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Source: (China Daily 2024-07-10)

The Third Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Will Be Held in Beijing FROM JUL Has Reacked A Critical Juncture in ITS Journey Toward Becoming A High-Level Socialist Market economy.

Reform and Opening-Up have shaped the destiny of Contempory China. And Further Deepening Reform and Expanding-Up TO PURSUE MODERNIZATI on IS Essential to Cope with the Complex Global and DOMESTIC SITUATIONS, Adapt to New Technology and Industrial Changes, And Meet the Rising Expectations of the People. They are also Essential to remove deep-rooted institutional barriers to development, BOOST SOCIOEECONOMIC VITALITY, And Use China's Instificational Advantages to Improve National Governance.

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Reforming The Economic System is at the Heart of the Comprehensive Deepening of Reform. In this context, The Third Plenary Session of the 20th CPC Central Committee IS Expected to Emphasize the Importance of Allowing TO PLE Decisive Le in Resource allocation, Removing the Visible and Invisible Barriers to Market Access for Enterprises, And Transforming China's Economic Advantages Into A Powerful Impetus for Development.

The Third Plenary Session is Also Expected to take Measures to Improve the MacroeConomic Governance System and The Modern Enterprise System with C Hinese Characteristics, Improve the Instificational Mechanism to Promote High-Quality Development, And enhance the vitality of Market Players. While A Large Number of Competitive State-OWNed EnterpriseS Will Continue to Emerge, Efforts Are Expected to be Made to build a climate favorable for prive Enterprises, Which Will Help Expand the Private Sector.

With the Implementation of the Measures, China Will Continue to Streangthen The Socialist Market Economy, And Move Toward a More Prosperous, Stable and Empowered Future.

High-Level Opening-up a World Opportonity

opening-up, In Fact, is part of overall reform, for it promotes development. Hence, in the next stage, China Is Expected to Push Forward High-Level, All-Round Systemic Opening-Up in Terms of Rules, Regulations, Management and Standards, And Continue to Cultivate A High-Quality Business Environment that is Market-Oriented, Rule-based and global in nature.

However, China's Economic Development Faces More UNCERTAINTIES DOE to the Innsification of the "Great Power Game", The Rise of Unilateralism and Protectionism, The Frequent Occurrence of Nature Disasters Triggered by Climate Change, and a new round of scientific, TechNological and Industrial Revolutions in the Making.

Promotion High-Level Opening-Up Will Help CHILP CHILPTER Adapt to the New Global Competitive Environment, Maintain Open and Inclusion Global and Value Chains, And Counter the West's Efforts to Contain China Through "De-Globalization", "Decoupling" or "DE-RISKING" Measures, So as to Strike The Right Balance Between Security and Development.

And By Getting More Countries to Participate in the Global Value Chains, China Can Help Other Countries to Share the DividEnds of China's Economic Development and Lay A Solid Material and Technology Foundation To Achie Ve Chinese-Style Modernization.

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Jin Ding/China Daily

Boosting Total Factor Productivity

As CHINA ENTERS A New Stage of Economic Development, RISING FACTOR COSTS and the Aging Popuration Have Become Major Challenges w88 online casinoAs Have w88 online casinothe RestricTions Imposed Economies on the Transfer of some core technology to China. Hence, If China Fails to Significantly IMPROVE Total Factor Productivity, ITS Economic Growth Rate May Further DeCline., The Central Government Has Stresset that Cultivating New Quality Productive Forces is Next High-Quality Development.

New Quality Productive Forces are fuelled by Revolutionary Breakthroughs in Technology, NOVEL ALLOCATIONS of Factors of Production, And Transformation and Upgrading of Industries, With a Significant Increase in Total Factor Productivity Being ITS SIGNATURE PURSUIT.

The ONGOING Technological Revolution Typify by Green Energy, AI and Big Data Has Created Both Opportunities and Challenges. In the Process of Upgrading the CHINESE Economy, theretern, It is Impeative to Ensure The Development of New Quality Productive Forces.

