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"Research on Chinese Higher Education": (Huang Baoyin, etc.) Accelerate the construction of the internal governance system of colleges and universities firm

Release time: July 09, 2024 Editor: Zhang Xinyun

(Source: "Chinese Higher Education Research" 2024-07-09)

Construction Education Strong Country,The leader is higher education。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,my country has unique history、Unique culture、Unique national conditions,Construction of Chinese characteristics、World -class universities cannot draw gourds with the same person behind others,Simply use foreign universities as standards and patterns,Instead, take root in China,Going out of the construction of Chinese characteristics、New Road of World -class University。Current,my country's education has shifted from a scale expansion stage to a high -quality development stage,Higher education also realizes the transformation from extension development to connotative development。"High -quality Development" of my country's higher education in the new era,It means that both higher education from quantity to quality changes,It also highlights the pursuit of excellence、Create a first -class meaning,More importantly, facing the forefront of world technology and major national strategic needs,Talent -based growth law and development needs,Promoting the concept of talent training in colleges and universities with Chinese characteristics of universities、Teaching paradigm、Curriculum system and professional form "reshape",Then promote the quality of higher education in my country。

From the perspective of the development of higher education practice in various countries,Governance practice of colleges and universities has a clear historical brand and characteristics of the times,All are based on the political system of various countries、History Culture、Education tradition、National characteristics, etc. to explore the process of governance model suitable for national conditions。Modernization of the governance of universities with Chinese characteristics is the inherent requirements for promoting higher -quality development in higher education,Is building Chinese characteristics、Premier guarantee for world -class universities,It is also an important part of promoting the modernization of Chinese -style modernization。In a general sense,,University governance is divided into external governance and internal governance,External governance mainly involves the government、The relationship between society and colleges and universities,Internal governance is mainly the allocation of various powers among the stakeholders of colleges and universities、The system regulations that restrict and realize the realization of interests、System arrangement and running program。This study is mainly focused on the main connotation and practical path of modernization of the internal governance system of Chinese characteristics。

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(1) The global background and the reform of the world's higher education have put forward new challenges for the modernization of the internal governance of universities

Speed ​​evolution without a large change in the world's 100 years,The Fourth Industrial Revolution is subverting almost all industries,It will completely change the entire production management and governance system。Commodity、Capital、Technology、Data、Globalization flow of core elements such as information,Personalized、Thought、The widespread integration of culture in the world,Promote all countries in education、Technology、Competition in the field of talent is becoming more and more intense。With the promotion of the popularization process of global higher education and the rise of human capital theory,Universities have become increasingly becoming a social axis heart institution,and politics、Market and other areas have produced more close associations。Knowledge production is moving from "emphasis on subjects" and "pursuit of high -profile knowledge" to "emphasis on the essence of interdisciplinary" and "problem solving",Knowledge production model is being "small science" (personal interest、Single discipline、Small -scale freedom) Turn to "Large Science" (large project、Interdisciplinary)。Under the background of emerging technological revolution and industrial changes,Whether it is artificial intelligence、Wide application of smart technologies such as digital twin,Still the game of a big country、Development needs of industrial competition,Or an update iteration of the knowledge production mode,All will promote the deeper level of global higher education、A wider range of organizational form changes,my country's higher education must actively adapt to external development trends,Active innovation、Welcome to change、Lead development。In this process,How to improve the ability of colleges and universities to support national strategic layout and economic development with the modernization of the governance system,Improve the top talent of basic disciplines、The level of cultivation of talents and innovation and entrepreneurial talents in the strategic urgent need,Accelerate the promotion of basic research on cutting -edge exploration and key technology breakthrough,Strengthen the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements,Digital empowering the modernization and transformation of higher education through digital empowering higher education,is a new challenge facing the internal governance of colleges and universities in my country。

(2) The magnificent process of Chinese -style modernization has put forward new tasks for the modernization of the internal governance of colleges and universities

