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In -depth report

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w88 live casinoIn order to guide graduate students to study and understand the work of General Secretary Xi Jinping in a practical surveyMake3567_3575At the grassroots level, deep into the front lineEnhanced the national conditions in the process、People's sentiment、Social situation grasp,At serviceVillage RevitalizationStrategy,Help my hometown developmentRealize its own value,Bright Trade Big Business Card,Graduate Work Department of the Party Committee of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade organized a 2024 postgraduate winter vacation social survey,Around the "Anchor Agricultural Power Objective,The topic of the modernization of agricultural and rural areas,A total of 20 -tune research teams、91 graduate students,Running to Beijing、Henan、Sichuan、Gansu and other 11Social research on the rural grassroots of the province,Among them, 9 teams are simultaneously carried out the party's 20 major spiritual theory preaching。

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1. Condense the wisdom of economic and trade, and investigate the revitalization of the countryside at multiple angles

(1) ignite the fire of innovation and stimulate the industryUpgradeNew momentum

On the field of hope,The seeds of innovation are taking root and germination。my country's rural areas are actively embrace advanced technology,Try to operate a new mode,Shape a variety of economic forms,Dedicated to cultivate new productive forces in the countryside,Promoting industrial transformation and upgrading。The research team of innovation and development models in rural areas,Mai Field has a dream teamStep in the field,Zero -distance contact with agricultural technology companies,Explore scientific and technological innovation to help agricultureThe mystery of high -quality development;Good things peanut teamFite onInsurance+Futures 6+Project, strive to find the fit point of financial innovation and agricultural productionThe fire of the stars, you can 燎Team focuses on rural collective economy,Through a detailed analysis of a series of typical cases,Reveal the new model and infinite possibilities of the collective economy in the new eraUIBE RedBerryFruitFruitTeamPracticeLiYouth TeamandSouth of Caiyun, Sanli FragrantThe team will take a different approach,From Public and Private Cooperation (PPP) mode、Share the harvest farmmode and digital economyManor+Mode and other angles cut in,Drawing a vivid picture of the booming agricultural format for us。

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(2) Cultivate characteristic brands, inject new vitality into three industries

The prosperity development of the countryside,It is inseparable from the solid foundation of the industry and the distinctive characteristics of the brand。Through the cultivation of industries with local characteristics、Create a brand with strong rustic characteristics、Promote the development of the agricultural industrialization consortium,The first, two and tertiary industries in the countryside can be deeply integrated。To better promote the integration of the three industries of the countryside,Many surveysGroupsBody Field Team,Receive observation experience and learn local characteristic agricultural brands。Deepening the grassroots economic and trade personTeam focuses on the navel orange industry cluster,Exploring how it has become a powerful engine to promote high -quality economic development and rural revitalization;Nong Shang LongyuanThe team conducted in -depth research on the integrated development of the Apple industry chain,Injects new thinking into the improvement of the Apple Industry Chain and the integration of production, supply and marketing;"The Children of the Yellow River"In the survey of the hairy crab industry,Highlight the core position of brand marketingCherry small ball teamFor the cherry industry, explore agriculture, technology,Cultural Tourism, etc.New model of industrial integration, find the road of innovation of industrial integrationGetting in cultivationThe team is in the deep cultivation of the chestnut industry,Not only analyzes the multi -dimensional path of the transformation,Also cleverly build a framework for risk analysis,Provide a guide for the steady forward of rural new industriesBorn teamThen enterYijiang BrigadeTo help tea for brigadesDengcun Township, withTea Industryas an example, showed usFusion of Nongwen Travelinnovative path. InvestigationGroupIn -depth visit of the team,They found that the characteristic brands of the countryside are not just a logo,It is a communication land、Bridge between culture and tourists。These brands are like business cards in the countryside,Carrying rich regional characteristics and deep cultural heritage,Let people feel the perfect fusion of traditional and modern,At the same time, it also brings new development opportunities and vitality to the countryside。