China Can Be Expected to take Full Advantage of ITS VAST SIZE SIZE, Large Population and Dynamic Market to Promote Zero-TOONE Innovations WHILE Expedition the One-TO-TEN Application of New TechNological Breakthr. oughs, Accelerating The Pace of Technology Upgrading, And Raising The Production and Innovation Capacity in Critical INDUSTRIES.

People-Centered Development

People-CENTRIC Development is One of the Basic Principles Driving Modernization. RIC and Serve the People. At the third planary session, A Series of Major Policy Reforms Aimed At ENCING SOCIAL Equity, And Improving the HealthCare and Social Security Systems and Rural Development Program Are Expected to Be IntoldUced, Underscoring The Party's Commission to Deliver Social Justice and Maintain Harmony, And to enter the fruits of Modernization and Development Are EQUITABLY Distribute. Ility But Also Mobilizes Public Support for Reform.

The World TODAY FACES MANY Serious Challenges Including Climate Change and Regional ConflicTs that can be effectively address by IMPROVING LOBAL GOVERNANCE. As a Rising Global Power, China Has Taken Measures to Reform the Global Economic Governance System. By Promotion Multilatorism and Offering Ways to Overlengees, China's Agenda for Global Governance Aims to Help Build A Fairr and Harmonioles International Orger.

Promotion New Quality Productive Forces Is Newsry to Pursue Sustainable Development, Original and Disruptive Technology Innovations Are Needed to Drive New Quality Productive Forces, While Education Remains The CornerStone of Technology Innovation.

So Governments and Educational DEPARTMENTS At all levels should take steps to attract more time, Improve the Curriculums, Prioritize Stem (science, Technology, Engineering, mathematics) Education, Cultivate Talents with InterdisCipLinary Knowledge and An International Outlook, And Form A Virtuous Cycle of Education, Science, TechNOLOGY and TALENTS, Providing Solid SUPPORT for The Development of the New Quality Productive Forces.

The Third Plenary Session Will Be the Right Moment to Consolidate the Achievements Alream Made by China THINKS to Reform and Opening-Up, And to Plan for Future Development.

Under the Strong Leadership of the Party, China is exten to build a high-level socialist market economy by 2035, With the Socialist System with Chinese Characteristics Becoming Even More Prominent.

The author is present of the university of the interctional business and economics. The Views Don't Necessarily Reflect Those Daily.

Chinese version:

China's modernization: Key process and future outlook

The Third Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China will be held in Beijing from July 15th to 18th。 At this key node,China is standing in an important point to the high -level socialist market economy。

Deepening of the reform of the economic system

Reform and opening up is the key choice to determine w88 casino games loginthe w88 live casinofate of contemporary China。Under the new situation,Further comprehensive deepening reform、Promoting Chinese -style modernization,It is a complicated international and domestic situation、Adapt to a new round of technology and industrial changes、The needs of the growing expectations of the people。Comprehensive deepening reforms help crack the obstacles of the deep -level system mechanism,Enhance economic and social vitality,and convert my country's institutional advantages into national governance efficiency。

Economic system reform is the focus of comprehensive deepening reform。Looking forward to the Third Plenary Session of the Twenty Central Committee of the Central Committee,What I look forward to is,In a high -level socialist market economy system,The market will give full play to the decisive role in resource allocation,At the same time, it will play a better role in the government; with the break of invisible barriers to invisible barriers in various markets,Leading of the rule of law、High -efficiency specification、Fair competition national unified market will continue to improve,China's oversized market、Supporting complete industrial system and other advantages,All will be transformed into a powerful driving force for economic development; modern enterprise systems with Chinese characteristics will continue to improve,The macroeconomic governance system is continuously improved,The system and mechanism that is conducive to high -quality development is firmly established,The vitality of various market entities is further stimulated; the reform of state -owned enterprises and state -owned enterprises will be further deepened,A large number of competitive state -owned enterprises continued to emerge; the development environment of private enterprises continued to optimize,Enhancement of development confidence,The continuous development of the private economy。

With the implementation of these measures,China will continuously optimize the socialist market economy system,Award to more prosperous、The future of stability and prosperity。