The 20th report of the party pointed out,The central task of the Communist Party of China is to unite and lead the people of all ethnic groups in the country to comprehensively build a socialist modern power country、Realize the second century -old struggle target,Comprehensively advance the great revival of the Chinese nation with Chinese -style modernization。Modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities is an important part of Chinese -style modernization,College governance is an important area for modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities。The history of development and higher education reform in the world is expressed,Universities only have an innovation system,Create first -class teachers、Cultivate first -class students、For first -class results for output,can I go at the forefront of the times,Make outstanding contributions to human and state development。Humboldt Mode and Modern University System Reform more than 200 years ago,Speed ​​up the process of industrialization in Germany,Make Germany the World Science and Technology Center。In the late 19th century, American university system innovation,Promoting American universities in the economic development and technology of American universities。Current,We are advancing the construction of a strong country with Chinese -style modernization、National Fuxing,Urgently requires high -level technology to self -reliance、Accelerate the establishment of an independent knowledge system,Urgent needed to comprehensively improve the quality of talent cultivation in colleges and universities,Accelerate the cultivation of national strategic talents and urgently need shortage talents。Construction of Educational Power on Educational Power on Comprehensive Establishment of Socialist Modernization、The consensus that comprehensively advances the great significance of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with Chinese -style modernization has formed,Promoting systemic jumping and qualitative changes with reform and innovation is a major mission facing colleges and universities,Requirements must be accelerated to improve the modernization level of the internal governance system and governance capacity。In the process of conforming to the modernization of Chinese -style modernization,Further innovation in the internal governance mode of colleges and universities,Convert my country's system and system advantages into college governance efficiency,New dimensions and benchmarks for forming and establishing an internal governance system with w88 live casinow88 casino gamesa university with Chinese characteristics,Contribute China Plan for the World Higher Education System。

(3) The construction of a strong education of higher education with Chinese characteristics has put forward new requirements for the modernization of the internal governance of universities

Since the reform and opening up,my country has promulgated and implemented the "Decision on the Reform of the Education System", "Education Reform and Development Outline", "National Medium- and Long -term Education Reform and Development Planning Outline (2010-2020)", "Regarding the further implementation and expanding the autonomy of universities to improve universities to improve universities. Opinions of internal governance structures "and other important policies and laws,Clarified "Improve the Modern University System with Chinese Characteristics" and "Improve the Governance Structure" and other content,Admissions selection、Settings of disciplines、Personnel employment and education and teaching continuously gives universities greater autonomy。From the perspective of the development law and practice of higher education,Improve the internal governance structure of colleges and universities、Construction of a modern university system is an important content and task for the development of "double first -class" and high -quality development of higher education。Is there a good governance structure,Is it possible to ensure the correct direction of running a school,Can I follow the law of education to run school education,Can it form a high -level talent system,Can it form an attractiveness of nearly pleasing、The atmosphere of the Baili Stream,Can the core competitiveness that can form an effective mechanism and pursue excellence。Enter the new era,With my country's economy、Technology、Cultural and other fields of comprehensive strength to improve the rapid improvement,Higher education also urgently needs to be upgraded in industrial technology、Social progress and comprehensive development of talents make more contributions,Further improve the quality of education and scientific research。In this process,How to build an internal governance system that matches the strong education of higher education,Support and lead the construction of world -class universities with Chinese characteristics,It is a practical problem with far -reaching strategic significance faced by colleges and universities,It is also an important issue in the field of comprehensive reform of higher education。

2. Increasing the construction of the internal governance system of universities with Chinese characteristics

The governance of colleges and universities in my country must effectively learn from the good practices and experience of foreign universities,More courageous and good at taking the road of governance。We must adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership,Adhere to the direction of socialist school running,Times as the time as observation,Give root in China,Focus on solving China's problem,Going out of the rule of development of higher education、Road governance practice roads that meet the characteristics of Chinese national conditions。

(1) Persist in and improve the fundamental system of the principal under the leadership of the party committee

