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w88 online casinoAt the beginning of the founding of the country,Hundreds of waste waiting for,Foreign language foreign trade talents are lacking,Foreign Economic and Trade University's predecessor of the Central Committee of the Central Trade Department of Senior Commercial Cadre School born born,Started receiving foreign students in 1954,In 1960, he was selected into key colleges and universities in the country,In 1997,In 2016,2017,The school was selected as the first batch of "double first -class" construction universities。

Openness、internationalized school characteristics,Is the foundation of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade,Source of Features,The Road to Development,The school is designed for a strong trade country,Education of studying in China is promoted by reform and opening up。70 years,The adults of the first generation of trade stood up the tide,Diligence for,made a unique contribution to the great cause of Chinese -style modernization;,pioneering and aggressive,Make outstanding contributions to the training of high -quality talents with both Chinese feelings and international vision。

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At the beginning of the founding of New China,Party and state leaders attach great importance to coming to study in China,Quickly start the work of foreign education exchanges,Receive students from major colleges and universities,Cultivated a group of international people who know Huayou Huahua。They are active on the international stage,I made important contributions to the development of friendly relations between China and foreign countries。Since the reform and opening up,Studying in China to study in China becomes an important part of education to open to the outside world,With the rapid growth of my country's economy、The continuous improvement of international status、Global Economic Integration continues to deepen,The enrollment and management system of international students is increasingly perfect,Education of international students in China presents a rapid growth momentum。In recent years,Social situation in our country is stable,The rapid economic development,Oppositives to other countries are becoming more frequent,With more international students' attention,More and more international students choose to study in China,A large number of international vision、Welling International Rules、Knowledge of China w88 casino games loginNational conditions、International talents who are proficient in the majors they have learned are cultivated,To enhance my country's international influence、Active contribution to improving Chinese and foreign exchanges。

The University of Foreign Economics and Trade comes to China to study in China to go back to the 1950s,It is one of the earliest colleges and universities in New China to launch studying in China,Under the unremitting efforts of several generations of trades,Professional advantages of foreign language foreign trade,School coming to China to study in China is always at the forefront of Chinese universities。

At the beginning of the founding of New China,With the gradual opening of the diplomatic situation,To satisfy diplomatic strategy、The needs of economic development,The state began to encourage international students to come to China for further studies。September 1954,The school receives 17 international students from 6 countries to study for the first time。until 1965,A total of 174 Chinese government scholarship students from 13 countries have been received,Cover includes specialty、Undergraduate、Graduate education and other academic education and advanced students、Language students and other non -academic education。During the "Cultural Revolution" period,Come to study in China almost interrupted。After reform and opening up,Education of studying in China with the help of the spring breeze of reform and opening up enters the rapid development stage,Get comprehensive development。1985,School Establishment of Asia Pacific Industry and Commerce Training Center。early 1987,The school set up a Chinese language training center,Responsible for the reception and teaching of international students to come to China。February 1995,The school set up an international student department,Special responsible for schools to come to China to stay in China for management and teaching。School studying in China has gone through childhood、From point to face、A profound change from the focus of development to the equality of quality and scale,The total scale of 2000 exceeded 500 people,Breaking 1,000 people in 2004,Breaking through 2,000 people in 2007,Breaking 3,000 people in 2012。Academic degree international students' proportion increases year by year,The first time in 2003 surpassed non -education students,52.47%,It reached 72.17%in 2012。

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,The cause of studying abroad has always been closely linked to the destiny of the country and the nation。Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,General Secretary Xi Jinping replied to the college students many times,Hope to stay in China to stay in China more comprehensive、Delivery to understand the real、stereo China,Learn what you have learned in China、I want to、Introduction w88 casinoto more people,Play a positive role in promoting the people's hearts of the people of all countries。At the 2018 National Education Conference,General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed "To create a more international competitive education for studying in China",This is both affirmation of studying in China,It also pointed out the direction of development for studying in China。May 29, 2023,General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when the 5th collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China,Education Xingzhi State Xing,Education strong is strong, country strong,To improve the strategy of education to open to the outside world,Strongly plan "introduction" and "go global" two large articles,Vigorously promote the construction of the "Study Abroad China" brand,Tell Chinese Stories、Communication Chinese experience、Effect Chinese Voice,Enhance the international influence and discourse right of education in my country。The series of replies and important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping,Fully explained the significance of Chinese study abroad education in the new situation of Chinese -style modernization。

