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w88 casinoBeijing Great Great Net: (Bi Fan) The heart of Chizi will never lose

Release time: June 14, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

Recently, the Beijing School Ideological and Political Work Center for our school"Top Ten Counselor of Beijing University" Bi Fan conducted an interview and reporting,The content of the report is as follows:

Bi Fan,Female,Member of the Communist Party of China,Associate Professor,Doctor of Tsinghua University,The current University of Economic and Trade University Counselor,Part -time ideological and political teacher。Bi Fan loves students' work,Possed the front line of educating people for ten years,It w88 casinois determined to cultivate outstanding economic and trade talents with patriotic redness for the party and the country。Bi Fan serves as a total of 64 classes in 4 grades of the college、Nine professional students' counselors,Publishing monographs "Workplace 101: Student Student Starters Starting and Advanced",I have won the "Second Prize of the Beijing University Counselor Quality and Ability Contest"、"Creating Youth Capital University Student Entrepreneurship Competition Gold Award Instructor" and 2017-2021 "Beijing University Excellent Counselor"、"Top Ten Counselor of Beijing University"。

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