The principal responsible system under the leadership of the party committee is the basic and fundamental system of socialist higher education with Chinese characteristics,is the core content of the modern university system with Chinese characteristics,Clarified the basic organization structure of the governance of universities with Chinese characteristics。1 is to improve the working ability and level of the comprehensive leadership of the party committee。The Party Committee fulfills the party governing the party、The main responsibility of the school governance school,Take the direction、Management of the overall situation、Make decision、Key implementation、Bring a team、Key implementation,Putting the party's leadership horizontally to the edge、Vertical to the end,penetrate all -round、The whole process。The second is to give play to the core leadership of the party committee and the important role of the principal。"Party Committee Leaders" and "Principal Responsibility" are interdependent、Dialectical relationships promoted with each other,The General Assembly of the Party Committee、Coordinating the eight parties,The principal exercise its powers under the collective leadership of the party committee,jointly promoting the development of college cause。Third is to establish a scientific and effective party committee discussion decision -making mechanism。Strengthen and improve the Party Committee All Committee、Standing Committee、Principal's office meeting and other discussions decision -making systems,Divisions of each department、Responsibility、Forming a joint force,Promoting work。We must fully adhere to and give full play to the system advantage of democratic centralized system,According to the "collective leaders、Democratic concentration、Individual brewed、Conference Decisions "Principles Research Decisions Major Matters,Better listening to opinions,Research demonstration,Improve decision -making ability and level。

(2) Clear and strengthen the strategic orientation of the development of the development of the party and the country's cause

Any university grows up in serving its own country's development,Especially world -class universities,Generally, the improvement of the basic functions and level of governance is integrated into the construction of the country where the country is located。No matter how the times develop and change,Always adhere to the value orientation of serving the party and the country's development strategy,This is a major historical mission shoulder in the new era of Chinese universities、Time responsibility and development opportunities。Socialist universities with Chinese characteristics must adhere to the "Four" policy,Instead of serving the people、Services for the Chinese Communist Party of China、Services to consolidate and develop the socialist system with Chinese characteristics、Services for reform and opening up, socialist modernization construction。Universities must actively integrate into national strategy and regional development,Ability to improve service economic construction and social development。The first is to adhere to the Lide tree,Comprehensively improve the quality of talent training。In -depth promotion of the "Newcomer Newcomer Soul Casting Education Project",Build a high -level talent training system,Improve the discipline professional curriculum system,Rich and diverse education methods,Cultivate high -quality professional talents that adapt to national strategy and regional development。Second is to strengthen the construction of disciplines,Promoting scientific research innovation。Promoting the reform of the discipline construction mechanism,Exploring the formation of multi -disciplinary gathering、Julast、The management system and operating mechanism of fusion,Focus on the country、Regional and industry needs develop organizational scientific research,Promoting the transformation of innovation results,Promoting the integrated development of industry -university -research cooperation,Provide continuous motivation to serve the national strategy of universities。Third is to strengthen the construction of a think tank platform,Improve the ability of government service。Focus on major national strategic tasks,layout cutting -edge science center、Key core technology integration and research platform and international innovation platform,Cultivation of the Talent and High -level academic team of the discipline,Improve the level of national strategy and regional development capacity。Fourth is the big article of "introduction" and "going global" in overall planning。To support the construction of a strong country、National rejuvenation is a foothold,To build a community of human destiny as the focus,Courage and good at absorbing and borrowing world -class educational resources and innovative elements,Promoting my country to become an important education center with a strong influence,Yang special color strong advantages create first -class,Establish a world model of Chinese University。

(3) Improve and improve the internal operation system of coordinated development of diversified power

