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【My Silver Age Volual Education Life】 Zheng Wenbin: Xinjiang Chunlai Early

Release time: April 22, 2024 Edit: Yu Qing

w88 casino games login2023year2month,I came from Beijing to Xinjiang Shihezi University,I started my silver age support life。2Xinjiang in the month,The weather is still cold,The snow on the roadside is more than one meter thick。Xinjiang's day is much late,Du9point, w88 online casinow88 casino gamesthe sky is not bright.

Starting Monday,I will officially take class。As a national key university,Students from Shihezi University not only come from Xinjiang,More from all over the country,There are also international students。The predecessor of Shihezi University in Xinjiang,It is a health school for Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps,Later, it developed into Shihezi Medical College。1996year,Shihezi Medical College、Shihezi Agricultural College、Merge of the Corps Economics College and the Corps Teachers College,Formed Shihezi University。less than Xinjiang,I don’t know the big of China,Its special geographical location,determines its extreme importance to China。

Shihezi University shoulder the heavy responsibility of cultivating talents for Xinjiang。University's professional settings,It consists of many professional colleges。Students in the school4More than 10,000 people, of which undergraduates2More than 10,000, specialized students1More than a thousand w88 live casinopeople, masters, doctoral students5Thousands of people around。My School of Foreign Languages ​​I am,Professional English、Russian、Japanese,There are French、Arabic、Persian and other small languages。Rich language at the School of Foreign Languages,Show the openness of Xinjiang。French is a two -foreign language of the Department of Public Foreign Languages。At the beginning of class,The students' interest is quite high。I heard that the teacher came from Beijing,More curious。Compared with English,French is not easy to go to mouth,Complex grammar,Breakthrough of verb change。After a few days of work,The students' interest dropped down。For this situation,I added some interesting little knowledge。What language system is French,History of French,Compared with the advantages and disadvantages of English, etc.。In addition,Students are from various places,Separations are uneven,Teaching speed cannot be too fast。In short,Teaching w88 online casinomust w88 online casinobe organically combined with learning。After a period of time,Student's emotional stability,Slowly enter the learning state。Time passes fast,It will be at the end soon,Exam results show that students learn well。I feel a trace of satisfaction in my heart。

Xinjiang as a frontier area,On the one hand, it requires material support in other provinces,On the other hand, it requires intellectual support,Provide talent reserves for the construction of Xinjiang。As a part of the specific implementation of the silver age support project,I am proud of being able to build a strong force in the frontiers of Xinjiang。Shihezi University takes care of our white -haired elderly,provides a variety of convenient conditions for our lives,Thank you very much for this。Spring in Xinjiang is long overdue,to5Only when the trees grow green leaves。Can be in my heart,Spring in Xinjiang has already arrived。

(Text/Professor Zheng Wenbin, a retired teacher at the School of Foreign Languages)

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