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【My Silver Age Church Life】 Jin Shuyu: The happy time of support teaching

Release time: May 27, 2024 Edit: Yu Qing

w88 casino games2022year3month,I heard that the "Silver Age Plan" of the Ministry of Education is recruiting retired teachers of colleges and universities to support Western education,Although it was during the epidemic period,I still can't help but want to go to the west to participate in the teaching work,So apply for registration immediately,Get strong support from the retirement place of the school,Soon I came to the School of Oral Education -Yunnan University of Yunnan and Yunnan University of Applied Technology。

The School of Pharmaceuticals of the Dai is located in Jinghong City, Nishuangbann,,It is the University of Yunnan University of Applied Technology2016Established Featured College。The college has Dai Medical、Rehabilitation therapy、Chinese Medicine、w88 casinoChinese medicine resources and development、Nursing, etc.5Personal degree in undergraduate and3Specialty of a specialty, students at school1700Multi -person。Among them, there are many ethnic minorities students,There are Dai people、Yi people、Hani people、La Ji people、Brown、More than a dozen ethnic minorities such as the Keino people。

When I went to support it, only the School of Pharmaceuticals only available2Young English Teacher,They are all master's degree,College urgently need strong support from mainland universities in English teaching。After arrival,I immediately started the teaching work of English -speaking and hearing。English teaching lessons are all large classes for teaching,Each class students exceed50Multi -person,Students' English foundation is generally weak,Classroom lacks multimedia equipment,Basically unable to conduct comprehensive training for class, hearing, listening, speaking。To solve this problem,I try to separate English training,First use the courseware audio and video training students' audiovisual ability,Classroom face -to -face、One -to -one spoken training,Grouping training for students,Cultivate their spoken English and communicative ability。Students like this teaching method very much。To mobilize the enthusiasm of students,I can perform English dialogue performances、Group discussion、Personal speech and other methods to strengthen interactive communication in the classroom。Through teaching,Students w88 casino games loginhave been further improved by students' English speaking ability。

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During teaching period,What impressed me was that I taught the second class I taught in a Yi student,She signed up with my encouragement2023"National College Student English Speech Competition" hosted by the Nianwai Research Agency,But when I was about to participate, I was dyed with dengue fever,High fever in a row for many days, I have been hospitalized for many days,But she insisted on recording a video on the sick bed to participate in the competition,I passed the preliminary round smoothly,and get the final qualification during the college rematch,Finally, I won the third place in the English speech contest.。This ethnic minority student seeks good learning、The spirit of stubbornness and agglomeration deeply moved me。At the same time,My counseling other2The participating students won the first and second place in the English speaking competition held by the college。I personally won the "Excellent Tutor Award"。

In addition to undergraduate English teaching,The School of Pharmaceuticals also hopes that I can help them improve students' English level 4 and 6 as soon as possible,I try to use high strength and difficult training mode,Taking the form of English 46th True Questions and Term Terms of Postgraduate Terminal Examinations as the main training form,and College2Youth English Teachers and Trade School of English to Dai Pharmaceuticals to support English doctoral students to form a postgraduate training team,Together w88 online casinoof the True Test Test Training of Level 4 and 6 English Candidates and Postgraduate Students。After one and a half years of hard work,The pass rate of English level 4 and 6 of the college is from5%improvement to18.9%, the postgraduate entrance examination broke through the zero record,8Students have successfully admitted to graduate students。This is the result of the cooperation of various professional cooperation in the hospital,There is also the results paid by our English postgraduate training team。

I am a silver -age teacher,In addition to doing a good job of teaching,I also did some jobs for young teachers for training young teachers for the School of Medicine。I'm responsible4"Passing Belt" job of young teachers,Laying on lectures every semester、Do teaching and research activities such as demonstration class,Help and guide them in time for classroom teaching。I encourage them to actively test the blog,Continue to improve yourself at work as soon as possible。My teaching assistant was ready to take the exam last year,Another young teacher will also go abroad to read blogs in the second half of this year。I am happy for them,I am also very pleased。

Yunnan's support work makes me feel a lot,Full of gains。Xishuangbanna is a beautiful place,Fire red phoenix trees and flame flowers are full of streets and alleys,The clear Lancang River is my favorite place in my free time,Where I can feel the tranquility and peace and。

I am very grateful to the Ministry of Education"Silver Age Plan",Let me continue to engage in w88 casinothe education I love after retirement,and see the progress and growth of students from it,Also allows me to continue to use the residual heat,Do something meaningful for society,Let me really feel happiness and happiness from my heart。

In addition,I also thank the leaders and colleagues of the school and the retirement office、Support and help。I support it in the distance,Feeling warmth behind。

(text/Supporting Professor Jin Shuyu, Associate Professor Jin Shuyu, School of English Teacher of the School of Silver, School of Applied Technology of West Yunnan University of Applied Technology)

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