Political Power、Academic Power、Administrative power is three types of power forms within colleges and universities,Effective coordination and arranging the relationship between the three is the basic proposition of internal governance of colleges and universities。Construct a clear division of labor、Division of each company、Coordinate with each other、Balance of each other、Operating efficient power operation mechanism,First, we must correctly play the role of party committee leadership and political guarantee。The core position of the party committee in the overall work of the school's cause,When exercising political power,w88 live casinoGuarantee academic organizations w88 casino games loginto give full play to the academic role、Academic power fully exercise academic duties。Correct understanding and handling the responsibilities boundary and division of labor cooperation of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and the principal's office,It is necessary to avoid the vague or broadness of the party's leadership management rights in colleges and universities,It is also necessary to avoid the principal's responsibility for the absence of the administrative power or not in place。Second, we must correctly coordinate the relationship between administrative power and academic power。Clarify the reasonable boundary of administrative power and academic power,Give full play to the powerful guarantee and effective operation of administrative power,Prevent and restrict the boundary of administrative power without border magnification or improper erosion of academic power。Full respect and rely on scholars、The participation of academic organizations in academic affairs、Consultation and decision -making function,Improve and perfect the scientific decision -making mechanism of academic affairs,Build an effective academic management operation mode,Ensure the correct performance and impartial exercise of the decision -making power of academic affairs。Third, we must fully protect the right to democratic participation of ordinary teachers and students。The Standing Committee of the Party Committee、The principal's office study involved the topic of teachers and students' vital interests,You must invite teachers and students to participate,Listen to the opinions of teachers and students。Promote the construction of a faculty and staff congress,Mastest things for school reform and development,In -depth listening to the opinions and suggestions of faculty and staff,Effectively play its role of democratic participation and supervision and guarantee。Pay attention to and give full play to the Youth League Committee、Student Union、Student Associations and other functions,Guide students in the school actively participate in school construction management,Make suggestions for the development of the school。Fourth to improve the professional discussion consultation system。Discipline Construction、Scientific Studies、Emphasis on the core functions involved in the school's core functions,Teaching Reform、Delivery involved、Evaluation and reward commendation and other important matters involving important aspects of the school,Logistics assets、Campus Construction、Digital development and other important matters involving school guarantees and operations,Professional strong、Delivery involved、Far -influence,To set up a professional organization and improve the professional consultation system。These professional organizations,It is a neural network for the internal governance of the school,is the key aspect of improving school democratic decision -making mechanisms,It is an important part of the school's internal governance system。

(4) Strengthen and optimize the internal operation mechanism of the healthy interaction of the school's two -level organization

First -class college,first -class college governance first active first -class college governance。Early in the founding of New China,Chinese universities learn from the Soviet Union,Implement "School-College-Professional (Department)" organizational structure,A stable and effective operation mode formed in the long -term school run。Facing the rapid development of the times,Emerging Discipline、Cross -disciplines develop rapidly,Quickly changes in industrial change and social needs,How to more scientific and effective arrangement of secondary rights and responsibilities of schools、Optimized running process、Improve the effectiveness of governance,Need to study in -depth research and demonstration。Grasp the functional positioning of the two levels of the school and the school,Clarify the status of teaching and scientific research and running school in the secondary college,Effectively stimulate the vitality of the grassroots college。1 is to strengthen school overall governance。Focus on the overall nature of the reform and development of the school、Direction、Strategic issues,Form the school consensus、Gathering the power of the whole school。Unified points binding,Unified development strategy、Effective direction、Struggle target、Resource allocation, etc.,College positioning around the school、Target task unified understanding、The goal is consistent。The development status of each college is different、The level of development is different,According to the characteristics of the college's subject and actuality,Take different measures and strategies to implement them separately。Pay attention to the construction of the secondary college team,Strengthen the high -quality development of the college with high -quality party building,Select the best leadership team、Strengthen the construction of the Department of Studies and Teaching and Research Office、Strengthen the construction of the teacher team。Second is to strengthen the college's self -governance。hired by teachers、Personal use、Scientific research project management、Course settings、Resource allocation、Salary and other aspects,Promote the college in people、Fortune、Those and other aspects have greater autonomy,Create a clear evaluation and assessment mechanism,Effective mode of the development of the college,Consciousness and self -driving force of enhancing development。Third is to strengthen the effective governance of the internal organization of the school。According to college functions and social development needs,The internal organizational structure of the school has relevant functional departments established in accordance with the work responsibilities and relevant requirements,According to the characteristics of the subject、Related colleges established by the scale of personnel,Anthology or non -physical research institute based on the needs of career development,There are also some institutions that are new or temporary,Dressing in some aspects of tasks or responsibilities。For a long time,The internal organizational structure of the school is in actual operation,There are also some problems that urgently need to solve,Such as the scientific nature of the establishment、Reasonable、Effective issues and some dilemma and difficulties,There is also the problem of "departmentalization"、"acquaintance society" question、Relatively "solidification" problem。To deepen reform,Actively promote the integration of high -quality resource,Enhanced governance efficiency,Improve the evaluation system,Really play the actual role of different organizations,Improve and perfect and effective operation mechanism。

3、Accelerate the modernization of the internal governance of Chinese universities