(3)Draw and beautiful blueprintShape a new look of rural construction

Improve the level of rural construction,We need to accelerate the green transformation of agriculture、Implement regional coordinated development strategy、Promote the revitalization of rural areas in ethnic areas、A win -win for realizing industrial development and farmers' income。Guohe Anji Research TeamFocus onDodge plastic with bambooGreen Economic Development Mode,Exploring a sustainable development of Guangming Avenue,Deep understanding of the spirit of ecological civilization of "green water and green mountains is the golden mountains and silver mountains"。Guorong TeamStudyChengdu -Chongqing Shuangcheng Economic CircleHow to build a county electricCommercial Industrial Park mutualPromotion, aims to better promote itand Taobao VillageStrategic chorus of development.Explore the Yaozhai teamFollow the rural development of ethnic areas,Clear Yau RidgeVillage with Yao culture as its core,Forms "Scenic Area Links+Non -Genetic Inheritance+ResearchLearning+Cultural Exchange "chain, showFolk Culture TravelNewThe huge potential of the industry.Farmers' employment income incomersThe team focuses on the core issue of employment,Explore the effective combination of agricultural industrialization and farmers' income income。

(4)Prosperous SpiritCulture, enhance the new effect of rural governance

In the journey of rural revitalization,Material wealth and spirit are equally important。Through enriching rural cultural life、Promote rural migration and customs、Persevere and develop a new eraMaple Bridge ExperienceThe effectiveness of rural governance has been significantly improved.Township Inspector TeamandZhaozhuangzi Village Research GroupDeep in the countryside,The status quo of the construction of spiritual civilization,Summarizing valuable experience and shortcomings from each distinctive rural cultural activity in Jining Town, Jining Jinzhuang Town, Jining, Shandong Province and Beijing Daxing Zhaizhuangzi Village。Da Liangshan Baili Tea Fragrance Research TeamSelect to visit ethnic minority areas,On -site inspection of local customs culture,Summarize the effective strategy of moving customs and customs。Take the ‘Maple’ and lead the grass -roots governance research teamIn the survey of Fengqiao Town, I explored in -depth discussionsMaple Bridge ExperienceThe important value in the process of pushing the grassroots governance system and governance capacity。

2. Display the voice of the party and carry out the theme preaching deep levels

To effectively promote the 20th spirit of the party and Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the rural grassroots,9 declaration teams in depth in depth as the dual identity of "practitioner" and "propagandist" go deep into the grassroots,Develop the theme of the masses, "Cabering the Soul of the Soul,Struggle to promote development -Learning and implementation of the 20th spirit of the party "to return home preaching activities,To promote learningeffectively improve the level of graduate theoretical and practical ability.

The theme of preaching highlights professional characteristics."Take the‘ Maple ’Leader to the Grassroots Governance Research TeamGive full play to the professional advantage of Marxist theory,Interpretation of the contemporary value of "Maple Bridge Experience"。"Da Liangshan Baili Tea Fragrance Research Team"mainly from the law school,Make a law lecture on legal issues found in field surveys。

Premier premises adapt to local conditions."PracticeLiYouth Team "Stopping villagers' Cultural Plaza,"Nong Shang Longyuan"The team enters the factory workshop,"The Children of the Yellow River"Set the Party Member Activity CenterPutting on the space of the work and life of the massesmakes the preaching more vivid and easy to understand.

The preaching activities have gained a positive response among the masses。The audience said one after another,The preaching activity has given them a deeper understanding of their 20th spirit of the party,MoreFollowThe w88 casinoconfidence and determination of the party's walking."Deepening the grassroots economic and trade team"After the lecture, I received the positive feedback from the villagers on the modernization road,A practical understanding of the meaning and value of preaching work。Villagers Li after listening to the lecture,Encouragement"Zhaozhuangzi Village Research Group"Starters walk more、Learn more,Contribute youth for the motherland with what I learned。

Each preaching team also grows in summary and reflection."UIBE RedBerryFruitFruitTeam "I hope to establish a system of preaching and evaluation mechanism,So flexibly adjust the preaching strategy and content。"The Fire of the Stars, can be able to spend the original"Aware that in the theoretical explanation process, it is necessary to get closer to the local actual and mass needs,Select more specific、Vivid casesExplanation Partypolicy.

3. Serving the national strategy, long -termsexualityPractical educating people

In order to further expand the effectiveness of the practice, build a communication learning platformGraduate Work Department of the Party CommitteeOrganization for review20Sub -research teamVoice of sound and three -dimensional vividly display eachPractical experience and research results, share experiences and gains.Defense judges, School of Government ManagementLu WeixiaProfessorDuring the reviewFully affirm the practical results achieved by the teams, at the same timeSuggested teamsWantPay more attention to the refinement of the problemFocus on cutting -edge problemsEnhance the academicity of practical research.