The University of Foreign Economics and Trade comes to study in China to keep up with the pace of the times,Efforts to serve the country's economic construction、Foreign Strategy、Social Development,Focus on building a community of human destiny、Cultivation of the compound type of Zhiyou Huahua Aihua、The goal of running school for practical international elite talents,Adhere to the quality of education as the core、Guide for student needs、The goal of running school for practical international elite talents,In condensing school characteristics、Innovation Education Project、Optimized structure level、Improve training quality、Standardized management service、Promoting entrepreneurial employment and other achievements。"Twelfth Five -Year Plan" has been in the forefront of colleges and universities across the country since the school has long been in China,It has maintained a long -term student of more than 3,000 people per year for 8 consecutive years.。2019, 2019 before the outbreak of the epidemic,There are 3374 long -term international students in the school,From 166 countries,Is the top three of our country's students、Guoban No. 1 International Student Training College。

Looking back, come to the way,筚 Road Blue Walk,Fruits。The University of Foreign Economics and Trade has gone through the course of studying for a full 70 years,Unremitting efforts of adults of several generations of trade,Our school has experienced a slow starting stage (1954-1978)、Adjust the take-off stage (1979-2011)、Increasing and efficient stage (2012 to present),Professional advantages of foreign language foreign trade,Studying in China is always at the forefront w88 casino games loginof Chinese universities,In talent training、Study scale、Project Innovation、school level、Social benefits and other aspects have achieved remarkable results。As of August 2023,The school has accumulated more than 16,000 academic qualifications and more than 30,000 non -academic international students,Including the former Polish ambassador to China Qi Yanwu,Former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Ke Qingsheng、Former British Embassy Counselor Wei Lei、The former President of the China -China Trade Council Tang Yasheng、Vietnamese Counselor of China Business Counselor Pei Glory、Peru's Business Counselor Bai Bilan、Sales of Saudi Petroleum Company Luo Wei、Luo Mingran, Deputy Minister of Commerce of Thailand,They are active on the stage of international political business and business,Play an important bridge role for Chinese and foreign communication and communication。

The booming development of studying in China has further enriched the school talent training system,Improving the comprehensive governance ability,Promoting school professional construction、Course Construction、Textbook Construction and Teachers Team Construction,To improve the level of school running school、"Double First -class" school construction has played an important role,improved school reputation,expanded the school's influence,Cultivated a large number of outstanding composite types that know Huayouhua Aihua in my country、Practical talents,Performing a large number of localized high -quality human resources for the implementation of "going out" strategy for Chinese companies,It played a positive role for promoting the construction of a community of human destiny。

Step on the new journey,Moving forward,Don’t forget the original intention。2024 is the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China,Is the 70th anniversary of the school's study abroad education,It is the beginning of the spirit of implementing the spirit of the 13th party member congress of the school,It is also the acceleration year of the three -year action plan for the implementation of the school's high -quality development.。Standing at a new historical starting point,Face new opportunities and challenges,Come to study in China to improve quality and efficiency、Connotation Development、The new stage of the transformation of the Chinese Studies Education College has always changed。The school adheres to the "education quality as the core,Guide for student needs,School running philosophy with characteristics and brand development,Gradually under the unified leadership of the party committee,functional departments、International College and the “Trinity” international student management mechanism,w88 online casinoThe work situation of a game of chess in the whole school,Active coordination policy、Teachers and hardware resources,Continuous innovation teaching、Management and service concept,Jointly promote the internationalization process of the school,Cultivation of the international human resources of Zhi Huahua。Construction of the school according to "double first -class"、internationalization requirements,Seize the opportunity、Deepening Reform,Strengthen the top -level design,further smooth、Improve the mechanism for the management system of studying abroad education,Do bigger、A stronger "Study Abroad Trade" brand,Actively serve the national diplomatic strategy and Beijing's "four centers" strategic positioning,Promote the connotation development of schools to study in China、Special Development、High -quality development and modernization。

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of studying in China,With the direct leadership and strong support of the party committee of the school,The Propaganda Department of the Party Committee specially opened the column of "70 Years of Study in China and Trade at the University of Foreign Economic and Trade",Back to the school to study in China to study in China for 70 years, the years and fruitful results,Showing achievement、Exchange Experience、Looking forward to the future,Based on a new chapter in the new era,Plan the school to study in China to study in China high quality、Connotative development,Create the "Study Abroad Trade" brand,Strive to create a new situation in studying in China!