Internal governance of colleges and universities is the core competitiveness of the development of the cause of the university,Must strengthen the socialist road self -confidence with Chinese characteristics、Theoretical self -confidence、System self -confidence、Cultural self -confidence,Tightly surround the fundamental task of Lindu Tree people,Persist in educating people for the party、Mission for national education,Promoting the development of universities in modernization with governance capabilities。

(1) Focus on strengthening the leading role of party building

The practice of running schools in my country fully shows,The party building work is done well,The school's work will be steaming; weakening party building work,The development of the school will lose important guarantees。In -depth implementation of the total requirements of the party's construction in the new era,Give full play to the role of the party's political leadership,Promote the modernization of internal governance of colleges and universities with high -quality party building,Then lead to support the high -quality development of the school's cause。1 is to consolidate the party's political construction。Frequent benchmarking table,Timely calibration deviation,Introducing the actual measures to strengthen the party's political construction,Improve political judgment of party organizations and party members and cadres at all levels、Political understanding、Political Execution,Guide the political firmness of teachers and students of the school、Thoughts concentric、The target is the same direction。Second is to strengthen the party's ideological construction。Perseverance uses Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics to cast the soul,Continue to go deep into the system to learn the party's innovation theory,Promoting the application of learning to use,Guide party members and cadres to use and inspect the knowledge learned in practice,Transforming learning results into ideas for promoting governance、The w88 casino gamesability and ability to promote w88 casino games loginwork。Third is to promote the construction of grass -roots organizations。Enhance the political and organizational functions of party organization,Promote standardization of party organization construction、standardization、Scientificization,Constantly tightly up and down、Executive organizational system,Continuously promoting the "one -meling and double high" of party building work and career development。Fourth is to strengthen the construction of party member teams。Strengthen ideological temper、Political experience、Practical exercise、Professional training,Promote the selection of integrated development,Make party members and cadres into the ideological communicator and practical promoter of party building and business deep integration。Five is to grasp the party's style construction。Improve and comprehensively and strictly control the party's main responsibility system,Make a list of responsibilities and power、Risk list、task list、Question list、Reform list、Supervision list,Improve party spirit awareness,Enhance the ability to refuse corruption and prevent corruption,A good environment with a good environment condenses the teachers and students of the whole school to promote the modernization of the internal governance of colleges and universities。

(2) Strive to grasp the basic logic of modernization inside colleges and universities

During the practice of internal governance of colleges and universities,Internal governance concept、Structure、Advance and maturity of running and its effects,to a large extent determines the internal governance capacity and level of the school,It also largely determines the development capacity and level of the school's career。Different from government rule from top -down power running direction,Governance is a management process for up and down interactive,Mainly through cooperation、Consultation and partnership implements the management of public affairs。New era promotes the modernization of internal governance of universities with Chinese characteristics,To follow and grasp some basic logic。

One is to grasp the fundamental。Lideshu is the fundamental task of colleges and universities,Student growth is the fundamental starting point and setting point of college work。The internal governance of colleges and universities must be closely surrounded by "who trains the person、Who trains、How to train people "this fundamental question,Integrate Lide Tree into all aspects of the entire field of school governance school,Socialist builders and successors who are committed to cultivating the comprehensive development of morality, intellectual, physical and labor,Cultivate generations of generations can be forced、Newcomers of the times who can bear heavy responsibility。The second is to rule the school according to law。The University Articles of Association is the programming document of the internal governance of colleges and universities,Improve and improve the school's internal governance system with the core of the university charter,It is institutionalized in the internal governance of colleges and universities、standardization、The basic guarantee of programmatic。Internal governance of colleges and universities must strengthen the concept of governing the school according to law,Strengthening the power according to the rules and regulations、Consciousness and rules of protection of rights,Pay attention to the formulation and implementation of the rules and regulations at all levels and regulations at all levels,The continuous improvement of the level of governance of schools according to law will promote the continuous improvement of the level of internal governance of the school。Third is the common discussion and governance。University is a complex and special social organization,The particularity of its internal governance due to the particularity of its goals。Teachers within colleges and universities、Student、Party and government management personnel, etc.,It is the different interest subject of the school,The fundamental mission of its interests is completely consistent。Internal governance of colleges and universities must strengthen the concept of common governance,Through negotiation、Coordination、Interactive and other forms build a good environment,Promoting Related Related Those who are shared together,Form a high degree of community consciousness and behavior,Form a consensus and co -effort,Make the interests of all parties unified in fundamental goals and mission。Fourth is the integration。The internal governance structure of colleges and universities is not a closed small system,Instead, it is a large system that is highly coupled with various departments with economic and social development。Formation with the government,Formation with the government、Industry、Effective integration of benign operating mechanisms for effective integration and penetration of enterprises and society,Internal governance、Talent training、Scientific Research Organization、Project Studies、Social Service、Cultural inheritance innovation、International Exchange and Cooperation and other fields,Fully absorb social high -quality resources,Especially absorbing world -class innovation elements,Find the Point Follow -up point binding point,Take multiple ways,Effective integration into the internal governance of the school,Construct a high -level open -tolerant governance mechanism,Constantly improving the internal governance efficiency of the school。