In this winter vacation survey and return home preaching activity,Each team with solid professional knowledge、Deepening the first line of exploration and the quality of will not be afraid of suffering or tired,Rich practical results for output,Together for forming an appointment60Thousands of words summarized materials to make suggestions for the development of my hometown, and fullyShow the University of Trade UniversityThe thought and consciousness of serving the rural revitalization strategy.

Graduate social survey is an important starting point and brand activity for postgraduate practitioners in our school。Since the launch of graduate social surveys in 2013,Cumulative organization 251branch team, 1400The remaining graduate students went to all parts of the country to investigate,Forms multiple results sets,Multiple teams were by "People's Daily"、"Guangming Daily"、"China Daily" and other domestic mainstream media reports,Condition a certain social influence,For the development of the countryMake a contribution of trade UniversityFuture,The Graduate Work Department of the Party Committee will closely focus on the major national strategy,Continuing organization has depth、Value、A practical activities with effective graduate students,Form a long -term mechanism for practical education。


Li Zhengqiang Researcher at the School of International Economics and Trade "Good Things Peanut Team" instructor

Agricultural "Insurance+Futures" is a risk management mode with Chinese characteristics,Good matter peanut team to conduct research in the fields and grounds,Not only does it produce excellent research results,It has also established a deep team friendship,Reached the true meaning of the project implementation。I hope my classmates: First,Do not stop learning and explore。The financial market is a field full of challenges and opportunities,Continuous learning and accumulation experience is the key to maintaining competitiveness。SecondGuide practice with theoretical guidance. Keep in practiceTempeancedeepen the understanding of knowledge.third,Maintaining confidence and optimism of the future。Even if facing difficulties and challenges,Also believe in your ability and team's power,Bravely welcome the future challenges。I believe,The experience and gains you gain in this project will become a valuable wealth on the road of future development。I hope you can continue to emit light in the future,Contribute more for the development of society!

Professor of Li Hailian School of Government Management "Nong Shang Longyuan" team instructor

Village revitalization is an important strategic task in my country,It is also promoting the comprehensive development of rural areas、Key links to realize the high -quality development of my country's economy。Team graduate students visited a number of rural towns and production workshops through the winter vacation research project,Communicate with farmers and workers face face to face,Get first -hand information,Know the real situation of local rural development and the real situation of the Apple industry, as well as farmers' actual w88 casino games loginneeds。Students summarize successful experience、Analysis of existing problems,Use the theoretical analysis and practice of the theory learned,Based on the actual situation of the local area, I would like to make suggestions for industrial development,Thinking of the academic research of students through grass -roots research。During the guidance process,Communicate and read related information with students、Report,Analyze and practice with students,For teachers,It is also a good deep into the grassroots、Good opportunity to understand national conditions。The research process also helps the team to better think about promoting rural revitalization、Proposition of the era of building a strong country for agricultural country,It has strengthened the team's attention to Chinese practice,Belief written on the land of the motherland。

WestVillage Friends Researcher at the Institute of International Economics "South of Color Clouds, Sanli Fragrant" teamInstructor

"Go to the grassroots,Go to practice,Go to the people。"is the entrustment of General Secretary Xi Jinping for young students,I also take it for granted。For several students in the research group, the interests of the Yunnan coffee industry,I encourage them to participate in the winter vacation research project carried out by the school,Visit the front line,I found some interesting things that cannot be seen on the paper。During the investigation,To fully explore the emerging coffee economy development model of "Coffee Manor+",Keep in -depth communication with members of the research group,And with the students to continuously and adjust our research design。Our efforts are finally condensed into a detailed and comprehensive research report,I look forward to contributing to the construction of rural rejuvenation in the remote rural areas where local and more the same situation is available。During the process of guiding students for research,I have a lot of gains,Also firmly believes that the future of the revitalization of Chinese rural areas will be bright,Because the youth is on the road,Walking on the ground of the motherland。

Ma Wei Associate Professor of Marxist College "Deepening the grassroots economic and trade person"Team instructor

Social Research of this winter vacation,"Deepening the grassroots economic and trade person" team based on the construction of a strong agricultural country,Deepen the development status of the navel orange industry in Xinfeng County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province,Exploring the road of revitalization in the countryside。They collect information extensively、On -site investigation with problems,Through interview、Questionnaire and other forms in -depth understanding of the results and problems of the construction of the Navel Orange Industry Chain of Xinfeng County,and make feasibility recommendations for its future development。During the research process,Communication with team members,You can deeply feel their attention and serious attitude towards investigation,They constantly revised and improved the survey content,A research results with distinct social value,truly reflect the actual connection of theory,The spirit of "Writing the paper on the land of the motherland"。


