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CCTV-13: (Lu Jiefeng) Experts analyze the U.S. Supreme Court for partial support for Trump's exemption

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w88 online casino(Source: CCTV-13 2024-07-02)

July 1, 2024 local time,The Federal Supreme Court made a judgment on whether the behavior of former President Trump enjoys the exemption during his Presidential period。Associate Professor Lu Jiefeng of our hospital accepted an exclusive interview with CCTV News Channel on the legal issues involved in this case。

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Associate Professor Lu Jiefeng believes,This judgment from the US Federal Supreme Court involves the interpretation of the relevant clauses of the US Constitution and the definition of the presidential exemption,Not only does it have significant significance for the Trump case itself,It will also have a profound impact on the boundaries of the constitution and w88 online casinojudicial practice of the future w88 online casinopresidential behavior of the United States。Although the US Federal Supreme Court previously confirmed that the US President enjoys a specific exemption during his office in the Nixon case and the Clinton case,But the previous jurisprudence did not specifically define the exemption of the President of the United States。In this case,The Federal Supreme Court first explained the exemption of the US President for the first time: First of all,President's behavior of exercising the core power of the constitution has absolute exemption; second,President's official behavior of exercising the core power other than the constitution is enjoined;,For unofficial w88 casino gamesbehavior,President does not enjoy any exemption。

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