The University of Foreign Economic and Trade since July 2022,Through research and learning、Forum Lecture、Discussion and exchange、Joint discussion and other methods to carry out more than 400 discussion activities,Develop a three -year action plan for high -quality development,and review and approve the 13th party member congress of the school,Action of quality and quality from educating talents、Scientific Research Innovation Action、Discipline Construction Optimization Action and other aspects to comprehensively promote the high -quality development of the school、Accelerate the construction of the first -class university with goals and path guidance。

(3) Efforts to strengthen the reform of key areas inside colleges and universities

New era and new journey,w88 casino games loginto give full play to the role of multiple subject governance,Taking key matters in key areas as a breakthrough,Increase reform,To govern democratization、Scientificization、Precision、Intelligent and comprehensive improvement of education governance level。

First, to promote democratization to promote the level of scientific governance。Through the Party Committee All Committee、The Standing Committee of the Party Committee、Principal's Office、Academic Committee、Degree Committee、Faculty Congress、Student Congress and other conference systems and operating mechanisms,Promote at school teachers and students、Alumni and the power of all parties in the society,Extensive participation in the democratic management process,Ji Zhongzhong Gathering Zhonghui,Democratic process with extensive listening opinions promotes good results for the formation of scientific decision -making。Second, to promote deep -seated reforms in the reform of key areas。Reform of some key areas of the school involves the corresponding adjustment of the overall functional department,It is necessary to promote the overall situation of implementing comprehensive reform with the "small incision" of local reform,Realizing the deepening situation of steady progress。If it revolves around the ability to improve talent independent training、Accelerate the cultivation of innovative talents、The state in urgent need of talent training system for talent training and other talents,Speed ​​up to the construction of an independent knowledge system、Strengthen organizational scientific research、Accelerate the reform of scientific research systems such as the output of original scientific research achievements,Introduction to talents、Long employment system、, etc.、Academic evaluation、Performance and other talent management system reform,Around logistics、Assets、Recruitment、Entrepreneurship employment services and other guarantee support system reform,, etc.,Taking the reform of key areas as the starting point,From point to face,A moving deep change with local reform,Gradually promotes the level of internal governance and continuously improves。Third is to promote precision governance with digitalization。Guided by service teachers and students,Promoting digitalization means integrated into all aspects of school governance,Construction intelligent、Systemization、Accurate internal governance system。Accelerate the digital classroom、Digital campus construction,Scientific research、Teaching、Service、Reward、Contribution and other data integration into integrated resources,Break internal data barriers,Sharing data resources,Data -driven decision。Create a collection information platform,Promoting cross -department coordinated w88 live casinooffice,Realize the "One Netcom w88 casino games loginOffice" and "Cloud Office"。Fourth is to promote the implementation of the teacher -student -based governance concept with "reception is to do"。According to the demands of teachers and students,Building the school teacher and student information sharing、Business collaboration、Data analysis public platform,Enhanced teachers and students teaching、Management and daily life data services,Improve personalization、Precision、Diversified service capabilities。Strengthen the construction of the platform of "acceptance is the office",A response should be responded in time for teachers and students' urgency and anxiety、Solution in time,Pay attention to the key areas and key links that are concerned about teachers and students.、Key crack,Constantly improving "Solution" and "satisfaction"。