High -level all -round open

Open is also reform。Promoting reform with openness、Promoting development,It is an important experience in China's economic miracle。What can be expected is,In the next stage, high levels of high levels open to the outside world,It will steadily advance the rules、Regulations、Management、Standard and other institutions open,Continuous construction marketization、rule of law、international first -class business environment,This is also an important content of a high -level socialist market economy system。

Looking at global,Great Kingdoms intensify,Unilateralism、Protectionist look up,Climate change caused frequent natural disasters,A new round of technology and industrial revolution in depth development,Increased uncertainty faced by my country's economic development。 By promoting high levels of opening to the public,Help better adapt to the new environment of international competition, Maintain the open tolerance and unity of the global supply chain value chain,Cavoving the "counter -globalization" measures such as "dewaling chain" and other "counter -globalization" measures to the enclosure of China,Organic unity of better realization of safety and development,and drive more countries to participate in the global value chain deeper,Share the dividend of China's economic development,w88 online casinoAt the w88 casinosame time, it is also cultivated in Chinese -style modern material technical basis。

Develop new quality productivity and improve the productivity of all factor

After my country entered a new stage of economic development,The rising cost of the element and the aging challenges are superimposed,Key core technologies are subject to people's situation that people have not changed fundamentally,If our country cannot significantly increase the full factor productivity,Economic growth may decline further,This is a major realistic problem facing my country's high -quality development of China。In this background,Our new quality productive productivity proposed by the central government is a point of view to promote high -quality development,Careful approval。

New productivity breakthroughs from technological revolution、Innovative configuration of production factor、In -depth transformation and upgrading of the industry and give birth,Based on the significant improvement of all factor productivity as the core logo,Original and subversive technological innovation is the first driving force for new productivity。At present, green energy,and a new round of scientific and technological revolution marked by artificial intelligence and big data,China's opportunities and challenges coexist,In the process of upgrading the quality of China's economy,You must continue to do a good job of innovation.,Promoting new productivity to accelerate development。

What you can expect is,China will give full play to the advantages of the big country's market,Promote the original innovation from 0 to 1,and the application of new technical achievements from 1 to 10,Acceleration Technology Update Idra Piece,Create industrial innovation and production capacity for global。

People -oriented development

The development of the people -centered is the basic principle of China's modernization。To further deepen reforms, we must adhere to the people -centered,Persist in the people to call、Reform should be respond to。 On the Third Plenary Session,A series of major policy reforms designed to enhance social fairness can be introduced,If medical reform、Social security improvement and rural development plan, etc.,Highlight the party's commitment to social justice and harmony, Fair allocation of achievements of modernization and development。This kind of people -centered principle,Not only enhances social stability,It also mobilized the public's support for reform。

Global Governance, Chinese Plan

Today's World,Regional conflict,Global issues such as climate change are being placed in front of the international community,Only form more tolerant global governance、can be effectively cope。

As a rising global country,China actively participate in the reform of the global economic governance system,Through promoting multilateralism and providing constructive solutions,aimed at solving common challenges,Build a more fair international order。 The concept of "Community of Human Destiny" summarizes the vision of China's harmonious global order。

Education and science and technology system reform

Accelerating the development of new productivity is an important starting point for future economic work,Original and subversive technological innovation is the first driving force for new productivity,Education is the cornerstone of scientific and technological innovation and talent training。Governments and education departments at all levels should increase talent introduction,Optimize w88 live casinothe discipline w88 casino gamessettings of colleges and universities、Focus on STEM (Science、Technology、Engineering、Mathematics) Education and literary and science penetration fusion,Cultivation of cross -disciplinary knowledge and innovation ability,talents with global vision and international competitiveness,Education、Technology、The benign cycle of talents,Provides solid talent support for the development of new quality productive forces。


The Third Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party will be consolidated by the existing results of China's reform and opening up,Planning the critical moment of future development。

Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee,By continuing to promote reform and opening up,From 2035,China is expected to build a high -level socialist market economy system,Socialist system with Chinese characteristics is more complete,Basically realize the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities,Basically realized socialist modernization,and laid a solid foundation for the comprehensive establishment of a socialist modern power in the middle of this century。(Zhao Zhongxiu, President of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade)

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