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【My Silver Age Volual Education Life】 Fang Guoxing: The other happiness of retreat

Release time: May 28, 2024 Edit: Yu Qing

w88 live casinoTime passes quickly,This is the second year I retired from the University of Trade。How to organize and arrange your retirement life,Is a problem that each peers must face。

38The teaching career of the year has been engraved with the annual round of life,also made the lecture become my first hobby。Once standing on the podium,I feel that Ren Tian Da's affairs w88 casinoalso leave me instantly。Then it is the evolution of the formula,Layers of solution of the problem,Communicate and interact with students ... However, this daily work will end with the arrival of retirement,Think about it really unwilling。

Two years ago, I happened to know that the Ministry of Education was introduced"Silver Age Plan",Recruiting retired teachers to support universities in remote areas of the West。This news perfectly matches my ideal retirement life。I love teaching,Two can also play the residual heat in the relatively backward education place,Isn't it good? The third is that I am in a relatively relaxed life stage。So I did not hesitate to report my name。Fortunately, my application was immediately supported by the school's retirement place,Successful teaching at Kashgar University。

Now,It is already the fourth semester to teach in Kashgar University in Xinjiang,Professor multiple courses,There are "High Mathematics", "Linear Algebra", "Probability Statistics",Also give graduate students to teach "History of Mathematics" and Mathematics Question Method。

There are more ethnic w88 casino gamesminority students here,Battered mathematical foundation,This requires me。Only four semesters,My lesson notes have reached20余。In addition to routine granting extra -curricular,Also tell them the learning method,Add questioning time,Do homework together synchronously,Then send the assignment to the classmate group at the appropriate time,so that they can check and examine their own learning。In addition,Due to the courses missed on holidays, try to use the rest time as much as possible。With the joint efforts of my classmates and me,The student test passing rate of the three large classes I brought all reached95%,I got the leader of the hospital、The recognition and praise of colleagues and students,My teaching attitude and working method also positively affect some young teachers。At the end of last year,I am awarded the title of "Excellent Silver Teacher" by Kashgar University。

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Life in Xinjiang is also colorful,We are here to learn to dance Xinjiang dance,Victoria friends and students teach me to speak Uyghur,Everyone gets along well。I still w88 online casinorun a fitness card near the school,Frequent swimming,Exercise。During the holidays to travel around,Experience local landforms and styles,Feeling Da Mei Xinjiang。The jurisdiction of Kashgar area12County,I have been to many places,It also includes China West Polar in Wudang County,The magnificent and magnificent muds at the intersection of the two mountains between Tianshan and Kunlun。Tourism is also a self -education,I wish the vast resident heart。

Zhongchun season,Go to Yingjisha County to see the apricot blossom,Picking wild 苜蓿 back to make dumplings。Go to Awati Township in early summer to pick mulberry and bubble fruit wine,Autumn to see Gold Populus Populus Populus Populus Populus,These have become memories of forever。But the cold and lonely in winter and the dust in the early spring are also the gifts I must experience and taste。Sometimes it is inevitable that there will be loneliness that is far from my hometown and loved ones,But all this can be overcome。

During the teaching period,I have always got school、The care and help of the leaders and colleagues of the retirement office,w88 casino gamesThis also makes me feel from from time to timeThe warmth and reliance of "rear", and it is practical and grateful.

(text/Supported Associate Professor Fang Guoxing Teacher Fang Guoxing University of Kashgar University)

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