The University of Economic and Trade University of Economic and Trade and improved the "acceptance of the order" service information platform,Continuous optimization The linker is the operation mechanism。The platform has established a limited time reply、Public transparency、Teachers and students' evaluation and supervision and supervision and supervision,Show all the demand information to the teachers and students of the school,Teachers and students evaluate the response to the handling unit,and supervise the quality of request recovery one by one,Difficulty problem on -site office solution。At present, a total of 10625 requests from teachers and students,Visits exceeding 430,000 people,The response rate is 100%,The end rate reaches 98.6%,Teachers and students' satisfaction rates reached 99.55%。

(4) Efforts to strengthen the construction of college cadres team

High -quality development、Construction of First University、Educational power construction must have a political firm、Business protruding、Excessive ability、Dare to act as leaders and managers。The construction of a college cadre team is an important starting point for supporting the modernization of colleges and universities。The first is to improve the ability of the party committee secretary and principal。According to the standards of socialist politicians and educators,Party Secretary and President must always keep in mind the "big of the country",Education for the party for education,Building the builders and successors of socialist modernization;,Responsibility,Deepen the construction of the construction of socialist universities with Chinese characteristics,Based on the forefront of reform and development of higher education,Vigorously improve the ability level of services and support the construction of socialist modernization.。The second is to strengthen the construction of the school's leadership team。Optimized school leadership structure,Scientific and reasonable division of labor,It is necessary to fully mobilize and use the enthusiasm and initiative of each team member,Treatment of collective leadership and division of labor、The relationship between overall and local,It is necessary to form a team joint force,Unite and forge ahead,Gathering Power,Confidence and self -improvement,Pursue Excellence。Third is to strengthen the construction of the middle cadre team。School middle -level cadres are the backbone of school governance,To strengthen the construction of the system,Establish and improve the selection of cadres、Training、Use、Supervision、Evaluation Evaluation and other mechanisms,Create a strong atmosphere of the political ecology and the fact that the person who wants to work and can do things。Pay attention to the ideological tempering and political experience of the cadre team,Constantly improving political ability and business development capabilities,Continuously enhanced the ability to promote high -quality development、Services of the masses、Preventing and resolving risk skills。Fourth is to strengthen the construction of teachers。Inheritance to carry forward the spirit of Chinese educators,Strengthen the construction of teacher morality and style,Strengthen the self -cultivation of teachers,Improve teachers' noble moral sentiments。Strengthen the construction of the ideological and political work team,Focus on the counselor、Class teacher、Character positioning of group cadres and other groups,Clarify the goal of education,Innovation and educating people,Improve the level of education。

4. Conclusion

Modernization of the governance of universities with Chinese characteristics must reflect the general laws and basic characteristics of the internal governance of the world universities,It is also necessary to show the special laws and characteristics of the new era of socialist universities with Chinese characteristics,The internal governance of colleges and universities is based on the principal under the leadership of the party committee.,With Lideshu as the fundamental goal,Give full play to the role of diversified subject co -governance and democratic supervision,Deepen the reform of key areas of internal governance,Constructing a high -level collaborative governance mechanism,Continuously optimize resource allocation capabilities、Activate internal governance kinetic energy,Vigorously improve the level of decision -making ability within colleges and universities。Chinese universities must strengthen high -quality goals and lofty mission pursuit,Continue to promote and accelerate the construction of the internal governance system,Self -confidence in high -quality development、Unhappy,Breakthrough in systematic jump and qualitative change、Demonstration Leading,Establishing Chinese characteristics、World -class universities become highlands、Establish a model,To firmly follow the internal governance of universities with Chinese characteristics to promote the realization of higher education and high -quality development、Construction of a strong country for higher education。At the same time,The concept and practical path of the modernization of Chinese universities,It is necessary to continue to explore in the process of modernization of higher education,For a long time、Good work and success,Finally, the modernization of the national basic modernization construction goals in 2035。

[Huang Baoyin,Secretary of the Party Committee of the University of Economics and Trade、Special researcher at the new era of socialist ideology of Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping in Beijing; Liu Yongluo,Deputy Director of the Office of the Party Committee of the University of Economic and Trade、Researcher; Xue Xinlong,Associate Researcher Education and Open Economic Research Center of Foreign Economic and Trade University]

The original text was published in "Chinese Higher Education Research", No. 7, 2024

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