Shang Yajie Grade 2023 Graduate School Take the "Maple" to the grass -roots governance research team

The edge of Zhejiang Water,Appreciate the experience of Fengqiao; explore the password of grassroots governance,Painted the new face of rural revitalization。In the process of investigating the experience of Fengqiao's experience into the new era of rural governance,Our team learn the history of Fengqiao together,Appreciation of local culture,Research grass -roots governance,Exploring the "Golden Key" that leads the rejuvenation of the countryside under the party building。Maple Bridge experience originated from Zhuji Fengqiao, Zhejiang,After more than half a century, it is still new,Because it is not only a talk about the experience of effectively solving local social contradictions,It also provides valuable reference for rural governance in the country and the world。Fengqiao experience emphasized "everything for the masses、The core concept of all depends on the masses,In rural governance,Converted to always insist on people -oriented,The inevitable requirements of the needs of villagers and interests as the starting point and foothold。In this survey,We have more profoundly experienced the diversification of Fengqiao experience into the grassroots party building、ComprehensiveGovernance means,Through political leadership、Rule of Law Guarantee、Dezhi Education、Method of the fusion of "five governance" such as autonomous vitality w88 online casinoand support of wisdom,Fengqiao Experience built a full range、Multi -level grass -roots social governance system and practical effect,Let us deeply feel the unique charm and practical value of Fengqiao experience in the new era。

WangYing Insurance College 2023 Graduate Graduate Explore the Yaozhai team

Feeling folk culture,Exploring poetry and painting Yao Mountain。This survey came to the title of "Hometown of Chinese Folk Art"Yaoling Yaozhai,From the unique Yao clothing and architecture,To the wonderful song and dance performance and colorful folk art,Then to the legendary history of the "Four King",Both reflectedOil Ridge VillageRich and long -lasting folk culture。Human landscape combined with Yaoshan's magnificent natural scenery,FormedUniqueTourism resources。In the days of the survey,We and local villagers、Scenic Area Boss、Acting for heirs of cultural heritage,Know the localFolk Culture Tourism andThe changes brought about by the development of leisure agriculture to their lives。During the conversation and visit,I not only realized the simplicity and enthusiasm of the people of the Yao people,I feelYaoling Villagegreat changes that occurred due to national policy support and local villagers struggled with local villagers。Compared to two years ago,NowYaoling YaozhaiNot only does it form a more completeCultural Tourism DevelopmentSystem also ushered in more tourists from different regions,ResearchScholar,It is constantly exploring the new industry development model suitable for its own situation。We believe in government support andThe people of YaolingYaoling VillageThe development of the development must be better and better,and can provide valuable experiences and ideas for the development of other ethnic minority villages。

Wang Ruoyan Graduate Graduate Graduate of International Business School Zhaozhuangzi Village Research Group

This winter vacation, our group came to BeijingDaxing DistrictZhaozhuangzi Village, Wei Shanzhuang Town,Research and interview practice around the revitalization of rural culture。Communication with local villagers,I feel the strong local cultural atmosphere and long cultural heritage。Under the leadership of the cadres in the village,Zhao Zhuangzi Village held a variety of cultural activities。Traditional festival villagers celebrate together,Holding a literary party in a harvest festival,There are also rural musicals that have been edited and performed、Choir、Yangge team, etc.。During the interview,,Each villagers proudly tell the cherishment and love of their hometown culture。I still remember Grandma Li, who was nearly 100 years old, proudly said, "Our village is particularly honored with the elderly,Dragon Boat Bao Baozi、Fishing of fishing festivals will be sent to the elderly first "。I am deeply impressed by the power and charm of rural culture。Behind these simple and colorful cultural activities,Is "I am everyone,Everyone's Cultural Culture Cultural Culture of Zhaozhuangzi Village,even respect the elderly、Inheritance and development of excellent Chinese traditional culture such as selfless dedication。This practice allows me to deeply understand the determination and inheritance of villagers' love and inheritance of the villagers,It also makes me deeply fall in love with this vibrant and hopeful land。I hope that in the future, more people can join the ranks of rural cultural heritage and revitalization,Writing the magnificent chapter of the revitalization of the countryside。