade、Professor of the School of International w88 casino games loginRelations、Director of Public Diplomacy and International Communication Research Center)

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